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There have been a ton of busts so far this year in a mixed up MLB season.  When the three teams with the highest payrolls are all in fourth or fifth place in their division and two teams with miniscule payrolls in second place, you know this season has problems.

It would be interesting to see if you could make a team out of all these busts.  After thinking a little bit, I knew this could be done easily because everybody is pretty much sucking.


Catcher - Pudge Rodriguez.  Sure, he was getting older but his spring training results didn't show that.  Pudge hit 10 home runs in spring training and has yet to hit more than one so far this year!  His hitting has been so bad that his OBP of .304 is hardly over .300!  Pudge is throwing out less than 40% of the baserunners that try to steal and he is losing playing time to Brandon Inge!  Inge of all people!  A future Hall of Famer splitting time with a .219 hitter?  That is terrible.

First Baseman - Carlos Pena.  After having a breakout year in 2007 where he hit over .280 with 45 home runs, all eyes were on him this year to do great again.  He had a fast start, getting to six home runs quicker than anyone but now he is slumping.  He is hitting .227 with just 11 home runs.  He is on pace for 29, according to ESPN, 16 less than his total last year.

Second Baseman - Robinson Cano.  Cano was thought as a rising young star last year and many people thought that he had the talent to hit .300 with 20 home runs this year.  Wow were they way far off.  Cano is hitting .225 with a terrible OBP of .269.  The .300 average is out of the question, maybe the 20 home runs?  NO.  At this pace, Cano will be lucky to hit 10 home runs before the season ends.

Third Baseman - Bill Hall.  Just a a year and a half ago from today, Hall just hit .270 with 35 home runs during the 2006 season.  Fans thought that he could turn the Milwaukee Brewers around.  He did last year a bit but now he is bringing them back to where they started.  Hall is hitting under .220 with just 25 runs batted in.  He has an OBP under .300.  Before this season, I thought he might be able to hit 35 home runs again.  He'll need to 26 more home runs to do that.

ShortStop - J.J Hardy.  At this time last year, Hardy had about 15 home runs.  He;ll need to add 11 more home runs tomarrow to come close to his former self.  Hardy is hitting a not-so-respectable .248 with only 52 hits and 23 runs.  In Hardy's last three games, he is just hitting .167.  It looks like he is on a nosedive that will take him even deeper than rock bottom.

Left Fielder - Delmon Young.  Young is a respectable power hitter, he hit 13 in his rookie year and it looked like he had the potential to hit 30 one day.  This year is not it - unless he hits 29 more home runs during the rest of the year to bring his total to 30.  How many homers is he on pace for: 2.  Young is also hitting an average .278 with 22 runs batted in after driving home 93 last year.

Center Fielder - Nick Swisher.  The Chicago White Sox added a player that hit over 30 home runs to their lineup during the off-season.  So far this season, he has eight and he is only batting .219.  It is amazing how he has been able to keep his starting job this long - at least his OBP of .335 is staying up a bit.

Right Fielder - Justin Upton.  Little Brother Upton could be break the record books this season - not in a good way.  He could be the first person to strikeout 200 times in a season.  Upton also has only eight home runs, a .248 average, and 27 ribbies.  I thought this was the year that he was supposed to win Rookie of the Year and breakout.

Designated Hitter - Gary Sheffield.  Sheffield should not be at any position that involves the word "hitter" this year.  He is hitting .219 with three home runs and 12 ribbies.  Gary has been hampered with injuries all season while playing . . . Designated Hitter.  Come on, you only go up to the plate four times per game.  You don't do anything else, how can you get injured?

Starting Pitcher - C.C. Sabathia.  Sabathia just won the Cy Young award last year and I think he decided that he won what he wanted, that's all he needed and started blowing games.  Probably not, but his stats look that way.  He has twice as many losses as wins and has an ERA ballooned to the north side of 4.00.  And since there is no chance he can go a complete game . . .

Relief Pitcher - Rafael Betancourt.  Betancourt was unstoppable last year and I thought that he could have been a strong candidate for Cy Young or MVP (he was that good).  This year, I vote for him for the Clown of the Year.  Betancourt is 2-3 with a 6.23 ERA.  Opponents are batting .309 against him.  And since he won't finish the rest of the game . . .

Closing Pitcher - Eric Gagne.  Gagne has ten saves - looks average, right?  Not when you have five blown saves, blowing 1/3 of your save oppurtunities.  Gagne also has an ERA than could be coming very, very close to 7.00 any time soon . . .


Projected Record: 0-162


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