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Seems all the winners, except for Nick Diaz, were ready to get to Waikiki Beach because they didn't take long in dispatching their opponents.


8 Only (0:08) into his bout with the undefeated Tony Bonello (a guy who's from the city of the famous Bondi Beach in Australia), Murilo Rua found himself in Bonello's guard. Both men are submission experts, but Rua didn't give Bonello a chance to offer much of anything, and he didn't seem too fond of working for a submission. Instead "Ninja" spent the next 3:08 in side control and full mount delivering a consistent spray of punches and elbows. Bonello couldn't do anything and at 3:16 Mario Yamasaki stopped the beating, Bonello's first loss against 16 victories.

2 Heavyweight Rafael "Feijao" Calvancante started off the main card against Wayne Cole. The men came out swinging, then Calvancante delivered (2) knees that did damage. The first, an accidental blast to Cole's groin, the second a little higher, Cole's chin. This one was the beginning of the end as "Feijao pounced forcing Yamasaki to break it up at 2:47 of round one.


10 Dave "Peewee" Herman returned to his old ways by TKO'ing Ron Waterman in only 2:19. Herman is now 11-0, and in (10) of his fights he finished his opponent in round one. He got back to his old ways, because it was his last fight at Elite XC Street Certified when Herman was unable to finish Mario Rinaldi until 0:33 of round three.


3 Speaking of round (3), Nick Diaz was the only main card winner to not finish his opponent in round one. He needed until the 3:59 mark of round (3) to TKO a game Muhsin Corbbrey. Obviously Diaz likes to fight, and he doesn't mind fighting after the "real fight", just ask Joe Riggs and a Las Vegas Hospital staff. And he again showed his desire to throw hands immediately following KJ Noons' crazy flurry...


20 In the final seconds of Noons' quick TKO of Yves Edwards, he delivered a ridiculously fast (20) punches and elbows, forcing Yamasaki to again dive into the fray, this time at only 0:48 of round one. It was then, when the Diaz boys did their best WWE impersonation by piling into the cage so Nick could challenge Noons to a rematch. Words were exchanged, Noons' dad got involved, and chaos ensued. The Diaz brothers tag team got in the last word, or gesture, as they delivered their trademark middle fingers, really these guys need to get some shiny wrestling masks...

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