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Even though this is one of the deepest draft classes of recent memory, teams haven't stalled from discussing trade discussions. These engaging conversations have involved many of the organizations. In Orlando, Florida, during the pre-draft camps, there were numerous rumors about potentially picks being swapped. These are the teams most likely to be involved in any player or prospect movement June 26th.....

Miami Heat:
We are continuing to hear that if the Chicago Bulls select Derrick Rose with the #1 overall selection, the Heat are most likely to move the pick. If Rose doesn't fall to them, some possibilities could be to trade down and draft rookie combo-guard O.J. Mayo, or veterans point guards T.J. Ford or Kirk Hinrich, who are now on the trading block.

There has been a really heated discussions over the Bulls' first selection, where Miami would give them Dwayne Wade. The trade would include the Bulls swapping the #1 selection, Ben Gordon, and Luol Deng to the Heat for the #2 selection and Dwayne Wade. The Heat could change their opinion on Michael Beasley, but right now, it's highly unlikely.

Seattle Supersonics:
It really looks as if the Supersonics are looking to move downward in the draft board. But as you know already, this is just a rumor. They seemed to be really high on Jerryd Bayless as their future point guard, not Earl Watson or Luke Ridnour.

If I were them, I'd jump on Jerryd Bayless immediately. He is a hot young prospect that could help the Sonics have one of the best future trios in the NBA with Durant, Green, and Bayless. The best choice is to trade one of those point guards they have for another additional draft pick.

Memphis Grizzlies:
Oviously, the Grizzlies seem to be rebuilding. They are happy with being the #5 pick, but they are extremely greedy, and they want more. They have the young assets to complete a blockbuster deal to grab a top two selection, most likely the Miami Heat.

One rumor could be packaging Mike Miller and Kyle Lowry for the second selection. Other players potentially involved could be Udonis Haslem, Marcus Banks, and Mark Blount. If I were the Memphis general manager, I would do this in a heartbeat. At least it would bring fans to the stands.

New York Knicks:
Donnie Walsh is on a mission, and he doesn't like what he sees. The Knicks really don't believe that anyone can really help inprove their team greatly, ecspecially if O.J. Mayo and Jerryd Bayless are off the board. They would love if they could possibly move up a couple of positions. But I highly doubt they would send any of their younger players, Nate Robinson and David Lee, for a chance to draft a future star.

My tip for the Knicks: move down and select more players, you'll need them.

Los Angeles Clippers:
The Clippers have no idea what to do know. Both Corey Maggette and Elton Brand have chances to opt out and test free agency. Even though Brand might opt out, Maggette is more likely. If they both stay, they could easily contend for a playoff berth next season, ecspecially with the emergance of Chris Kamen and Al Thorton.

Their major needs are a solid point guard to take Shaun Livingston's place at point guard and more depth, ecspecially in the backcourt. Keep an eye on them in the draft.

Milwaukee Bucks:
I believe the Bucks are determined to crawl out of the bottom of the standins this season. GM John Hammond has a roster full of young, unproven players to build upon, or possibly, for trade bait.

The most likely player movement just might be to trade out of the NBA Draft completely, most likely to get Andrew Bogut a counterpart down low in the post. Michael Redd, Mo Williams and Charlie Villanueva are all possible movers for the Bucks. Milwaukee could be the most noticable shaker in the draft.

New Jersey Nets:
The Nets at a serious crossroads. The could either cut payrool and patiently wait for the 2010 free agency period to take a run after LeBron James or make a move to get into the playoffs right now. We all realize what the popular thing to do is, but it isn't necessarily the correct thing to do.

There is nobody in the 10-20 range that the Nets believe could help their team. Even though trading for a player such as Carmelo Anthony could seriously risk their chance at LeBron, they would pull the trigger. Nenad Krstic, Richard Jefferson, and a couple of 1st round picks could help pull that trade off.

Portland Trail Blazers:
At this point of the draft, the #13 pick for the Blazers is their last resort. They are all looking at possible trades to do something during the draft. They have plenty of young players and draft picks to package for a veteran point guard or small forward, their two weaknesses. Once again, they are a team that could go after Ford or Hinrich.

Jarrett Jack, Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw, Channing Frye and Sergio Rodriguez are all assets that they could include in big deals. They could also save some cap room for next year to pull a deal.

Golden State Warriors:
They have a lot of tough decisions to make this offseason, ecspecially the frontcourt. They have numerous players hitting free agency, including Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Mickael Pietrus.

Also, a deal with Brandan Wright and the #14 pick for a veteran big man back would be a trade they would complete without hesitation.

Phoenix Suns:
Considering they have a deep history of wasting their draft picks, they need to be on this list. There are no other explainations needed for the Suns.


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