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 What man alive

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Willie Randolph died for your sins.  He didn't die yet, but he will soon.  This is the story of the captain who went down without the ship.


Actually, the Mets have got a better team than the Yanks, who are really stale.  Jose Reyes is the most exciting player in baseball.  David Wright, Ryan Church, Johann Santana, Beltran, Delgado, etc.  Wright hits the long ball as far as A-Rod, and he doesn't even to wear a pair of ladies' panties to help him!


Mets fans are not letting them off the hook.  If you don't earn your big check, they send you to freakin hell.  If you consider the accumulated power of the Mets, and all that talent and money that they are being paid, they should freakin own baseball.  The same with the Yanks, only more so!


So why are these two teams perpetually crapping out?


It's not the technical ability of the players that's in question.  Every single one of these guys is a monster.  The answer must lie in the inspirational power of their leadership to get the most out of them.  Great endeavors always start at the top, like Napoleon Bonaparte or General George S. Patton.  It's a combination of inspiration, technical ability and the power to motivate players to give their last ounce of effort.  Never mind Willie Randolph, though he is pathetic enough.  What about Joe Girardi?  Where was he when Giambi and all those other freaks were dancing around the locker room in their tippy-toes like a bunch of freakin fairies, wearing ladies' panties?


What if Field Marshal Montgomery had found his soldiers dancing around in the bunker at the battle of El Alamein wearing women's panties?  HE WOULD HAVE SHOT THEM HIMSELF!


I mean, no wonder the Mets and the Yanks are losing games that they should be winning.  Somewhere in the whole world of baseball, and that means overseas too, there must be some managerial talent who is capable of forging these players into an effective unit.


The obvious place to scout for managerial talent would be a country which has sent us so many star players of sterling quality - Japan.  Maybe a health dose of group calesthetiques and bowing to the American flag would help to bind all these free agents together as a team.


But the same as General Motors and Ford losing out, the Yanks and Mets are punting (excuse the mixed metaphor) because of sloth and lack of effective action at the top echelon.  Management entails conceiving a coherent business model and then enforcing it on your executives.  It's work!  That's why President Bill Clinton succeeded with his initiatives (insofar as the Republican congressional majority would permit him to) and George Bush failed because he had no ideas and exerted no effort.


Why is it that the Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks, both of which teams have a collective payroll of less than what A-Rod pulls down, continually field contending teams year after year?  Because they have a business model of finding excellent young players who are willing to work their hearts out for less money, and are willing to work as a team.


That entails hounding the corporate managers and agents to continually scour the world in search of talent in out-of-the-way locations.  It entails a continual cost reduction campaign.


Compare that with the Yankees, who load up the team with expensive star power and just keep raising ticket prices to even it out.


New York fans are accustomed to having big stars, so they might not tolerate paying big money to watch a bunch of hungry unknown players, even if they were winning.  But that's beside the point, which is that if New York is not winning championships, it's not the fault of the players, it's the owners.


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