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Here are some random things that have come to my mind over the past few days.

David Ortiz Injured

David Ortiz, the left handed slugger for the Boston Red Sox, has a torn tendon sheath in his left wrist. The designated hitter could be out of the lineup for up to a month. The seemingly always smiling Big Papi injured his wrist on June 1st, late in a 6-3 win for the Red Sox. Ortiz was doing well after playing terribly in the beginning of the season. With David out the Red Sox lineup is altered a good deal. Manny could move to designated hitter, with Jacoby, J.D. Drew, and possibly Coco Crisp in the outfield. Or we could see Sean Casey make a few appearances. I, being a Sox fan, am not too worried about the upcoming month. Sean Casey played well when Lowell was out and the outfield is strong enough to move Manny to designated hitter and still be successful. How do you think his injury will affect the Red Sox?

Joba Chamberlain's First Start

Joba Chamberlain, the Yankees former dominant reliever, made his first start on Tuesday and it was not pretty. He last 2 1/3 innings and the Yankees ended up losing the game. The Yankees opted to have Joba start on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium against the Blue Jays rather than on Monday against the Twins in Minnesota. I would have pitched him on Monday because I would not want him going up against Roy Halladay and there is much more pressure in New York. Crumbling under high expectations, or perhaps something else, Joba was taken out of the game after throwing only sixty-two pitches. The one thing gained from this other than experience may be frustration. Joba expects the best from himself every time, and he won't be happy with his performance. Despite him being a Yankee, I wish him the best of luck.

Tim Beckham - High School Phenom

With the MLB draft nearing, I read about this very special player. Tim is a shortstop for his high school and he has everything. He is a great fielder, good footwork, tremendous arm, great range. He can swing the bat very well too. He has power, he can hit for average, and his base running is superb. He is just a natural ball player. What I read about his work ethic is even more impressive. He would go out to the field and practice fielding with his brother for four hours per day. He has the aspirations to be great.

"I don't just want to be an average player, I want to be a Hall of Famer" said Beckham. (Thanks for the quote, Bill Trocchi.)

He has the drive and the will to be one of the best players in the league. And he is only in high school! After reading about this guy, I am very, very impressed. I think he has great potential to go along with his unbelievable talent. I can't wait to see him play in the MLB! Good luck, Beckham!

Surprising and Disappointing Teams

There have been plenty of surprises and disappointments in this season. First, I will go with surprises, one from the American League, one from the National.

Surprising: Definitely the Rays and the Marlins. Both of these teams were expected to be near the cellar of their divisions, now they are near the top. The young and speedy Rays are excelling and have really played well. The low-salary and powerful Marlins have ripped the seams off the ball with their barrage of power hitters. The Rays have succeeded thanks to a good job hitting for average and using their speed to score. Their defense hasn't been too shabby either. The Marlins' starting rotation hasn't been good, but you know how they make up for it? With the long ball! Man are they fun to watch!

Disappointing: The Detroit Tigers and the Colorade Rockies. The Tigers came into the season with huge expectations, having traded for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. The Rockies came into the season with high expectations because they had reached the World Series and it seemed as if they had broken out of their shell. Now both teams are below .500 and really need to get started. The stars on both teams have been dismal. These two better start winning and winning a lot!


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