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I've been busy lately and couldn't get to Just Another Rant. But now I'm back.


A few weeks ago, the MLB and its umpires were getting some heat. There was a stretch of maybe five days where three homerun calls were blown. Two of them were at Yankee Stadium (one blown call for the Yankees and one for the away team, who happened to be the Mets). So I'm going to try to bring this group back with another J.A.R. This week, I'm ranting on instant replay in baseball.

First off, I'm going to list what is usually said by people against replay. This is the one I hear the most: "Replay will stretch out games even longer. Less fans will watch because the games will take too long". Another excuse for kepping replay away from baseball is that it will ruin the game. Why? Well, because it puts technology into baseball and basically brings in robobtic umpires. The last thing I hear a lot is that the game is fine right now. If the MLB isn't broken right now, why fix it?

Arguing with the umps.

Honestly, I'm all for replay in baseball. I'll show you why by picking apart those reasons above one by one. The easiest one for me is the reason stating that games will become to long, leading to loss of fan base. Here's the thing: MLB games are already too long. There are about three minutes of commercials after every three outs. If there is a complete nine-inning game with the bottom of the ninth used, that means there are 51 minutes for commercials in between and after innings. Add in more minute-to minute-and-a-half-commercials for mound visits, injuries, and pitching changes, and you have at least one hour's worth of commercials during a baseball game. If anything stretches a MLB game out, it's the TV-timouts.

Blown homerun call

And like I said, a MLB game is already too long. The only people that watch full games on television are the die-hard baseball fnas. Die-hard fans aren't going to go away just because of instant replay, which might take as long as another commercial break. An extra few minutes won't change too much. Believe me, MLB won't lose fans because of replay extending games.

Replay in baseball?

On to point number two: adding this technology will basically add robotic umpires to the games, taking the ral umps' jump duties away from them. This isn't true. The umpires still have to make the right calls. If people are that worried about replay taking over the game, the MLB can put limits on replay. Mangers can only use replay so many times in a game. Only certain kinds of calls can be disputed, things like that. And the umpires still have to pay attention and make the right calls. Replay will just try to confirm that the umpires' decision on the call was right.

More disputed calls

Last reason: the game is fine right now. If the MLB isn't broken, why fix it? Well obvioulsy this isn't true. If the MLB is fine, we wouldn't be hearing all of this controversy in adding replay or not. If nothing was wrong, the umpires would have made the right calls on those three homerun calls a few weeks ago.

NFL has replay, why not baseball?

It's okay to change. The NFL changed and added replay, and challenging close calls is popular among fans. It helps the game, too. There have been many overturned calls in the NFL due to instant replay. So if it works there, why not in baseball?


Did I convince you? Drop some comments below, please.



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