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Rhonda F. Esq.

Ok, Ok, Ok, I know I should be studying...but I had to take a minute and discuss a TRAGEDY which occurred last night at a local restaurant here in Chandler, Arizona.  I've never been too great a fan of Larry Fitzgerald, and after last night my sentiments were CONFIRMED, and Fitzgerald is now on my LIST!  

So, I was walking out of Z-Tejas last night when who did I run into...yeah you guessed it, Larry Fitzgerald and Leonard Pope (unfortunately Pope was a bit too tall to talk to, I'm only 5'2 people, plus my neck already hurts from all the studying, so I couldn't bare to look all the way up at him so had to let him walk on pass!)  Due to my slight intoxication my initial reaction was laughter....I thought, gee what are the odds, I'm about to get the SCOOP...ha, ha what a HOOT!!! 

Now, I'm not sane, and I've never claimed to I knew this encounter was going to have some interesting twist and turns!!! I admit things got started off on a shaky foot, laughing in someones face isn't appropriate and Larry apparently agreed because he immediately asked, "why did you do that?"  I simply replied, "because I recently wrote a blog about you."  Now, this is were things started getting interesting!!  Homeboy's RIDICULOUS response was..."what's that?"  At this point I should have just walked away and considered it a loss, I mean really...who the heck in today's technologically advanced society doesn't know what a blog is?????? 

After educating Larry about blogs, I proceeded to begin my journalistic duties and get his opinion on the Matt Lienart/Kurt Warner debacle, his recent contract debacle, and finally the OTA attendance debacle.  I decided that now was NOT the appropriate time to discuss his recent Paternity suit debacle, so I let that go...but I tell ya, it was HONESTLY on the tip of my tongue!  Now, the responses I got to my generic questions were of course EXTREMELY generic, his most interesting comments were "wow, you really like that word [debacle!]"  and "this girl knows her stuff!"

I know all of you fellow diehard Cards fans (alll four of you)are dying to know Fitz's take on these here they are!  Question 1, "Matt is a good guy"...BOOOO.  Question 2, there was no response, he just asked if I knew the details of his contract....momma didn't raise no fools here, I could since that he began to think that I might be some money grubbing groupie, so I just let that go and chalked that ish up to DOUBLE BOOOO!  As for question 3, he responded, in true teammate bull-crap fashion "OTA's are voluntary"...TRIPLE DA*^ BOOOO!  In all, this brief interview was GARBAGE, and I didn't think it could get worse...but OOoohhhHHH was I wrong.

Since becoming a Card's SFAN (Super Fan) I've been VERY perplexed by Larry's failure to start a 501(c)(3) for you non-legal sauvy folks, thats a nonprofit organization.  As one of the 50 most paid athletes, I does this dude manage to NOT have a 501(c)(3)?  Plus, most of his star teammates have them...Bertrand Berry, Anquan "No-Show" Boldin, Kurt Warner, and even Matt-Patt Leinart!!!  So, you know I actually told myself..."self, you just MIGHT be mistaken, of course Larry has a 501(c)(3),how couldn't he right?????  OMG, ya'll this darn young'in confirmed my suspicions!!!!  When I asked about why he doesn't have a nonprofit, he BRACE yourself fools, "I don't have time, it takes time finidng someone to run a nonprofit."  

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not sane and I don't purport to be, and yes I was slightly under the influence of a frozen Chambord Margarita!  So, dear fans, you might be able to guess what happened next!   I flipped, I just lost it ya' was like someone had gut punched me and then drop kicked me in the throat!!!  Ya'll now philanthropy is my goal, and sports philanthropy is my passion! Our conversation ended, by him getting up and walking away.

Young Larry must realize that the NFL is in the midst of a public relations disaster...the Cedric Bensen's, Travis Henry's, Chris Henry's (them da*& Henry's,) and the Pacman's are taking over! How dare I forget the set-backs of our all time felon Mike "McRoof-Roof" Vick!  As, Chris Henry's presiding Judge said..."You are a one man crime wave"...well you know what, I say the NFL is now a two thousand man crime wave, a DEBACLE!!! oops, all of that was a tangent, let's get back on track here....wait, before we get back on track, does any remember Ray Curruth?   

The point is this...Larry's got a phenomenal ability to impact change and to reach our youth in a way that many of us can't (Jon Vilma is a good example of this)....and it's a shame, a DEBACLE that he has chosen to waste that!  So, here today we the fans of the Arizona Cardinals and of Larry Fitzgerald, MUST demand more of our player, it's time to start a movement (yes you read correctly, let me say it again, a M-O-V-E-M-E-N-T!  We are about change!!!!  Together we are going to get our beloved Mr. Larry Fitzgerald to start a 501(c)(3), and folks let's go the extra step, let's DEMAND that he hire me!!! HAHA, go take on your day!


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