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It's a day late and a dollar short for me. Let me explain. I have this problem every once in a while, but it has not occured in quite some time now. When I click the post button, Fan Nation signs me out and oops, there goes all that hard effort I put into the blog. So thats why I am posting here on Tuesday for my 199 Blog. 1 More to GO! Well here it goes.

We've seen quite a lot of action in the world of sports today. In addition to Ken Griffey Jr.'s milestone 600th home run, let's check out some other news.


Vinny Del Negro (Bulls)
After 52 days and 13 candidates, the Bulls are likely to finally land a head coach. The deal is not yet complete, but it has been reported that Del Negro's contract will last two years, with a option for the third year. His contract will pay roughly $2 million annually. By the way, Del Negro has no coaching experience. I believe if Jerry Reinsdorf wasn't so cheap, they could have landed Mike D'Antoni. Or would at least gone after Flip Saunders or Avery Johnson.

Terry Porter (Suns)
Porter reportedly agreed to a three year contract worth approximately $7 million. Porter leaves Detroit, where he was an assistant coach, and enters the Suns organization as the head coach. In 2003-05, Porter went 71-93 with the Milwaukee Bucks, but did reach the Playoffs in his final year with the team.

Michael Curry (Pistons)
After only one year as an assistant for the Pistons under Flip Saunders, Curry will become the head coach. The deal spans three years, with a fourth year option. The deal is also worth $2.5 million annually. Questions have been raised due to his lack of experience, not to mention the fact that he was an assistant under the man who just got fired.


Cedric Benson (Bears)
After two arrests within a five week span, the Bears officially cut ties with running back Cedric Benson. Both of Benson's arrests were alcohol related. The first was boating while intoxicated, and the second for DUI. Cutting Benson will save the Bears his $820,000 base salary, but will count about $3 million against the cap once the prorated bonuses are calculated in. As the starting running back for the Bears, Benson often struggled. It seemed that he was only servicable when he was backing up Thomas Jones during their run to the Super Bowl. Sorry Angelo, no mulligans on that mistake. I strongly believe that Benson was a bust, as most do. The only team I think may take a look at him is Dallas based on the fact that they've already landed Terrell Owens, Tank Johnson, and Adam "Pacman" Jones. Still, even if he lands with a new team, he could face league discipline.


Dominik Hasek (Red Wings)
The Dominator announced his retirement. He said that he's physically ready, but he lacks motivation and doesn't want to disappoint anymore. In my opinion, Dom is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I think the two Hart Trophies and six Vezina Trophies speak for themself. Hasek was by far one of the best goalies of my time, along with Brodeur and Roy. Granted, I've only been on this planet a short 18 years, but I've always been a fan of Dom. Coming off a Stanley Cup victory with the Wings, Hasek is retired. Not many goalies, or even players can say that they've won the Stanley Cup two times, and have also captured Olympic gold. I still think Dom is going out on top, even though he was benched in favor of Chris Osgood in the Playoffs. Hasek has played for the Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators, and Detroit Red Wings.

Michael Strahan (Giants)
After 15 years in the NFL, the New York Giants' defensive end has called it quits. The 36 year old Strahan will be leaving the NFL four months after the Giants pulled the upset to win the Super Bowl. Strahan has also been named to seven Pro Bowls. In addition, he has two sack records. One for the Giants all-time (141 1/2), and the single-season record of 22 1/2. After almost retiring before last season, I am not surprised one bit that Strahan retired after the Super Bowl win. Much like Dom, he's going out on his own terms, and on top.


Gilbert Arenas (Wizards)
The Washington Wizards announced that Gilbert Arenas opted out of the final year on his contract. The move was expected as Arenas has previously said that he would forgo the final year of his contract (six years, $65 million) so that he could re-sign for an even larger sum of money. Arenas can start talking with teams July 1st, but will stay with the Wizards as long as they sign free agent to be Antawn Jamison.

Jeff Pentland & Lee Elia (Mariners)
The struggles continue for the Seattle Mariners. They released their hitting coach Jeff Pentland on Monday and replaced him with specialist Lee Elia. Elia was Seattle's batting coach from 1993-97. Elia took over Pentland's duties before the start of a three game series against the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday. Elia will remain with the team indefinitely, even though he's previously expressed no desire to return full-time. Pentland was in his third year with the Mariners as hitting coach. He was also the only holdover from the Mariners 2007 coaching staff after an offseason overhaul. Elia has also managed the Chicago Cubs (1982-83) and the Philadelphia Phillies (1987-88 ).

I encourage everyone to check back in soon to one of my blogs to check out my 200th Blog.



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