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Welcome everyone to a new blog series brought to you by The Living Dead Group.  We will discuss different topics and/or questions and debate the merits of each, kind of like Pier 11's Love it/hate it blogs.

Today we have the groups fearless leader Ghosthunter with us, the Dark Lord himself Rstowe, Harry Callahan and me (Tracy). And now, on to this weeks questions. 


Which Urban Legend are you most reluctant to try?

Harry: To see if Rstowe can actually guzzle down a coke after eating pop rocks without having his guts explode.

Ghost: I would wanna see that.

 Stowe: Been there, done that. 

Tracy: Spending a night in the Amityville Horror House. Not in this lifetime. No way, no how. It aint happenin. 


Killer Clowns. Would you laugh or would you cry?



Harry: Laugh. Then probably cry right before they killed me.

Stowe: Cry. Damn poltergeist made me afraid of clowns at a young age. 

Tracy: I think Killer Clowns are just misunderstood and need some love. 

Ghost: Laugh. Except if it was Bozo...then I'd be angry and beat his ass with a hammer.


Asian Horror is better/worse than American Horror?

Harry: Worse. I hate sub-titles. I read books, not movies. 

Stowe:They are better,(we really need to stop remaking them) but I dont like reading my movies.

Tracy: You mean America is stealing ideas from Asia? OIC..well I like  Asian horror when the Americans steal it and remake it.

Ghost: Asian horror is infinitely better since it's main scare factor is the viewers imagination.


 What is the most disturbing movie you have ever seen?




Harry: Pulp Fiction. I wanted to go to Church after I seen it. Wrong in so many ways. 

Stowe: The Sound of Music..All those singing people..that's disturbing..I mean there was a World War going on around them and they kept singing...

Tracy: Um. The Exorcist, hello? Let's talk about disturbing, shall we? A twelve year old who crawls on the ceiling possessed by a demon, pukes pea soup all over a priest, and dont even MENTION anything about crosses in connection with this movie. Omg I just creeped myself out. *whispers a hail mary under breath*

Ghost:Some insane Bollywood movie. They smile to much. 


If you could be any character from a horror movie, who would you be?

Harry: Charlton Heston in "Omega Man."

Stowe: Leatherface. That man could work a chainsaw. 

Tracy: Akasha, The Queen of the Damned from the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles. She was around over 2,000 years..until know..died.

Ghost:Hmm..Brad Pitt in that vampire movie I forget. I think he's dreamy.

Tracy: Yeah well, the line forms behind me, Ghost. Next question!


Freddy vs Jason?

Harry: Well neither of them seem to be able to finally die but probably Freddie..both these series except maybe the first installments are total crap.

Stowe: Freddy. Jason has to sleep sometime and then Freddy's got em.

Tracy:  I'm goin with Stowe on this one and besides, Jason is kind of human. Freddy is a nightmare. 

Ghost: Freddy. Easily.


Do Aliens exist?


Harry: Yes, but I probably wont see one in my lifetime. Hell there's probably some running around on FanNation. 

Stowe: Yes aliens exist. They probe Harry Callahan every night-I have the pictures. 

Tracy:  And thank you for letting me use one, Stowe. I think aliens exist because we do. Think about it.

Ghost: If Fox Mulder says there is, then I believe him. 


Hotel or Motel, which one would you more likely be killed in?

Harry: Motel I guess. Avoid it if it says Bates on the sign.

Stowe: Motel. Normally in the middle of nowhere and run by creepy guys.

Tracy: Motel. Cheap? Check. Seediness factor? Double check. Your average run of the mill murderer can afford it? We have a winner!

Ghost: Hotel. Might as well go out with style. 5 stars, baby!


Are Vampires sexy?



Harry: Elvira? Was she a vampire? She was sorta hot.

Stowe:Yes they are, that Angel is a dream. .wait, did I just say that?

Tracy: Yes you did, and vampires are indeed sexy. I think it may have to do with that whole sucking blood thing. Bite me Brad, and make me like it! 

Ghost: If they are females, then yes they are. Except if it's Brad Pitt. He can bite me too.

Tracy: *stares at ghost* Again..get in line.


Worst scary movie title you ever saw?

Harry: "Jason goes to Hell." The 20 minutes or so that I watched was pure hell.

Stowe: All the Scary movies were bad..

Tracy: "Zombie Nation." Here's a brief description of this monstrosity. "A psycho cop with a weakness for killing his female arrestees gets whats coming to him when a pack of zombie women rise from their graves to exact revenge. Enough said. 

Ghost: "There Will Be Blood." Unfortunately, there wasnt. 


Thank you everyone for taking the time to read our blog, and please leave your favorites in the comments below. 
















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