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Q How did so and so get that seed and I got this seed?


A I screenshot the top 25 in winning % and the top 15 in wins – and took the top 16 in % and the top 8 in wins that signed up – those are your top 24 seeds – Then I took everyone that signed up and simply sorted their winning % at he time of the cutoff- The took the top 6 in %. And ranked them accordingly- thent her final 4 remaing, seeded them 1-4. 1vs 4 and 2vs 3 and I was done.



Q What about Lifer and Bigdleech


A Oh gawrsh, Ok Leech missed the cutoff- and during the brackets I noticed I had counted Dennis twice- and rather than redo my brackets – I simply plugged him in the lower of the two seeds that Dennis had. Problem solved.


Lifer said he signed up- and even though I never did get him on the final blog after the rules were posted- He was in on the previous two- and I felt that missing 3 days online should not eliminate him- But didn’t feel right about bouncing someone I had put in. So I dropped Leech down to the play-in game- and put them against each other- unfair? Maybe, but I’m doing the best I can


Q But I’m better than so and so- how come He got this and I got that


A I answered the seeding- Look the Seed don’t matter- to win this thing- you are going to have to face D-Fan, Porkins, Philly, J etc- If you face them in the Finals or in round 1 you STILL have to beat them, the only ones who have ANY right to complain are the play-in games- and I’m sorry about that.


Q ok you stink- when are we going to do this agin with someone better


A I hold no copywright on tourneys – so you can do your own. And Kiss my signed James worthy rookie card on the backside. I plan on doing another one of these in 6 months- this one did seem kinda rushed- but I do feel it is legitamite


Q So What happens Monday?

A Monday the 3 playin games Hit- and This will be like normal tourneys – first person picks topic- second person challenges. Loser goes home


Q Ok then what changes on the 16th?

A On the 16th the field of 32 begins


This one is differenent- the Higher seed has to pick THREE topics and weather or not to be challenged- the LOWER seed picks the one of the three and either starts or waits on the challenge.


For example- Nickb23 is going to choose 3 topics and say I have to challenge him (for example)


I will pick one of the three and start the TD.


Q What if I lose

A In the play-in game, you go home, sorry. In the field of 32 you will go to the losers bracket- and move on.


Q What sports

When you signed up- you put in 2 sports you have to pick 2 different sports – or add in a general sport topic

For example If J and I were faced off- I don’t do baseball – so he has a choice – either a NFL,NBA,NCAA or 3 general sport Questions as his 3rd spot. His first two can be baseball- but ONE of the three has to be in the opponents spot- and EVERYONE’s final sport is general.

For instance, If I was facing GOAT- and I was the top seed- I’m sending out 2 NFL topics and a General Sports topic- No WAY I’m sending him a NBA Q.


Q Can I send you topics?

 A PLEASE! I’m going to need close to 100. Fan Mail them to me and you will get credit.










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