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The June 7th event from the O2 Arena in London featured an interesting mix of fighters, and the 22 men from all over the world came together to put on a heck of a show. Since the bout was held at the aforementioned O2 let's see if we can feature the number (2) by starting with...the number six?


6 Of the eleven bouts, (6) featured a Brazilian against an American. The Brazilians scored the first victory when light heavyweight Luis Arthur Cane TKO'd Jason Lambert. The Americans got the next two when welterweight Kevin Burns, a Jiu Jitsu blue belt, submitted black belt Roan Carneiro, then lightweight Matt Wiman KO'd Thiago Tavares. The Brazilians bounced back though as Fabricio Werdum, Thales Leites, and Thiago Alves all scored victories.


2 Number of fights (2) that featured a Matt against a Thiago. As previously mentioned, Matt Wiman stopped Thiago Tavares in the fifth fight of the night. The end came at 1:57 of round two. The eleventh fight saw welterweight Thiago Alves hook up with Matt Hughes. This time the "Matt's" weren't so fortunate as Alves dropped Hughes with a knee and finished at 1:02 of round two with a big right to the downed Matt.


2 Number of points, (2) referee Herb Dean deducted from middleweight Nate Marquardt. The first was definitely justified when Nate landed a big knee while Thales Leites had a knee on the ground. The second came a little later when Nate elbowed Thales in the head. Dean thought the elbow was to the back of the head, Nate thought it was to the side, a point was taken away. The fight was great, back and forth, and the now 13-1 Leites fought through the knee and a beating and came away with the split decision. One he wouldn't have scored without the point deductions.


2 Number of losses in a row (2) for heavyweight Brandon Vera after he was stopped by Fabricio Werdum. In Vera's first loss he was decisioned by Tim Sylvia. At UFC 85 the fight was called at 4:40 of round one as Werdum mounted Vera and punched him repeatedly. Despite the barrage the stoppage may have been a little early as Brandon immediately jumped up and protested saying, "I'm okay," but it was too late and he dropped to 8-2.


2 Even with the event being held in London, there were only (2) Brits on the card. Paul Taylor, from Walsall, won a decision over Jess Liaudin, just as he did over five years ago. And the lean Michael Bisping from Liverpool continued to impress at his new weight of 185, by demolishing Canadian Jason Day in route to a TKO at 3:42 of round one.


1 There were obviously a lot of Americans and Brazilians on the card, but there was only (1) Dane, Martin Kampmann. The middleweight returned to the Octagon after a knee injury to submit Jorge Rivera with a guillotine at 2:44 of round one. The victory improved Kampmann to 16-2. One of those 16 wins came in his UFC debut, when Martin handed Thales Leites his only loss.


1 Number of fights on the card (1) to feature fellow Countrymen throwing down. Mike Swick, a welterweight from Houston Texas, hooked up with Marcus Davis, from Bangor Maine. It was the Texan who claimed the decision victory, in a fight that oddly took something of a back seat for a moment, due to the crowd busting out in the wave...weird.

Note: Soon I will have a number of completely original pics posted on my blog, Sports by the Numbers MMA, both with a few of the fighters at the hotel before the event, and then pics of the fights.


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