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As baseball just begins, and the NFL draft ends, teams start to get their rookie class into a presentable bunch of players.  However daunting a task this is, some teams achieve better results year after year.  However, rookies are not the only thing I contemplate when thinking of my rankings, I take in coaching, veterans players, chemistry, and work ethic.  So based on the rookie draft and all other attributes, here is my top ten NFL teams going into the 2008 NFL training camp.

1.) New England Patriots
Who can argue with this.  They had a great rookie draft, getting one of the best picks in recent years, Jerod Mayo.  With Mayo complimenting the other great LB's in New England, I see only one weak spot on the whole team...the secondary.  They have virtually no pass defense, and that will surely come to harm them, but with the a dominant offense and run defense, who needs to worry about the pass!

2.) Green Bay Packers
I am one of the few people with them in the top 5, even the top 10.  People are over exaggerating the loss of Favre.  Although he was an amazing quarterback, I dont think it was him leading the Packers to victory.  It was the system and the coach.  I firmly believe if you put anyone in that offense, they will be able to suceed, and with accurate QB, Aaronn Rodgers at the helm, I have no problem.  Their defense will be top 5 this year, especially with the addition of rookie CB Patrick Lee.

3.) Indianapolis Colts
Manning as always will lead an exceptionally good offense into this year, and will have a young but great defense behind him.  The only weakness I see will be staying healthy.  This was a major problem for them last year, as they could rarley get the whole offensive line out their and rarely had starting WR, Marvin Harrison.  But with a healthy team, the Colts should be one of the top teams.

4.) San Diego Chargers
An unexpected playoff run left them in high spirits, but with losses in the defensive secondary it looked as if the Bolts would be short on defense.  But luck has its way and the Chargers were given a gift drafting Antoine Cason in the upper 20's in the draft.  Cason is going to be a legit star someday, and will help out immediatly.  And with LT, and Rivers leading the offense I see no reason to doubt these Chargers.

5.) Dallas Cowboys
Rounding out the top 5 are the 'boys.  Many have them higher but I see major chemistry issues between TO, and Pacman.  I also see the RB situation going from too many good RB's to...too many fighting RB's as they all want more PT.  Mike Jenkins was a great pick for them to boost a terrible secondary, but I still have doubts about the rest of the secondary.

6.) NY Giants
No I am not a believer.  I dont see it in this team.  Yeah, they had a great run last year, but when you look up and down this roster, its really not that good, and with the loss of strahan they got thinner at DE.

7.) Jacksonville Jaguars
DelRio is a great coach.  And leading a strong veteran team with a great running game with be easy for him.  He just needs to sit back and relax and watch his team cruise through the victories.

8.) Pittsburgh Steelers
Mendenhall is a great RB, and combining him with Parker will give the Steelers the best 1-2 punch in the NFL.  And getting a big WR by the name of Limas Sweed, will help Big Ben throw 40+ TD's.

9.) Cleveland Browns
They had a great 07 campaign and only made improvements by gaining two great DT's in Corey Williams and Shaun Rodgers.  They also helped out fledgling star Anderson by picking up Stallworth, and drafting Rucker.

10.) New Orleans Saints
With the additions of Vilma, Sedrick Ellis, Dan Morgan, and Randall Gay, this defense will be one of the top in the league.  Their offense should prosper as well under Drew Brees.


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