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I am officially an Arizonian! The day after graduation I packed everything up and boarded a nonstop flight to AZ, I’m not going to lie….as I waved goodbye to my parents I began crying and continued crying for about two hours, what can I say, I’m a daddy’s girl!!! So far, I’m LOVING the desert…I’m STRONGLY contemplating a drive to Flagstaff in August and EAGERLY awaiting my first game at the University of Phoenix Stadium (all provided I get a job to afford tix!)

Anyway, I wanted to write one last time before I bid you all farewell for a few months…it’s bar time! Time got to put this degree to good use, get this license and MAKE SOME MONEY! But, before I depart, I felt it imperative to discuss my Card’s and in particular, one issue that is weighing heavily on my little heart! First, let me say…I told you so!!!! DRC is officially a Card….I predicted it, I told you and I was RIIIIGGGHHHT! Ok, ok, on to the issue at hand! Can someone please tell me the purpose of skipping OTA’s in protest of your contract????!!! I am wholeheartedly disappointed with Darnell Docket and more so with Anquan Boldin. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know they are voluntary but still, NO EXCUSE! If your boss hosted a voluntary training session at your place of employment, would you go? Sure you would, why…. because you’re a P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L, and that is what we do…we SUCK it up!

Some ask what the importances of these workouts are. There are several, the most important being that it builds team cohesiveness while providing a snapshot of the things the team needs to address during camp. Think about it, NFL rosters change year in and year out, that means each year there’s a new slate of men that each team member must begin building a bond with…and what better time to start than in OTA’s? Furthermore, it’s the Card’s….history shows, this team needs all the practice they can get, time is of the essence and the fans DEMAND a winning season! And guess what, wins take PRACTICE, both voluntary and mandatory! I

n terms of Docket….dude, are you serious? At this point Docket is just making a fool of himself…there is little to NO chance that he will get a new contract….impossible, you just signed a new one! On a side note, the purpose of skipping OTA’s is to get more money; but I ask….can you really accomplish this by skipping work? Isn’t your absence actually losing you money….last time I checked, OTA’s were payable events! In short, take yo arse to work!

Now, for the all time biggest disappointment, Anquan Boldin! Why, just why Q? Boldin is a team leader, supposedly one of the anchors and “role-models” of the team…a captain nonetheless! As a team leader who has younger players (Early Doucet, who’s constantly been compared to Boldin) constantly identifying you as a role-model in the media shouldn’t you feel more inclined to use OTA’s as an opportunity to begin the molding process and potentially help your team indentify the best 3rd receiver available? In Boldin’s case, Skipping OTA’s simply doesn’t help his cause…instead I suggest actually saying healthy for an entire season, this really is your best bet of securing that Fitzgerald-like contract! And for the record, this isn’t Boldin’s first “hold-out” type situation (two thumbs down for Q’s maturation!) But to be honest, I am confident that the Card’s want to pay Boldin (how can I know this, simple…it’s commonsense.) Remember that the Card’s aren’t the richest team and they are already facing salary cap issues but at the end of the day Boldin will get his money! My advice, just be patient be a man, and honor the contract you signed, and let me say it again…take yo arse to work! On second thought, I blame Drew Rosenhaus…seriously though; anytime your agent uses you-tube as a tool for demanding a new contract…it’s time to look for different representation. I

t’s a shame that this game has become overshadowed by money….does anyone do it for love of the game anymore? I used to be very player sympathetic….after all, owners make unimaginable (INSANE) amounts off of the blood, sweat and tears of these athletes, so I believed that athletes deserved a GENEROUS share of the profit. But you know what….I began to think about and continuous GRIND I’ve been on while preparing for the bar exam (10 hours of continuous study a day) and then I started thinking about the three years of pure tortuous he!! I endured in law school, and not to mention the adversities associated with excelling and remaining an all around student in undergrad, high school, elementary, Kindergarten, pre-K and even the darn WOMB…and then I thought about how much I MAKE A YEAR….I’LL TAKE ZERO FOR 100 ALEX! Life bits sometime Anquan and Darnell, but trust and believe you both make A LOT more than A LOT of hardworking folks and do realize that you have the DREAM job, you freaking catch balls for a living…so PLEASE shut up, collect your millions, and play! If memory serves me, both of you signed your current contract didn’t you…honor them and get a better agent! P.S. I’m available if you need a new lawyer/agent, lol!

In other Card’s news, I really wish that Edge would get off the two week rule for OTA'S....really, would it kill you to complete the entire OTA period?????  After all his performance is already shaky guy!  But, I still love you dude, go EDGE!  For anyone who wants a good laugh, refer to his OTA interview...UNIQUE! 

I'M HIGH GUYS!!!  High on Ali Highsmith (LB) and Tim Hightower (RB)...dare I say it, two rookie steals???  Yeah Yeah, I know it's too early to tell, but I'm hearing positive things about these guys....oh and let's not forget this Jamaica Rector (WR) fellow!!!!  Jamaica, Steve Breaston or Early's good to heave deapth!! So many new names, so many new possibilities!!!! Oh, and yes I support Matt and so should you (at least until week 4)! Go Card’s ’08 is our year....dear I say season possibilities, huuuUUUUmmmm! 

Good-bye until August 1, when I return with my very first edition of the “Jonathan Vilma track down files!” The Saint’s come to Arizona on August 7th and I DETERMINED to get this man’s autograph, even if I have to scale the walls of their hotel, bus, locker room, or run onto the field during the second half…oh it’s on!!!!!


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