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Bigalke: Welcome to the Elite Throwdown Tournament Prediction Show! A Host Named NCshvDavid and yours truly, Bigalke, are here to break down every throwdown in the Elite Tournament. Today we will cover the ongoing play-in rounds in advance of the tournament proper. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday until the end of the tournament, when we will cover the throwdowns of that week and break down each opponents' chances of victory...

Let's get right into the matchups!



PLAY-IN #1: Undefeated (34-38-5) v. Bucmaster (19-33-2)

Bigalke: In the first opening-round play-in debate, two guys whose sub-.500 records disguise as-yet-unrealized potential square off against one another in an effort to get onto the big bracket of the Elite Throwdown Tournament. Either Undefeated or Bucmaster will advance through to face top seed DetroitFan in the first round.

Undefeated has had the better run of luck lately, compiling an 18-14-2 record in the past month to move up the leaderboard. Bucmaster, meanwhile, has had a recent slump, heading into June and the tournament with a 12-24-1 record in the past thirty days. These two have faced off only once, a 19-6 forfeit decision in favor of Bucmaster. Yet this throwdown -- Best blogger on FN? -- did not accurately portray either of these two debaters’ skills in actual sports debates. Essentially we are seeing two guys taking on each other for the first time.

AHNN: Here is Bucmaster- Getting ready for his bout- GhostHunter is not a big fan of his work-

(Bucmaster is shown wearing a Chicago Bears 2007 Super Bowl champions shirt and reading a Playboy NFL preview edition…from 1979 ) – a closer look shows a Batman comic is laid out in the middle of book)

AHNN: Ghost is quickly building a HaterNation that might be 4th on FanNation already- so who knows what respect that might have on the TD- But I think Undefeated here is not going to overlook him.

Bigalke: Come on, David! Stay on target, here... this has nothing to do with Ghost here. The throwdown is between Bucmaster and Undefeated, remember... they don’t have to worry about GhostHunter -- YET...

Has GhostHunter been slipping you hundred-dollar bills to advertise his name or something?

AHNN: Stay on Target? Who are you Porkins? I only bring up Ghost since he is so vocal about his thoughts on Buc- Fine, tell us about Undefeated…

Bigalke: Fair enough, David... let’s discuss Undefeated. He is 1-9-0 lifetime against the Elite field, with his win over Gu3 on May 27 offering the only mark in the first column. Bucmaster, on the other hand, is 1-14-0, with only that win against Undefeated to burnish his record. Undefeated has a tendency to lean toward the absurd (see his “Best Euro 2008 Grouping” TD for evidence), while Bucmaster tends to take a more pragmatic approach toward debating. In this format, this could make all the difference. We’ll most likely see one of the big-three professional sports covered in this match -- Undefeated has done best recently in NBA throwdowns, while Bucmaster has had no one dominant field of expertise.

I predict that this one will be close. Bucmaster, in my opinion, will probably go through in this opening-round tilt to earn the opportunity to topple the top seed, DetroitFan, claiming the minor upset and building early momentum in the tournament in the process.

AHNN: Ok- Who took the batteries out of my taser! I’m going the other way- I’m taking Undefeated here- He gets to pick the topic and I just don’t think that Bucmaster is going to make it through, Bucmaster has a tendency to get real irritated and that throws him off track – and I know GhostHunter doesn’t have much faith in Bucmaster either. This one is close, and can go either way- But I’ll say Undefeated advances.

Bigalke: We'll have to agree to disagree... how do the voters of FanNation think this one will play out, David?

AHNN: Well, Bigalke, it looks as though FanNation is in complete agreement with me... the voters have spoken, and they believe that this one will go to Undefeated. Out of 14 voters, 12 think Undefeated will advance...

Bigalke: What?! That high a discrepancy? Well, should Bucmaster advance it should be a great upset, then... on that note, let's move on to the next contest...



PLAY-IN #2: dudeman (21-29-4) v. Mike4redsox (32-35-8)

Bigalke: The two competitors in the other play-in match, dudeman and Mike4redsox, recently faced off against one another in the first round of the Pro Triangle Tourney. The throwdown, won 5-1 by dudeman, marked the first time these two competitors had squared off against one another. In that throwdown, Mike4redsox was able to offer more insight but lost on the players chosen... in this return match, dudeman will have to use all 1200 characters each argument if he wants to advance to face J in the first round...

AHNN: That’s some LOW votes there- Hopefully we NEVER see totals that low, Keep in mind after the TD is over I will be sending it out to both the Elite group and the FNC- so 6 votes won’t decide this one.

Bigalke: dudeman, who has been on hiatus as of late, has only completed five throwdowns in the past thirty days, earning a 3-2-0 record. Hopefully the rust will be shaken off by the time these two get into the debate -- though one of those three victories for dudeman came in that Pro Triangle Tourney throwdown. Mike4redsox, meanwhile, has gone 9-13-2 in the past month. This battle will come down to whether the cobwebs of inactivity or the confidence-buster of a recent slump will affect the debate more.

AHNN: Dudeman is pretty good- but I haven’t seen his TDs in a bit- So I’m not sure how much he has improved- but considering how much his blogs have improved- Mike could be in serious trouble.

Bigalke: Mike will have to remain vigilant against a fast-improving competitor. His results, however, give him reason to remain confident. Mike4redsox is 5-13-2 overall against the Elite field, with victories over dyhard, NCshvDavid, Bucmaster, PhillyEagles36 and Undefeated. His experience against this comparable competition will serve him well against dudeman, who is 4-13-0 lifetime against the field. They will most likely turn toward a MLB or NBA topic for this round; their only previous throwdown topic was “Pro Triangle Tourney Round 1-Top 5 Young PG's (25 or younger) in the NBA”. It would shock me to see these two go in any other direction.

In the end, dudeman will most likely replicate his result in the other recent throwdown between these two, advancing for the opportunity to knock J from his perch as the second-seed. He is used to putting forth effort after a hiatus, and his inactivity should affect him less than Mike4redsox’s recent string of bad luck.

AHNN: Zach, you ignorant sl ut, Mike beat ME- Hello! So I’m taking Mike here- If you will notice He beat PhillyEagles- and that’s not easy- True He’s lost a lot- but beating me and dyhard should tell you about how good he is.

Bigalke: Hey... you can't say "sl ut" on the air! Don’t get me wrong, David... Mike is damn good. But I have a fear that his recent downturn in his record -- after all, his win percentage has slipped below .500 during this past month’s slump. dudeman, while untested recently, has the confidence of knowing he can beat Mike. This one will be as close as that Pro Triangle Tourney throwdown... and I envision it ending the same way... but how does FanNation see this throwdown playing out? Do they disagree with my pick AGAIN?!

AHNN: Well, Zach... it looks as though FanNation actually agrees with you -- for once! The 14 narrowly predict dudeman winning this throwdown, 8-6.

Bigalke: At least all the love isn't against me... so let's move on to the final showdown, the last throwdown... and one in which, due to the withdrawal of RHATER, will see both these highly-regarded throwdowners advancing into the big bracket...



PLAY-IN #3: LIFER (298-111-25) v. Bigdleech (116-50-0)

Bigalke: A surprise late addition to the opening-round play-in games due to a missed entry, these two titans of the throwdown will square off in what might prove to be the best of the preliminary tournament throwdowns. Bigdllech is 11-2-0 over the past month; LIFER is 17-8-3. Each represents a television character, and both can easily mix in the showmanship of their alter egos to good effect. With a combined 414 wins between these two, whoever advances will be more than a handful for The Guru in the first round of the big bracket.

AHNN: This is going to be the premier matchup of the play-in round- GURU is good, don’t get me wrong- but he winner of this TD is going to have some serious MO coming into that matchup. I’ve faced both of these people- and they both make you work- Lifer, I think is better at coming up with the holes in your argument- while Leech might be better at making his own points- This could be a very interesting matchup- and I think the best of the opening 3.

Bigalke: These two debaters have faced each other only once before -- a 9-8 decision in favor of Bigdleech (October 2007, “Fannation Super Bowl: Make a team (skill players only) from the '04 draft class”). Both have been active recently in advance of the tournament, so rust should not be a problem for either veteran. LIFER has been sticking to the NFL and MLB topics recently, while Bigdleech has ventured out into soccer, tennis and even a recent debate over whether Tobias Funke or Dwight Schrute is the funnier television character -- something which will undoubtedly have LIFER seeking vengeance...

LIFER is 35-25-3 against the Elite field; Bigdleech, meanwhile, is a surprisingly dismal 5-17-0...

Bigdleech has had a better recent run heading into this matchup, and has the confidence-booster of that prior victory on his side. LIFER will undoubtedly steer this debate toward an area of expertise. Bigdleech will be well served by his diverse topic selection of the past month, but LIFER’s greater success against elite competition should carry him through to face The Guru...

AHNN: Should be interesting- I know I’m speaking for the entire field- but I’m kinda glad that one of these are going home- either one of these will be a tough out for GURU.

Bigalke: No doubt about that, David. This is one of those rare play-in matchups which would look more at place in the later rounds of the tournament proper. But with the draw set as it is, every member of the Elite field will be able to breathe easier knowing that one of these competitors will be out after the preliminaries... except now neither of them will be out. This is merely a seeding game... the winner takes on The Guru, the loser gets Porkins in another tough matchup. Who does FanNation think will get which seed, David? 

AHNN: Well, Zach, it looks like 11 of those 14 voters think that LIFER will be taking on The Guru in the first round of the tournament, while only 3 give Bigdleech a chance of avoiding Porkins.

Bigalke: No matter how it plays out, this should be a great final contest of the play-in games...


(cue music)


Bigalke: Well thanks everyone for tuning in. Be sure to check out all these great throwdowns as they commence, and be sure to stay tuned each Tuesday for more predictions. For A Host Named NCshvDavid, this is Bigalke signing off. As my esteemed colleague would say: "Disagree? THROWDOWN!!!"


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