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Tracy00214-Is back!

Welcome everyone to the Living Deads weekly horror debate, where we talk about anything and everything related to the world of the unknown. Returning this week are Harry Callahan, Ghosthunter, The Emperor,and myself (Tracy). 

And now for this weeks burning questions..

What FanNation Member is most likely to star in a horror movie?



Harry: Cassidy's House. I could so see her eating someones liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Rstowe: Frank Petangelli- I can totally see him just snapping one day and going on a rampage.

Ghost: Hmm..How about Hemo with his ugly face?

Tracy: *Looks back and forth between the Emperor and Ghost*  Ohh thats a tough one. Alot of people already think the Emperor is evil(not me though, I <3 the Dark Lord and I am NOT sucking up) and everyone knows that Ghost is spooky, so.. I'm going with Harry. He's the safe pick and wont kill me.


 Can you daydream at night?

Rstowe: Yes you can. You can also have a nightmare during the day. 

Harry: Probably not because it's night time, not DAY time. 

Tracy: Yes, but then they are called fantasies. *averts eyes*

Ghost: Really? I am constantly daydreaming!


If Ghosts can walk through walls and glide down stairs, why dont they fall through the floor?

Rstowe: It's all about physics.You see, in order to move up or down they have to use the stairs.To go left or right they can just go through any obstacle. Their bodies are incorporeal from side to side and front to back but solid from top to bottom thus preventing them from moving up or down. 

Harry: Uh.. They are good hoverers?

Tracy: I'm still taking in what Stowe said, but he sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I'm going with that.

Ghost: What a dumba** question..I can go and do whatever the hell I want without answering to you!!! It's a ghost thing!!

 Tracy: Of course you can ghost, we were just wondering why you dont fall through the floor, thats all. 

Ghost: Fine then. Die and you will find out! 

Harry: Next question!


Do people in prison celebrate Halloween.. and if so, how?



 Rstowe: Yes they do. The prisoners dress up as guards, and the guards dress up like prison bit8ches.

Harry: Yes. Half of them dress up as women and..Yech, what a nasty thought.

Tracy: It's Halloween every day in prison. Trick or Treat, Bit8ches!

Ghost: Nice! What the Emperor said..but it's called a riot.


What do you believe is the greatest unsolved mystery of all?

Rstowe: How Ghosthunter got 100 throwdown wins?

Harry: If Jimmy Hoffa is really buried under Giants stadium.

Tracy: Time travel. Using the theory of general relativity, and the theory of special relativity incorporated with quantum mechanics, it's just a matter of time. It's a shame we wont be alive to see it.

Rstowe: Your not really a blonde are you, Tracy.. 

Tracy: I dont know.

Ghost: How Stowe, even after all these centuries, is still alive!


If you had to sell your soul for one thing, what would it be?


 Rstowe: A donut. It worked great for Homer.

Harry: Rock and Roll. 

Tracy: For my beloved Patriots to win the Superbowl every year for the next 25 years and let me enjoy the cries of outrage from the rest of the football community, and for me and Rodney Harrison to never grow old and he plays on those 25  winning Superbowl teams,and his tales of viciousness spread through out the world!! Yes!!!  *sighs happily*

Ghost: Might as well pick the highest imaginable: 50 billion dollars and 10 hot models from around the world. 

Rstowe: *whispers to Harry and Ghost* I think she's blonde AND crazy..

Tracy: I can hear you!!


If you could possess one supernatural ability, what would it be?

Rstowe: Invisibility..The Eagles cheerleaders locker room..nuf said.

Harry: Invisibility also..Banks..nuf said.

Tracy:That makes three of us for Invisibility. Ghost, what say you? Ghost?  *looks around for ghost* I hate it when he disappears like that!

Ghost: You all want to be me but you cant be! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!


What room of your home are you most scared to be in, and why?

 Rstowe: Any room with my wife in it..(checks to make sure wife doesnt have a fannation account)..yeah, thats my answer.

Harry: The bathroom. Oh the stench in there sometimes..

Tracy: I'm not scared at all in my house because I have a dog who is the fiercest creature in the universe. In fact, he may be a supercanine with special powers. He has height issues and squirrels are his kryptonite, but we all have our weaknesses. 

Ghost: My room because its so dark, and dirty, and scary.. and messy.


What is the most imaginative thing you have done as a child?

Rstowe: Sold the soul of my invisible friend to the devil for the high score in Pac-Man..and a donut.

Harry: Stirred the Kool-aid we sold in front of our house with my hands.

Tracy: Most imaginative thing..hmm..I talked my brothers into digging a hole to China, they dug for two days before finally giving up. They once tried to jump me by hiding up in a tree, unfortunately for one of them, the other got scared and ran. Good times, good times..

Ghost: 1) I am still a child. 2) I still imagine stuff. 3) I pretend I am Ash in Pokemon.

Tracy: And Stowe called ME crazy. Ha! And the last question for today is..


2012..Are you scared?


Rstowe: Even though the world is supposed to end, the Mayans couldn't see the Spaniards coming,so why should I think they actually predicted the end of the world?

Harry:No, pure idiocy there. The Apocalypse has no set date. 

Tracy: No, should I be?

Ghost: No, I'm a Ghost. We fear nothing!


And that concludes our questions for this weeks edition of the Living Dead groups Horror Debate. If you would like to be a guest on the panel, please let the ghost know. Thanks for reading everyone, and until next week....Stay Spooky, FanNation!!!




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