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Before we get started how many of you have the Big Ten Network?  Go ahead raise your hands....I promise I won't become bitter.  Well, recently I saw a potential solution to the problem here in Wisconsin.  The big problem here as is every where the major cable companies and the Big Ten Network execs are trying to work out a deal to make the Network accesible to the masses of Big Ten fans out there. 

Now in this plan for Wisconsin, at least.  Before I get into the solution please note I put a little research into this. But, at least for the University of Wisconsin the deal with the Big Ten Network would give about 7 million dollars per year.  The State Legislature of Wisconsin is wondering about how the University would use the money they're bringing in.  Now one plan that was brought up that would answer many Legislature questions would be to add other sports within the University Athletic Department.  The plan would be to use about 300,000 dollars(just an estimate) to restart baseball at the University of Wisconsin..and then take about 600,000 dollars(once again just an estimate) to add two more women's sports to keep the school with Title IX(Title 9 for those of you who are Roman Numerically impaired).  

Why would adding more sports to the University help the process out?  Because one of the biggest roadblocks in getting a majority of Wisconsin cable customers access to the Network was how the money would be used.  I think adding baseball back into the UW athletic department would work.  All of the success of football, men's basketball and both hockey programs creates a much better environment to sustain baseball here.  I would love to see this get the Big Ten Network can be made available to Charter(local cable company) as well as other in state cable customers.  

Onto my overall opinion of the Network.  I think it's ridiculous how all of this is playing out.  In early 2007 to late 2006 when all of this was announced as a potential plan...I never thought how difficult it would be.  If the Big Ten's overall goal is to make the Big Ten Network available to all cable customers within states that house a Big Ten school then the BTN needs to make some cocessions.  Most of these cable companies aren't going to budge on where they stand with the Big Ten and the Big Ten Network need to make the first moves and try to make it accesible to all who want it.  Not having the Big Ten Network is kind of frustrating me..because I missed several UW football and basketball games due to not having the network.  I'm willing to pay the extra $1.10 on the cable bill every month to get the BTN.  

What are your thoughts on all of the Big Ten Network stuff? 


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