It seems like everyday now. I flip on ESPN or go on the internet only to see the scroll at the bottom (enter player's name) arrested, or charged with DUI, or charged with drug problems, or charged with speeding, or being suspended.

    It is sad when a player does this to themseleves. They have the talent that that millions of the people all over the world can only dream of. They are part of 1% of people to play in a professional sport than millions love. Some would give anything just to play in a single game. They are making more money in a single year than many people do in a lifetime. Their job is simple: Get paid millions to play the sport you love. Unfortunately, some of these guys don't realize it.

   What happens to some of these guys is when they get the money, they feel power; power they might never of felt before. Some of these guys grow up in troubled neighborhoods, poor families, and a lack of education. When they get this money, the power takes over. They feel since they are athletes and some of the most popular guys in town, they can get away with anything. They buy their Hummers, Escalades, and Ferraris. They get behind the wheel of some of the most expensive cars and that's when the power kicks in. They start speeding around the corner. Grab a drink at the club. Two drinks. Three drinks. And soon they are out at 3 in the morning going 100. They get caught for speeding and DUI. Some players learn after their first time. Others like Cedric Benson or Carmelo Anthony don't.

   Another problem is the drugs. Players become involved in drugs. Most of the time it is marijuana. What these players don't realize is that they are setting a poor example for kids and teens all over the world. These kids see that Chris Henry gets arrested for marijuana. But hey- he scores touchdowns from Carson Palmer, so it must be cool.
   I'm not saying all athletes are like this. In fact, its only a few of the majority who are. Most athletes volunteer, donate money to charities, visit schools with speeches to stay off drugs and alcohal. There is only one way to stop those that don't realize what they are doing. Those that think they can do whatever they want with money. The trend has been catching on lately and that is to release the player from your team and have the league suspend him. It's the only way that works if they continue not to learn. We've seen Pacman and Henry get suspended. We've seen Cedric Benson just get released. The story of athletes like those are sad. Because no matter what their story is, they don't know how lucky they are.


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