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    Every fan has been through it.  You aren't a fan unless you've been through it.  Sports wouldn't be sports whithout the fans that have been through it.  What is "it"?  "It" is the feeling of desperation.  "It" is the feeling of hate for the thing you love.  "It" is disgust for false beliefs and failed expectations, and "it" has been with the Cowboys fans for the past 10 years.  It was almost fitting then when the Cowboys started off their 2006 season barely making .500 with a veteran QB that looked more like a college freshman than a professional  vet.  It wasn't until that faithful game against the NYG in week 7 when "it" took on a completely different meaning.

    I'll recall the conversation I had on that day, "So what the 'boys were down 12-7 at the half against their divisional rivals.  So what Bledsoe threw a game-breaking int at the end of the first half that could've gotten the Cowboys in position to make the score 12-14 (and possibly, ultimately save Bledsoe job.)  So what?  We still have a chance to come back.  Right?  Wait a minute.  Who is this Tony Romo guy?  His last name kinda sounds like....."  Man, was I happy they took Bledsoe out but for a QB that hasn't throw a football in the regular season?  This changed the whole meaning of the game.  This was no longer a game that Parcell's was trying endlessly to win with, this was a game to see what this new kid's got.  This was the game to show everyone what Parcell's was working on.  Oh, and Romo did.  Romo posted up great numbers.  A great 14 of 25 for 227 yards 2 td's and 3  picks.  Awesome.  But so what?  So what he had 3 picks, the guy showed some skill.  The guy showed that he could elude the pass rush.  This Romo kid showed that he can put the ball in some tough places.  Tony Romo gave a glimmer of hope for this Cowboys season, and after watching him play that one game, I wanted to see more of this guy.  Yeah, he needed some tuning, what QB doesn't? 

    It wasn't long after that when Romo turned that glimmer into a belief.  A belief into reality. Reality into an unbelievably surreal high.  I mean, why wouldn't I be thrilled by a guy that, when all is said and done, threw for nearly 3,000 yards, has a 65 % completion ratio and a rating of 95.1? 

    By this time, I wasn't the only one talking about "it".  Every sports radio station, every ESPN channel was using the word "it".  Every analyst was saying this Romo kid has "it".  Although they weren't sure what "it" was, they were sure he had it.  I came to redefine this new phrase, "it".  "It" is that feeling of accomplishment.  "It" is watching the one thing you invested in the most, blossom into something great. "It" is that feeling you get when you prove everyone against you wrong in the best way possible.  Tony Romo was that "it" this franchise needed regardless of whatever anyone else whom are fans for any other team thinks.  He is "it". 

      So when I see him bobble the snap for a potential game winning field goal yeah it hurts, but so what?  Tony Romo has proven his poise as a QB in the NFL, he has been able to bounce back, and in all the close games, he has put this team in a position to win.  He knows that this is a team game and that there is no one person that can lose a game if they give it all they got.  So instead of making excuses like the ball was too slick, or he shouldn't have been holding that field goal in the first place, or the game shouldn't have even came down to a field goal, or Jason Witten had that first down but got screwed by the ref, or Terry Glenn's fumble in the end zone.  Instead of making all these excuses in why Romo dropped the ball(literally) I'm just going to say, so what?  Belief can be stronger than reality and I guarantee you that there would be no Fannation if everyone on this site didn't believe their team will do well the next year.  Belief is "it", and "it" is spreading all over Dallas Texas. 



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