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Welcome to the Selection show!!!

I am your host named NCshvDavid and this is my side kick gonets!

Gonets: Hi

AHNN: and rounding out the Booth- BigAlke- who is on a 10 Minute time limit- and the Band is ready to play if needed!

BigAlke! Welcome! And I would Like the Say that (tazzed by David)

AHNN: Every 10 Minutes we will announce a Bracket- with some commentary

AHNN: And to kick off our tourney is the Number one seed- Detroit Fan! Coming in at Number one in Winning Percentage and 127-8-5; 92.5% winning rate! And I can tell you from personal bootprints on my backside he is not one of the favorite because he sings like Sanjiya. Facing off on him is going to he the winner of our first playin game

Undefeated NFL, NBA (33 37 5 47.3% )


BucMaster: One-X NFL, MLB (19 - 33 - 2)

AHNN: I must admit, this should be a pretty good matchup as both players are claiming mastery of the National Football league- but you almost have to wonder if you want to win- with DetroitFan waiting on you.

Big Alke: Can I talk yet?

AHNN: Not Yet But you do get to announce the Next Matchup after go nets!

AHNN: Well Keep in mind- this round is single elimination- so one of these players is going home. And both of these players know- if they take down D-Fan, they have made thier case as an elite already

Next up the Number 16 Seed NICKB23!! With a 87 - 30 - 9 record and a LOT of tourney wins- this dude is going to be scary! and facing him is going to be


Me, Dayum Ok I'm 17th overall seed- and I get Nickb23- he has beaten in a tourney- and I get D-fan if he wins??


ok, Fine- Let me see who I face in the losers bracket- oh well I am 565 - 192 - 35 big hairy deal-

BIg Alke : With a record of 51-8-7 and a win percentage of 82.6%, 0x NBA/NFL Champion takes the #10 seed and brings a six-debate win streak into the tournament. On the other side of the tilt, Cassidy's House comes in as the #23 seed, sporting a 106-39-8 record and a 71.9% win percentage. Cassidy enters the tournament having won five of her past six throwdowns. We could see this debate turn on which sport is chosen for this opening-round topic... each of these two competitors can argue a wide range of American sports topics, from the NFL and NBA to baseball and even hockey. It should be an exciting throwdown between two worthy adversaries.

AHNN:  Well gonets is out back waiting for the ambulance our next matchup pairs the Number 8 seed Foosball Who at 47 - 6 – 1 is one of the primary reasons we dropped the 50 win limit and the main benefit of that ruling is GOAT (34 - 11 – 3) who is ALSO no slouch, Keep in mind I have lost a tourney FINAL to Goat- and Foosball knocked me out of  the last tourney- so both of these are going to be stiff comp

AHNN: Next up is frankly the round one matchup I cannot WAIT to see The 12th overall seed  [MOH] Coach who is 12th in winning percentage with a 82.0 win rate and a 71-14-4 record takes on the NMI Leader, the 21 seed – with 5th place in overall wins RStowe- who carries a 74.6 winning percentage and a record of 164-51-15. These two WILL do a baseball TD- or I WILL throw them BOTH out of the tournament! These two are men I have a VERY High opinion of- and both love baseball- and Coach is going to Rep Wilmington, NORTH Carolina! – a place that is to Fannation what Calgary, Alberta Canada is to wrestling.


Big Alke: Porkins, a stalwart on the leaderboards, comes into the tournament on a tear, having won all of his past twelve debates. With a 89.7% win percentage built on a 82-9-1 record, Porkins will prove a formidable opponent for his challenger. On the other side of this matchup, with wins in eight of the past nine contests, is RHATER. A great debater in his own right, RHATER enters the tournament just shy of 100 contests with a 60-35-3 record and 62.8% win percentage. David, having given Porkins his last defeat and also faced off against RHATER, what do you think are the keys to victory in this matchup?


AHNN: Porkins is one of the Best in Fannation- and I would lay VERY good odds at him winning the Whole thing- fact of the matter is- Rhater is also very good- and I’m not slighting him in the LEAST by saying he is the underdog here. But I would rather face Porkins in the winners bracket since if he goes to the losers bracket- he is going to be a terror. RHater could be a great Darkhorse.

 GOnets : Hemo (59-15-4, 18th) will take on Gu3 (259-238-6, 61st). This is a battle of the minds,a nd a battle fo wits. Both players are known to be insightful, and witty. Hemo can be a bit of a thorn in the side with his often abrasive style, but he gets his point across. He, in alot, of ways, is the Chris Simon of FN, without the brawls and blood. Gu3, after a slow start on the site, has gained the respect of all,a dn has even garnered a newfound following. A well-documented Oriols fan, I forgive him for not liking the Yankees, but his overall knowledge of the MLB could propel him into being a dark horse in the tourney. Do I hear Western Kentucky?  


AHNN: Next up, we have a matchup that should be pretty good- they both like to run their mouths – and if this was a Boxing match- these two would be knocking over tables and their posse’s would be in Cain Mail and there would be Horses and … Well lets get too it. The Number 4 Seed, Ghost Hunter (120-11-4 90.4% ) is going to take on the 29 seed who is ready to shock the world to get his place in the sun The Savage (30 - 20 – 9) Who has only been here a MONTH but is TDing like he wants to catch me this week on the wins board- Well Savage, you wanted to make an impact- Beat Ghost and you have made a mark!

BIGALKE The Bandit comes into this matchup having gone undefeated since a March 7 forfeit decision. With a gaudy 53-3-4 record and 91.7% winning percentage The Bandit comes in as the third-highest ranked member of FanNation according to the leaderboard. The opponent in this matchup is the wild-card, Super Squirrel. SS comes into the tournament on a bit of a slump, having gone winless in his past five contests (0-3-2). His 51.5% winning percentage and pedestrian 64-60-9 record, however, only serve to underscore Squirrel's dark-horse potential. The Bandit will have bring heavy game to maintain that winning streak, and I envision these two tackling a Major League Baseball topic.

BigALke: Denis comes in winning 72.4% of his TDs, a very formidable record. Goodell, whose only loss in the alst 30 days has been to yours truly, sits in 48th at the leaderboard, one spot behind, again, yours truly, but a very successful TDer at the NFL, especially of the BUffalo Bills, his beoved team (which dont tell him, but they are moving to Toronto). Denis's strengths lie in the NBA, although he is proficient at arguning all sports. And I'm sure he will make it easy to argue against the Buffalo Bill


AHNN: Next Up, We have the Number 9 overall seed- Duquesne Cap Who is over 85.7% 9th on the leaderboard and is 93-13-6 and is looking to get to 100 wins- But pulled the last guy to get a guaranteed spot in the Field- My co-host Bigalke!

BigAlke: I’m Stunned, I’m aghast, I’m amazed, I’m astonished, I’m jarred, I’m  stupefied, I’m amazed, I’m astonished, That’s astounding, I’m excited, That’s impressive, Its incredible,Thats monstrous, Its spectacular, I’m stunned,  I’m amazed, I’m astonished, I’m in awe, I’m bewildered, I am in wonder ( Music starts Playing)

Cain/Willis comes in having won four in a row before suffering his tenth loss in a pre-tournament contest against Ghosthunter. He puts his spot on the leaderboard on the line as well as his 97-10-4 record and 89.2% winning percentage. A wild-card selection, Nolan Adair, will be facing Cain/Willis as the #26 seed. With a 4-3-1 record in the past thirty days, Nolan Adair comes in on mediocre form and will have to muster up a strong argument to surpass the higher seed


GonetsThe Guru vs BigD. An interesting matchup. personally, Guru has been a mentor to me in getting acclimated to the site. His superior knowledge of all things sports rivals that of Goodell and Dave. His witticisms and his great ability to point out when A2G is back on FN could propel him to victory. BigD, winne rof 9 of his last 10 TDs, is riding a wave not seen in the city of Big D since the mid-90s. He is also knowledgeable in all sports, and his presence in threads is one of greatness, lke his skills at TDing. I highly anticipate a shootout in this first round matchup, kind of like a 14-round bout between Kimbo and Tyson

 BigAlke: Let me add this- The Guru (71-14-6) comes into this tournament having recovered from a small mid-May slump that saw him go 2-3-2 against opponents. With improving form, he will be looking to continue this recent hot streak as he lines up among the elite. His opponent in this first-round battle is Bigdleech, a guy who took heart to the phrase "Ties are like kissing your sister". With a 115-50-0 record, Leech enters the tournament, a mid-May loss to dyhard his only defeat in the past month or so. Both of these guys can debate a wide range of topics -- whether soccer or MMA or more traditional ball sports. It will be interesting to see which way they go with their topic...


AHNN: Well this next matchup should be fun, We have the number five seed PhillyEagles36 who, despite the 90.2% winning percentage and a 54-5-2 record, Philly is not on the short list of favorites- an oversight that some people are going to regret, I assure you- Philly gets to make a statement vs My other co-host gonets who dispite only being here since January has got a 46 - 27 – 2 record- and yet has fought a LOT of stiff competion, unlike some players here he has seen the best on here on the other side of the matchup.


BigAlkeSteveo, the #13 seed, comes in on a hot streak with a 20-3-2 record in the past month. With 136 victories and a win percentage over eighty percent, Steveo has some serious credentials and fine form entering the first round. His opponent, dyhard, has been streaky of late with a 16-10-4 record in the past thirty days. But with 190 wins himself dyhard cannot be discounted as a potential spoiler in this mid-bracket matchup. This ultimately might come down to which sport these two versatile throwdowners decide to debate...


AHNN: Our Final Matchup, the number 2 overall Seed J (Browns 19-0) Carbathlee 52-4-1 with a monster 92.1% Winning percentage- Will face the winner of the play-in game between Dudeman with a 21 - 29 – 4 Record and  VS Mike4redsox:is BO Pelini 32 - 34 – 8 – J is not going to get an easy winner here- I have faced BOTH of them- and if J thinks that he is going to get an easy mark- He is wrong- neither of these are over 500- but they are not going to be easy outs- But I have no doubts that either will put up a great fight to J


1 Overall 1 DetroitFan* BS: Red Wings 3-1!  32 Play In 8 Undefeated NFL, NBA VS BucMaster: One-X NFL, MLB

16 Overall 16 nickb23  17 Wins 1 A throwdowner named NCshvDavid 

10 Overall 10 0x NBA/NFL Champion  23 Wins 7 Cassidy's House: Freckle Face 

8 Overall 8 Foosball  25 Play In 1 GOAT NBA and NCAAB

12 Overall 12 [MOH] Coach IN 21 Wins 5 rstowe - Dark Lord of NMI 

6 Overall 6 Porkins: Respects Respect  27 Play In 3 RHATER- MLB, NFL, NCAA FB

14 Overall 14 thehemogoblin is anti-mullet  19 Wins 3 Gu3- I <3 Freddie Bynum 

4 Overall 4 Ghost...will survive!!  29 Play In 5 The Savage


3 Overall 3 The Bandit  30 Play In 6 SS 

15 Overall 15 Denis24 is Kimbo  18 Wins 2 Goodell: Pass the bong 

9 Overall 9 Duquesne - 7 to Go!  24 Wins 8 Bigalke 

7 Overall 7 Cain.Willis Amigo  26 Play In 2 Nolan Adair* BS MLB and NBA

11 Overall 11 The Guru  22 Wins 6 Bigdleech 

5 Overall 5 PhillyEagles36  28 Play In 4 gonets NFL, MLB, or NBA

13 Overall 13 Steveo16220 says:get a life  20 Wins 4 dyhard: Joe Crede!!!! 

2 Overall 2 J (Browns 19-0) Carbathlee  31 Play In 7 Dudeman NBA and MLB  VS Mike4redsox:is BO Pelini MLB NCAAF


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