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Here is what the Cowboys season will turn out. enjoy. And to start you off I took the liberty of showing you last years stats so stare at in awe.

Passing Statistics Player Att Comp Yds Comp % Yds/Att TD TD % INT INT % Long Sck Sack/Lost Rating Tony Romo 520335421164.48.1366.9193.7592417697.4Brad Johnson 1177963.


Rushing Statistics Player Att Yds Yds/Att Long TD Marion Barber 2049754.85410Julius Jones 1645883.6252Tony Romo 311294.2172Tyson Thompson 14543.9230Brad Johnson 5-5-1.000Terrell Owens 155.050

Receiving Statistics Player Rec Yds Yds/Rec Long TD Jason Witten 96114511.9537Terrell Owens 81135516.75215Patrick Crayton 5069713.9597Marion Barber 442826.4292Julius Jones 232038.8240Sam Hurd 1931416.5511Anthony Fasano 1414310.2261Deon Anderson 6559.2170Miles Austin 57615.2350Tony Curtis 3186.0153Oliver Hoyte 122.020

Field Goal Statistics Player 1-19 A 1-19 M 20-29 A 20-29 M 30-39 A 30-39 M 40-49 A 40-49 M 50+ A 50+ M Nick Folk 001210777752TOTAL 001210777752OPPONENTS TOTAL 119865121031


Punt Return Statistics Player Returns FC Yds/Ret Long TD Patrick Crayton 22209.1490Terence Newman 416.5130TOTAL 26218.7490OPPONENTS TOTAL 35911.6851

Kick Return Statistics Player Returns Yds Yds/Ret Long TD Miles Austin 2461225.5600Tyson Thompson 2047123.6720Nate Jones 612220.3270Isaiah Stanback 37826.0350Tony Curtis 3279.0160Patrick Crayton 3268.7130Pat McQuistan 11212.0120Deon Anderson 11010.0100TOTAL 61135822.3720OPPONENTS TOTAL 86197923.01031

Defense Statistics Player Tot Solo Assist Sck Fumb Roy Williams 92731900Bradie James 101643730DeMarcus Ware 846024144Jacques Reeves 6052801Kevin Burnett 5346701Ken Hamlin 62451700Terence Newman 5044601Akin Ayodele 57362100Chris Canty 43301340Pat Watkins 3630600Anthony Henry 3629700Anthony Spencer 3628832Greg Ellis 31247123Jason Hatcher 2722521Jay Ratliff 3021930Marcus Spears 30191122Nate Jones 2319411Keith Davis 1816201Justin Rogers 1813500Bobby Carpenter 1811700Stephen Bowen 149500Sam Hurd 129301Tank Johnson 119220Miles Austin 87100Courtney Brown 64200Deon Anderson 54100Remi Ayodele 54101Evan Oglesby 43100Tony Curtis 43101Terrell Owens 33000Patrick Crayton 33000Alan Ball 33000Andre Gurode 22000Jason Witten 22000Kyle Kosier 22000L.P. LaDouceur 22000Anthony Fasano 21100Nick Folk 11000Julius Jones 11000Pat McQuistan 11000Jason Ferguson 10100TOTAL 10417992424620OPPONENTS TOTAL 9977852122514


There are your Stats. Here is how  I believe their schedule, and their season will play out.


They start off their season with cleveland and They are pretty confident in their team with the offseason and they start off with a good challenge. PacMan is officialy reinstated by then, but will not play in this 1st game, accept Kick/punt returns.  They End up winning in a close game. They then go to philly and are the 1st real test for the amped up Eagles secondary. And they decide to play Pacman. He Is in as the nickel back and has a few tackles and no INTs. The eagles get an upset over their rivals, do to a great game by westbrook, and Mcnabb. They then play GB. The packers give them a fight and Rodgers finishes what he started Against them last year with 4 Tds, and the packers win. 3 games into the season and the boys are 1-2 do to over confidence and hard opponets. They then turn it around with a 6 game winning streak against the redskins, Bengals, cardinals, Rams, and 2 close wins against the Bucs and G-men. They come off their Bye week with a 7-2 record and are tied with the packers for 1st place in the NFC. They play hard and win a close game against the skins, and a blowout aginst the 49ers. They have another good game against the seahawks and get a good win. At this point Marion barber is closing in on 1000 Yards, and Romo is having a pro Bowl year. Pacman has 2 return Tds, and 3 Ints. (2 for TDs) They are ridin high untill 2 straight loses to the giants and steelers knock them off their high horse. Untill closin gout the season with 2 wins against the eagles and ravens. End of the season record is 12-4, good enough for 1st seed. Beeting the packers by 1 game. They go into th playoffs feeling nervous about past playoffs but win 1 game before losing to the Packers in the championship game. They have suprisingly no explosions in the locker room, but still fail to reach the SB. And more bad news is they only get 8 pro Bowlers, and PacMan finds his way to the newest club in town.


i really dont like the cowboys, actualy i hate them. But I still love the joy of watching my foolish predictions come nowhere close to reality. (and watchin the packers beat them)


C'mon watcha think. Am I way off or what?


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