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A Host Named NCshvDavid: Welcome one and all to the Elite TD tourney, I am here to give you a bit of background on what it is and how it came about- Tell you the truth this is not my idea- I was brought on to help TerpsFan run it- but he dropped off and I decided looking over the membership roster- I was not going to let it die.


Then I had to think on who gets in? and what is the cutoff? I decided I wanted a double elimination tourney- to better determine a winner and that gave me 32- as a top 16 is too tight and a DEL at 64 would take the summer - so 32 was the way I went Next? How to select the 32? I thought on the leaderboard- I could not place the top 32 in there- Some people such as myself TD everyone - and lose a lot as well - and we do a lot of goofy ones- and normally we create the most- and my winning % of ones I start is about 12% lower than the ones I accept- but winning % is the way most of us look at Elite- so half the feild went there and a fourth of the field went with the top 8 winners and I figured I'd let the rest of Fannation fight it out for the final 8 spots-


But First- Let me intro our first Guest is Porkins- Porkins, How did you hear of the Elite TD and second Do you feel you are elite?


Porkins: First let me say that I think the Elite Throwdown Tourney is a great idea. Oh, and thanks to our host for inviting me. I heard about the tourney straight from the horse's mouth. When NCshvDavid runs an idea up the flagpole, you'd better salute.

Much is made on FN of throwdown records. But as most good debaters here will tell you, records don't mean much in and of themselves. You can beat myriad users who may or may not be very good and amass a lot of wins, but that alone doesn't make you great. I think the quality of the TDs and of the arguments themselves are what make debaters great.

This tournament brings together those users MOST LIKELY to be good debaters and offers them the opportunity to compete with the most successful folks on the site. Notice I didn't say "best"- a successul record and being the best aren't necessarily one and the same. I think some users may be exposed in this tourney.

I'm really looking forward to matchups that I KNOW will go three solid rounds of well though out arguments. Losing a good TD to a good debater is still respectable. This tourney will be a great time and real badge of honor.

As for your second I feel I'm elite? I doubt I'd use that word, but I think I'm a good debater. Not because I'm always right, but because I try my best to research the topic and know what I'm talking about before I throw down. I also follow the fundamentals of making good arguments. I support my side, and I expose the flaws, weaknesses, and/or mistakes in my opponents.

Believe me- nearly anything is arguable. And it is the argument rather than the topic itself that should elicit votes.

So elite or not, I try to do my best, and know that I can always get better. I think the tourney will help with that too.


Ghost: I first heard about the Elite TD group by the original creator, Terpsfan, at which point I gladly accepted. At that time, I thought it was a great idea, to reunite all the great TDers in Fannation. Even though NMI already existed, this is similar but different, for this group was bringing together strictly the best TDers out there.

Sadly, after Terpsfan left FN for a few months, it died out. But I am very glad David invested in this group once more because I believe it has huge potential. Along with TT and NMI, I am sure this will be a true and accurate measuring stick to decide who is a good TDer or not.

Do I consider myself an elite TDer? No, not at all. As most of you guys know me, I try always to be funny, unique, and new, bringing something different to FN. And I think that is the main reason I'm on here, to enjoy myself. Rather or not I am 4th in the Leaderboard or have over 100 wins, not really a bragging right for me. Does an elite dish out idiotic blogs, ironic and sarcastic comments? All-kinds-of-humor TDs such as "Best Underwater Soccer Team TD"? I don't know.

That is not to say I don't give it my all in TDs. Of course I do. I have learned much in here and still continue to learn, on how to best formulate an argument, how to divide it up, how to get your point out efficiently, etc.

So, all things considered, I let the voters in the comments decide whether I am or not.


Bigalke: Here's my take on this tournament and my own potential should I make it into the final eight wild-card slots in the play-in tournament...

I think that this tournament is a fun challenge for those who actually take the argumentation aspect of this debate forum seriously. The best are pitted against one another -- no rubes, no greenhorns, no newbies, just the highest-quality debate that can possibly be found on this site...

I think that David has built the best field which will be found in any tournament on this site, encompassing all those disparate groups which hold tournaments as well as the major players at the top of the leaderboard. A tournament format cannot provide ALL the answers, mind you... but this one at least has the potential to offer some momentous action in the throwdown realm, a place which can often become a cesspool of inanity...

As for my own chances, I fancy myself in any straight-up, double-elimination tournament. I have been a debater since my adolescence, and a debater I shall be to the end. Votes ultimately determine who wins and who loses, but I never fall short of arguing my side of an issue -- whichever side that may be...


Dyhard:I think that this Elite tournament is a great idea, and this should solve problems of who is elite, and who isn't, and who is the best TDer.

I think that this is a really cool challenge, and for the people who take TDs seriously, this should be fun. I like how in this tourney you are going against top-of-the-line talent.

I think that you, David, has done a great job with this already, and have done a great job running other tournies. This should be a great tourney for everyone.

I think that I can make it pretty far, but I'll be very surprised if I win it all. I will have a lot of fun arguing in this tourney.




AHNN: Ok Now how are your thoughts on how the tourney is setup? And I do have a notice- Detroit Fan has entered the tourney! So we have the First 6 overall seeds in stone! Ghost Hunter, as the 4th overall seed- anyone you are looking out for in the tourney?


Ghost  Yes, I certainly do. Not to seem that I am running away from them because to be the best you got to beat the best, but there sure are some TDers I'd rather just face in the Semis or later.

Such as: PhillyEagles36 - Even though he's just starting out TDs (as compared to some others) I have seen many TDs of his and he's flat out scary with his arguments.

Porkins and Coach - These two are at the top of my list when talking about Best TDers. They don't TD very often, but when they do, they out-argue almost any opponent.

DFan - For obvious reasons, he's no fluke at number 1 in the Leaderboard

Pimp / Goodell - All-time Vets of FN, they know how to pick off the weak points of your argument.

In this Tourney, I think we should look out for everyone really. No one is here by mistake.


Bigalke: I think everyone can agree with what Ghost said here. Me, personally, I'm as worried about Ghost as anyone else. I just can't seem to win against the guy... he's just got some kind of magnetism which draws voters to his side...


Dyhard:I'm looking out for everyone that Ghost named , I am worried about hemo (if he is in). I can't win against him...I can tie him, just can't seem to beat him.


AHNN: Hemo is in- but I don;t know what side of the bracket he is on in comared to you- see that is another reason for the double elimination -

My Luck I'll get D-Fan to knock me to the losers bracket and I'll face Cappy- Two people I can;t beat




AHNN: So what do you expect from this tourney- if anything?


Ghost: Well, I expect this tourney will be huge and popular, atleast I hope so, with a high level of arguments and large quantity of votes.

Personally? I'm going to try and back up my record. Try to prove wrong some doubters and quiet some critics. Where that takes me? I honestly don't know being this a tourney of so many great TDers, but I will certainly give it my all.


Bigalke: I expect some of the best debate this website has seen in quite some time. Whether I get into the competition or fizzle out in the preliminaries or don't even make that cut, I am still looking forward to seeing this site's best debaters take one another on in a no-holds-barred struggle for preeminence...


Dyhard:I expect a lot of good matchups, and t have a lot of fun. I expect a challenge.


AHNN: Oh that you are getting, trust me on that one - whomever wins this thing is going to deserve it- I seriously think after 2 rounds all the pretenders are going to be gone.



AHNN: Who do you feel has the Most to prove here and Who has the least to prove?


Ghost: Who do I feel has the most to prove...hmm...well I can go with the easy option and choose myself. Even though I've had some decent success in TDs and Tourneys some people just don't see me as good enough, which is understandable. I feel this is my stage to prove myself as I have tried to do so these past couple of weeks.

Those who don't have to prove anything...(not sucking up) is David. I think he's the perfect example of quantity and quality on the same level. Not only has he an incredible number of wins, but if you look at each, the arguments never lose quality. And that's amazing. So even if he goes out in early rounds, I'm willing to bet no one will view him any lower or different than what they do now


AHNN: No you still can;t have a Bye.

See, I'm almost of the other side here- I think Roger, Myself and few others have a lot to prove since we DO lose so much- are we elite or are we just good because we are on here forever- I mean I have never beat D-fan or Dunquese Cap- am I good since I have the time or am I elite? Roger has a TON of losses- does he belong? He has a Whos Who of wins- but everyone has beaten Me and Roger numnerous times.


Bigalke: With that out of the way, I think both Ghost and David have a great point here. The guys with the biggest records instantly command the respect of most everyone on this site... seeing 400 or 500 wins instantly makes people overlook the losses in the next column. Yet at the same time I understand how David argues that it is these prolific throwdowners who have the most to prove...

But I think the guys who have the most to prove are those at the top of the win percentage, several of whom (and I won't name names here) have seemingly climbed to the top on cherry-picked topics and opponents. As Ghost said in a previous topic, "You have to beat the best to be the best"... and the perception is often that a good winning record is borne from the beatings of greenhorns and rubes...

As for the least to prove, look no further than the scrubs in Group C... whoever makes it out of the battle of attrition that will be qualifying rounds will ultimately be included among the most elite 32 of the site. Every victory beyond that qualification will be pure gold in the eyes of most observers. This recognition will come not from having one's name on the top of the leaderboard... rather, it will come from competition against the best contestants possible


Dyhard:I think that Ghost has a lot to prove. A lot of people think that he doesn't go against tough competition, but he is a very good TDer. Other people who have the most to prove are the top guys in winning %.

People with the least to prove is Group C. I don't really think that they have anything to really prove.


AHNN: As Far as group C goes- it depends on who comes out of it- If someone like Savage or gonets comes out- thats one thing- but if Big Ben or you Bigalke comes out- it depends on who they get

Keep in Mind that the 8 will be going vs the top 8 on the leaderboard- so whomever comes out is going right into the fire-

I mean can you imagine sloggin through a play-in game (or two) and seeing D-Fan or Porkins waiting for you?





AHNN: How far do you honestly think you will go? Who is your favorite?


Ghost: Honestly? I think I can get to the final 8. That is my goal. By then the competition will be so tough no one can make any predictions.
And my favorite would have to be DFan, just because he's the number one seed and till anyone proves the contrary, is the best TDer on here.


Bigalke: I think it is awful hard to predict just who will win this tournament. DetroitFan, of course, has to be a prohibitive favorite for how he has fared in these elite tournaments in the past. Yet so much is dependent on topic structure, the arguments offered, and the whims of voters... many of whom have proven to be fickle over my six months here.

I am confident in my ability to qualify in as one of the final eight. Further, I am confident that, given the right topics, I can win the whole thing. Being elite, as I have said before, is not all about wins and high percentages... it is about beating the best, and I have proven an ability to do as much...


Dyhard: I think I get to the Final 8. I'm a good TDer, and have beaten some tough competition in my day, and am confident that I will do well in the tourney.

My favorite for this tourney is either DFan or David.


--Well That closes this Pre Show Roundtable!

Comeback Monday for the predictuion Show with me and BigAlke!








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