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Another day, another confirmation, who knows at this point, but if it is true (and I think it is) Cristiano Ronaldo wants to go to Real Madrid. I've written about this before, but frankly if he wants to leave a team the size of Manchester United should never beg him to stay. It's a privledge to wear that jersey with that number and if you don't want to do so, good riddance. I'll support CR7 (or CR17 or 23 or 99 or whatever # he gets at Real), but for a club the size of United to grovel for a kid to stay is frankly beneath us. It's like Brad Pitt begging a woman to stay. He's Brad Pitt, there's always the next girl (same goes for Angelina Jolie too -- there's always another guy). Arsenal went through this with Henry -- he stayed one more and neither party was entirely happy. He went to the team he would've gone to, Barcelona, at a reduced price and now he's more miserable and so are Arsenal. If Ronaldo stays one more year, which is another rumor, and he "only" produces 25-30 goals, his price will be down and then what? He's not going to hit 42 goals again. Period. If he wants to leave, and he has to because if you want to stay you make that loud and clear, then sell him at his highest.

As I said though, we need to make sure to not only get a ton of cash to secure the striker we need, but get players in return. The loss of a Ronaldo makes it obvious we're a team on the hunt to fill a HUGE void in scoring and wing play. I don't feel like seeing Manchester United sign someone like Quaresma for 25-30 million pounds when he's a 15-20 million pound player only because Porto know we're desperate. Plus you know Chelsea will get in the bidding just to drive the price up on us.

Robinho and Sergio Ramos are musts, if Real can't or won't deliver them, then tell Ronaldo, "you want to play in Spain? how about Barcelona" and get Eto'o and Milito in return or perhaps Gio dos Santos or Bojan (if they're dumb enough). Just getting Barca in the discussion should be enough to convince Calderon to give up Ramos & Robinho. If you can get more, why not, but 40-50+ million pounds and those two players is more than enough to convince me. Robinho is talented as hell, but Sergio Ramos is the new Maldini and frankly that's worth more than a high-scoring midfielder IMHO. If the midfielder was a playmaker/scorer, that's a different story. Ramos has said he wants to stay at Real, but enough money might be enough to convince him otherwise.

At this point this story is so annoying just as a fan that I can't imagine how exhausted the players and staff an Old Trafford are. At least with Ronaldo in Madrid, the team can answer questions about matches and results. So good luck, Ronaldo and I'm looking forward to see who gets the famed #7 next.


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