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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     OK, the Nationals lost this afternoon to the Pirates, 7-5. So why am I not writing this story in my Nats blog?? Because there's a bigger story to tell, actually.

     For the last 4 years, I've gone with my brother up to Pittsburgh to see the Nats play the Bucs. The plan usually goes, we stay overnight and come home the next day. That was the idea this year as well, with a twist...we had planned on taking in the game on Wednesday night, stay over and watch the day game today.

     Problem was, bro had a meeting he simply had to be at Wednesday night. So that left today, and a 7 a.m. departure time in order to get to Pittsburgh by 11:30 and in our seats by the 12:30 start time.

     Problem is, you've NEVER ridden with my brother.

     Every time, we've gone by a different route to Pittsburgh. And this year, he decides not to go on the shuttle boat to PNC Park. (Named, I kid you not, the "Good Ship Lollipop"...although I personally liken it to the S.S. Minnow. If you've ever gone on these boats to PNC, you know what I mean. Trust me.)

     So like I was saying, bro decides to attempt to park near the stadium. Good luck with THAT, as it turns out. Let me set the scene for you: it's Thursday afternoon. In Pittsburgh. Midday. On the surface, you realize it's lunch hour. Traffic would be a m-effer already.

     Factor in, a ball game. Now you get the picture. We wind up parking 5 blocks from PNC Park, and eventually miss the 1st inning...meaning, the Pirates taking a 2-0 lead. We make it to our seats in time for the 2nd...lucky us.

     The Pirates take a 6-1 lead, but the Nats (to their credit) make a game of it to cut it to 6-5 before giving up the final run in the 8th. By that time, we high-tailed it back to the parking lot--with me paying $10 for the time spent (and I'm the fricking passenger!!!)--and off we go.

     Right into rush-hour traffic.

     And here I thought waiting for the shuttle bus after a Redskins game was a pain in the ****. Try maneuvering through rush-hour traffic in Pittsburgh after a ball game. Please, don't jump on my **** about this. I'm only pointing out, all because my brother gets it in his head to NOT board the "Minnow"...I get to see big-city traffic "up close and personal".

     Anyway, I made it back home around 8:30. All in all, 13 1/2 hours round trip. But one thing came out of all this. We both agreed, from here on out when we go to Pittsburgh...we board the "Minnow".

     Just so long as the ticket-taker isn't named Gilligan...


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