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Everyone knows it, the NBA Playoffs make us want to fall asleep, especially if our team isn't in it anymore. But Tim Keown of ESPN wrote an article on how to fix the playoffs ( and using those three ways to fix the playoffs (pay no attention to conferences, switch to a 3-5-7-7 format, and not as many off days) I am going to conduct a new NBA Playoffs of the 2006-07 Season. The seedings are based on regular season winning percentages. They are seeded 1-16.

First Round Matchups: (best-of-3)

(1) Dallas Mavericks vs. (16) Orlando Magic

(2) Phoenix Suns vs. (15) Washington Wizards

(3) San Antonio Spurs vs. (14) New Jersey Nets

(4) Detroit Pistons vs. (13) Golden State Warriors

(5) Houston Rockets vs. (12) Los Angeles Lakers

(6) Utah Jazz vs. (11) Miami Heat

(7) Cleveland Cavaliers vs. (10) Denver Nuggets

(8) Chicago Bulls vs. (9) Toronto Raptors


Mavericks vs. Magic- I'm taking the Mavs in 2. It won't even be close. Orlando has no one to guard Nowitzki and Harris and Terry are too quick for the Magic guards. Dwight Howard will struggle with the Dallas guards doubling down on him in the post which will lead to turnovers.

Suns vs. Wizards- Suns in 2. If Arenas was playing it would probably be a completely different series but the Suns will run all over them. Amare will get 30-point, 15-rebound games in each of the games due to the Wizards' lack of an interior presence.

Spurs vs. Nets- I'll take the Spurs in 3. The Nets trio of Jefferson, Kidd, and Carter will shock San Antonio in Game 1 but the veteran-laden squad of the Spurs will come back to take Games 2 and 3.

Pistons vs. Warriors- Pistons in 3. Sorry, but no "We Believe" t-shirts will be made this year. Baron Davis will lead his squad to a victory after a blowout Game 1 but will eventually lose to the Pistons in Game 3 and Rasheed will only get 1 technical in the series. haha

Rockets vs. Lakers- Kobe will lead his team to victory in 3 games. In a pivotal game 3, Kobe will outshine fellow superstar Tracy McGrady and actually have a couple of assists. The Zenmaster did it again I guess. But the most shocking storyline of the series will be Kwame Brown stepping up against and containing Yao Ming. Besides, you have to have a 5-12 upset.

Jazz vs. Heat- I'm taking Utah in 2 games. Doesn't matter which playoff you do the past-their-prime (except for DWade who was playing injured) Heat will get swept. Deron Williams will prove fantastic and Boozer will dominate down low on Shaq. Wait, this means Kobe advances and Shaq doesn't.

Cavaliers vs. Nuggets- The Cavs will win this series 2-1. Fellow draft-classmates will go head to head (Melo vs. LeBron) and James will prove superior. And Hughes will stop AI on the defensive end for Denver.

Bulls vs. Raptors- Bulls in 2. Bosh won't get much down low thanks to Big Ben Wallace and Ben Gordon will continually take over 4th quarters of games for the Bulls to win. And Kirk Hinrich will control the tempo of the game against the quicker TJ Ford.


Part 2 will be the second round matchups being broken down. It will come out sometime tomorrow.


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