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So, I decided to take a break from the T & R and all the bull that was associated with the haters and the liars and the wanna-be's. The Adam Jones or TO threads were just a bunch of Giant bandwagon fans- Cowboy haters, Redskin and Eagles fans.. thats ok, I get it !  - for the most part- and the Pats threads? Well all I can say, is you can teach a man to fish but hey.. if he doesnt get the message, he's a useless crew member and off ya go.

I always show up on Wednesday. I love Wednesday's (thats when Pier 11 puts out their blog). I come here on Wednesdays just for that. The Love It Hate It blog is great and the guys who write it are top notch! (You know who you are.I'm not going to mention names because I like you!). You should check this blog out !

So anyway, I've been staying out of the T & R, out of TD's for the most part. Its Cape Cod ! Its sunny and I live on the beach. Would you rather have the summer off and spend it on FN or would you rather take the wave runner out? The sad addiction of FN at night draws me back. My 6 year old is asleep by 7:30 and I'm, quite honestly, bored. I'm bored. You say to yourself, "KP, how can you be bored living on a beach on Cape Cod?". Trust me, when you live in a subdivision owned mostly by "summer people", and Meg is the only kid for miles, from June to September, trust me. you get bored. Or aggavated?

There's no NFL. Its way too early in the MLB to dedicate 3 or 10 hours. So I check out my friends at PT, I go peruse the TD's. I look at new groups. The one that caught my eye was this group The What the F*** is with these people group? They call it ???

Tired of ppl writing crap about soccer on T&R

Are you kidding me? You know what? First, the creator is illiterate, and he's just stupid ! They actually sent an invite to members of the very group that they are "tired of"

They really and truly pissssed me off when they wrote the name for that group and then sent us invites. You FUTBOL fans? you need to lighten the hell up. Good God people, the Eagles may have a freaking courtroom at the stadium but you all KILL YOUR FANS ! You stampede. you SUFFOCATE and you STAB some poor chit that has the opposing team's jersey on ! You are rabid and you're sick and you need some attention. (Hopefully the attention comes with a syringe with ativan). You're sick. This is a FAN BASED website and you all go absolutely ballistic if someone posts a comment thats not soccer related? You need to get a **** LIFE ! Find a girl, a wife, hell, find a PET ROCK ! You're on an AMERICAN BASED WBSITE ! The only FOOTBALL we really care about is the NFL or The NCAAAF.. yeah we'll cheer and root on the USA teams at the Olympics etc, (God knows I keep cheering for the Revolution.) This is  The United States of America ! Free Speech and all that wot wot. We love the NFL.  I have never met a bigger bunch of whining babies than on the soccer T & R's. When you run off to the Mods and cry and whine that "goddamit, you cant make fun of soccer" only reaffirms out belief that you are a bunch of " cry baby, have no smack to talk cause you're not out of diapers yet". Give it a rest. Most of us are sick of your whining and honestly would rather see T & R's on the French Open and the tennis world! Get over yourselves !

This is not to say  that soccer doesnt have decent fans, of course they do ! My good friend J Hova is a fan. Keeper is a great blogger and loves soccer - God Bless both. They dont go all stupid though !  When they talk, people listen. They're smart, insightful and have something worth saying. THATS the kind of fans you need ! Do you have to be so MAMBY PAMBY and make comments to me like this

Malkin's Militia...forest07 hey, your a ****!! :D go shoot yourself up with steroids

so I reply
KP & Envyi I cant find it offensive because I dont speak the **** language..

and you reply this?  Malkin's Militia...forest07 alright....let me put it to you this way....u need to go stick a d*ildo in that p*ssy of yours and get the f*Uck out of here you stupid C8unt

And that was called for? So let's see if I understand. You run off to the mods and have them issue warnings about posting non soccer related comments on a stupid T & R so NOONE on FanNation can say a THING about the game my 6 yr old plays, but you can call me a C8unt? And you don't expect I will do something about it ?

Dem's fighting words.

I was stunned. Amazed even. It proves my point that I made a long time ago.

Y'all know the "nympho owning a liquor store line"

I guess it's true?

For my "friends" - J Man ! Jamie Eason !

Seriously. Grow up. There's more to life than your addiction to Manchester United. I would ask you to maybe check with your sisters, mom, cousins. How dare you?

Grow up Malkin. You're a moron. Get a GRIP ! YOU are the type that gives soccer fans a bad name.

I assure you, you talk like that to me again? Gloves come off. Don't mess with me. I'll win.


July 9, 2010  01:40 PM ET

soccer is pong...that is all

September 7, 2010  08:42 PM ET

from behind


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