I may just be the happiest San Diego Padres fan of them all at the moment. I live in New Jersey surrounded by throngs of New York Mets fans who let me know all last week how badly they then were waiting to get a four-game sweep out at Petco Park on my Padres, one of the worst teams of the season to this point, no doubt. And what a great weekend it was at the Jersey Shore, for me the only Padres fan in this pathetic state, having just watched Tony Clark take Billy Wagner to the house in deep center for a 3-run homer and a San Diego 8-6 comeback! These last four wins (2-1, 2-1, 2-1, 8-6) have been a pleasure for me, wearing a Padres hat proudly among stupid NY fans from the NYC Tri-State area at the beach and boardwalk. Hey Yankees, you're next, June 17-19! Here we come with the big guns, Baek, Clark, McAnulty, Huber, Gerut, Stansberry, Edgar Gonzalez (yes these are Major Leaguers!)

OK, hold on though. In reality these were four of the ugliest baseball games of the season for all of MLB. And the Padres are still a team with a ton of issues and questions if it will even be intact by August 1. So, no folks, this blog post truly isn't a claim that the Padres are going to run away with the NL West by any means. I'll never turn my back on my team, but I am a realist (unlike Yankees fans around the Jersey Shore). So what did this weekend's shocking 4-game sweep over the Mets in San Diego really mean to both teams? To the NL West? To the NL East? To the National League?

Take my True-or-False test below and let me know. At this point there are no right or wrong answers. It's early June, and time hasn't completely run out for any team just yet, yet I am interested to see what Mets fans, Padres fans, Mets haters, Padres haters, and fans of the NL West and NL East may be thinking who paid attention to these four games - and the frightful box scores from each.


1. The Padres didn't really win any of these four games, the Mets lost them.

2. The Mets have zero heart, soul, or integrity swept by a San Diego squad with three of its five starters in the rotation on the DL including Jake Peavy and Chris Young.

3. Turning Point: The Mets just sealed their fate in a division where the Phillies are running away with it;

4. Turning Point: The Padres just reentered the NL West race in what is a pretty bad division.

5. Actually the NL West is the worst division in baseball, as bad as it was in 2005.

6. San Diego shortstop Khalil Greene isn't going anywhere in a trade with his bat so god-awful.

7. Omar Minaya's biggest mistake was letting go of Heath Bell.

8. The Mets were just swept by a team that would go .500 in the Pacific Coast League (.500).

9. SNY broadcaster Keith Hernandez hates the Padres players more than any other Mets opponents and made it clear with the criticism the last four days on-air.

10. The National League is awful and the Boston Red Sox will have a harder time with the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS than what ever NL team limps into the World Series. 


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