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Ahhh, summer is here!  Being a die-hard Cubs fan, Im very aware of what a June-swoon is, but this has just been a weird year.  I fully expect the Cubs to be fine in June and beyond, their pitching is staying strong, and their offense has been relentless folks.  As I said its just been a weird year, you know the last time the Cubs entered June with the best record in baseball?  1908!  Hmmm....  Everything just seems to be coming together, they are missing teams best pitchers, which I know they'll have to face in the playoffs but about 50% of a baseball season is luck, and we know how much "luck" the Cubs have had in oh about a hundred years.  With the Sox playing well how awesome would an all-Chicago world series be?  Mind boggling!

That brings me to what the Cubs need to make a run in the playoffs, in spring training I was all about a lead-off hitter, which I still believe they need, but folks, we need another #2 type starter.  An A.J. Burnett, or a Randy Wolfe would work I think but we need to bolster are starting rotation, one of those two and maybe bring back Greg Maddux would be wonderful, because if you think about it we could really use two starters because as I think Gallagher will be OK Im not sure hes ready for a stretch run and I have no faith what-so-ever in Jason Marquis.

 As for the Bulls Im hearing we're going to hire Vinny Del Negro, what?  How did Riensdorf botch this so badly?  Doug Collins would've been great, but he didnt want to hire him because he loves him like a son?  Wow not sure a guy with those feelings should be running a professional franchise much less two of them.  Del Negro was assistant G.M. in Phoenix with Steve Kerr and Kerr didnt want to hire him as head coach, shouldnt that tell you something right there?  Well at least we are going to get Derrick Rose, my God I hope we get Derrick Rose and dont screw that up, I think hes going to be the real deal, and just ask the Suns, Hornets, and Jazz what a stud point gaurd can do for you in the NBA these days.  And heres to everyone who said acquiring Kobe was a bad idea, hope you still dont think that!

 Illini and Notre Dame football is actually starting to look up, the Irish had an excellent recruiting class lets just see if old Chuck can make it work on the field.  Im actually liking the idea of Wies stepping back and lettling the offensive coordinator call the plays.  The Illini should be very tough again this year I just hope two very key losses dont hurt too much, and thats Mendenhaul and J. Leyman.

 And that brings me to the beloved Bears.  Finally Ced Benson is free to get drunk in any type of motor vehicle he chooses, and can continue to be a crappy running back anywhere he sees fit, my guess is in Dallas because they are all about hiring convicts.  Lets just hope Forte is as good as he looks in a helmet and shoulder pads!  I think they will now make a run for possibly Shaun Alexander but probably Kevin Jones who they will probably get for cheaper because hes coming off a knee injury, and knowing the Bears they will gladly take the cheaper route.



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