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I loved Boston's self entitled CD,"Boston."Others like Coletrain do not share my opinion lol,but that's ok,because I love it.I didn't realize Boston wrote some of the songs until I listened to this CD.


More Than a Feeling:4 min 45 sec


This was more than a feeling,this was pure ecstacy.I loved Tom Schulz's guitar work here.Brad Delp blasting out those great vocals.And not standing out on the drums as much was Sib Hashian.

"I closed my Eyes and she slipped away!"

The clapping part that many go along with gets my energized as well.


Peace of Mind:5 min 3 sec


Loved the Guitar playing here as well.Another song you can really rock out to.

"I understand about indecision,I don't care if I get behind,People living in competition,all I want is to have my piece of mind.

Take a look ahead!Take a look ahead!

Look ahead!"

Foreplay/longtime:7 min 47 sec

I have LOVED this song since I first played it on Rockband,you can even say this is one of the songs that sparked my interest into rock,especially Boston.A lot of good instrumental play,a while into the song before there's any lyrics,it's 7 minutes and 47 seconds.

"Well I'm taking my time,I'm just moving on,you'll forget about me after I've been gone,and I'll take what I found I don't want no more,just outside of your front door.

Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,it's been such a long time,it's been such a long time.


Rock and Roll Band:3 min

Not much thought on this.Yeah,it's kinda describing their feelings toward being rock superstars.


"Rock and roll band, everyone's waiting,gettin'crazy anticipating, yeah,that music hey,He,HEY!


Smokin':4 min 21 sec (currently my myspace song)

It has a pretty sweet sound to it,it is pretty up-tempo,with Schulz plaing the organ vigorously.Schulz again pretty much plays all instruments.

"Pick you up and take you away!,get down tonight."(I know not much,the lyrics aren't as much for me.)


Hitch a Ride:4 min 11 sec

Softer song my Boston.The first few were rock out and dance.Hitch a Ride is one to just sit back and relax.Great lyrics.


"Light is like the coldest winter,people freeze the  tears I cry,words from hell our minds are into,I gotta crack this ice and Fly.

Gonna Hicth a Ride,head for the otherside,leave it all behind,never change my mind.

Gonna set away,some nights and other days,freedom of my mind,carry me away,for the last time."


Something about you:3min 47 sec

Great song,I overlooked it,but there's a good theme.It is really a good song.(everything ending in ow is extended)

"Isn't easy to show,what I'm feeling inside girl,It isn't easy,I know, but you believe in a man like me.


Let me Take you home:4 min 46 sec

Great,slow song.Delp makes this song great.I'm beggining to like this song the more I listen to it.Barry Goudreau plays the electric guitar with Delp plaing the acoustic,Scholz plays the organand Fran Sheehan plays the bass Guitar,as well as Hashian on the drums.This is the most people in any song on the site.Near the end it picks up and let's you rock a little.Overral a great song.

"Now I'm not like this I'm really kinda shy,but I get this feeling whenever you walk by.

I don't wanna doubt you,I wanna make you high,if you could see a way to me,come on and let me try.

Let me take ya" home tonight,mama now it's alright,let me take ya home tonight,show your sweet deny."


So altogether this is one of my favorite CD's I've listened to.And a sidenote,if you listen before the commercials of the NBA Finals,they'll be playing Smokin'.










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