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The Tigers rotation has been doing very poorly so it shouldn't be too hard to predict what grades I am going to give some guys.


Justin Verlander

With all of the off-season moves that Dave Dombrowski (Tiger's president) made, everyone thought that Verlander could easily win 20 games for the first time in his short, two year career.  He might have one 20 in a pitching column this year, only in the wrong place,  Justin Verlander is on pace for 24 losses and only 5 wins.  He has an ERA north of 5.00.  Even his strikeout numbers are dropping . . . Verlander is averaging about one less K/9 than he did in his career.

Grade: D-


Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers is 4-4, whi8ch shows that he has been able to at least win some games.  His ERA doesn't show that.  It is at 5.13.  Rogers also doesn't have his strikeout pitch working, he is on pace for only 86.  That would be his worst total since . . . um . . . ever in a season with at least 25 starts.  Rogers has more base on balls (34) than strikeouts (33) and at this stage of the season, that is downright terrible.  At least Rogers has been able to get some wins though.

Grade: C+


Jeremy Bonderman

Bonderman has been the best starter in the rotation out of all of the starters who have been on the team since Opening Day and haven't got injured.  That is all about to change as the Tigers have found a blood clot in Bondo's arm, sidelining him for the season.  He has done well while he was here though, going 3-4, 44 strikeouts and a 4.29 ERA.  Maybe those stats just look good because he is on a rotation that has serious pitching problems.  Nonetheless, he has been somewhat effective.

Grade: B-


Nate Robertson

Nate Robertson has been the worst Tiger starter this year.  He comes in to start and all he does is blow games before Tiger fans can even think about winning the game.  He has an ERA of 6.03, and no, this is not a mis-type.  Robertson also has a 3-6 record and opponents are hitting .300 against him with ten home runs.  It's amazing how Robertson hasn't lost his job and gone to the bullpen, just like Barry Zito.  Robertson might even be doing WORSE than Zito, at least Basrry gives his team a chance to win.

Grade: F


Dontrelle Willis

Willis has been a strong pitcher when he hasn't been injured.  It is hard to judge a pitcher on only 10 innings pitched though.  Mind the fact that Willis has 16 walks compared to three strikeouts, Willis hasn't allowed too many of those runners to score with a 4.50 ERA.  He has only given up four hits and has help opponents to a .133 average.  His command may be off but other stats seem to be good.  But, he has only pitched ten innings so it would be difficult to give him a grade.

Grade: Inc.


Armando Galarraga  

Galarraga has been the Tigers best starter this season, no doubt about it.  He is leading the team with wins (5) after getting one today.  His record is 5-2 with an ERA lower than 3.70.  He has 39 strikeouts and is averaging 5.67 K/9.  Galarraga has six quality starts in ten games started and has given his team a chance to win every time he has gotten out on the old diamond.  The crazy thing is that this guy is a rookie.

Grade: A-


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