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    Like everyone else, I was shocked by Texas Rangers OF Milton Bradley's actions after his team's 11-5 win over the Kansas City Royals. After the game, Bradley stormed out of the clubhouse, practically ran up several flights of stairs, all to find Royals TV announcer Ryan Lefebvre. Fortunately, Bradley was stopped by GM Jon Daniels and Manager Ron Washington before he could find Lefebvre. Bradley had heard of the comments made by Lefebvre that he was not happy with. The comments were made regarding fellow Rangers OF Josh Hamilton, who has overcome drug abuse to become a star in the league. Lefebvre compared Hamilton's situation to Milton Bradley by saying that unlike Hamilton, who has made huge changes to become the player he is today, "it doesn't appear Milton Bradley has done the same thing with his life."

     After the game, Lefebvre said that he was not singling out Bradley, but compliment Hamilton. After the game, Bradley was quoted as saying:

"I'm tired of people bringing me down. It wears on you. I love you guys, all you guys. I'm strong,

but I'm not that strong. All I want to do is play baseball and make a better life for my kid" 

    Now, for my take. I, believe it or not, agree 100% with Milton Bradley. Sure, he has had his anger management issues, but nothing has gotten to the level of, say, Albert Belle. He is an intense player, and it occasionally gets him into trouble, but I wouldn't call it that bad. Lefebvre went completely out of line with his comments. Milton Bradley has had occasional anger issues, but it hasn't been a drug problem. It hasn't been wife beating or child abuse. It has been anger, and only on the field. And that's it. Lefebvre needs to get that. There is no reason to compliment another player while bringing down another player at the same time. Bradley was right. He is just going out there and playing, and its not like he just came back from suspension or came out of a fight with his manager. He's been fine this season. I am disgusted by Lefebvre's comments. This guy needs to get some brains.

    And how to you think Josh Hamilton feels about this? He has had quite a journey to the majors, and instead of getting complimented for this, Lefebvre just used it as a spring-board to rip on a fellow player. And comparing what Josh Hamilton has been through to Milton Bradley's anger managment is completely insane. If your going to compliment him, just do that, and nothing more.

      So really, I guess it is just like my teachers always say. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Someone needs to tell Ryan Lefebvre that.


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