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#1-15 Feet, Right Edge, Ignore The Knee...

Yep...he did it again...he came back and tied the U.S. Open on the final putt at the 18th hole...What's so significant about this feat? Take a look at the two guys who are competing here...One, Rocco Mediate, is a 45 year old tour vet who has won 6 times in his career and the closest he came to winning a major was at Hazeltine in 2002 for the PGA Championship...He has come back from injury many times in his career to get back to this level, and in his mind, this is probably his last shot to win a U.S. Open...on the other side, you've got Tiger Woods, who has been here many times, done this same 18 hole playoff format before, last year against Angel Cabrera, and is very familiar with the course...he has won the Buick several times...Tiger, too, is coming off an injury, which was very noticeable after he hit driver, stupidly, on 2, after doubling the first. Both of these guys have had amazing roads to get to this championship, and either way it goes, it will be an emotional and well-deserved victory...(By the way, when Tiger made eagle on 13 on Saturday, my friend called it...that was one of the sickest putts I've ever seen...)

#2-Striking Out The Side...+1!


It's been done a good number of times before, most recently in 2006 by Brad Penny and most recently by an AL pitcher in 2003 (Kaz Sazaki), exactly do you not know that you've struck out four guys in the same inning, and how is the guy that reaches Prince Fielder? I, for one, think that although this feat is rare, it is not necessarily a good means your pitcher threw at least three (probably more) pitches than he should have needed to in that inning...Scott Baker accomplished this today, thanks in part to a wild pitch...

#2 1/2-Prince?


On a side note, how in the hell does Prince Fielder get all of these hits/plays that only the fastest guys are supposed to get, against the Twins? He hit an inside the park HR at the Dome last year, he hit a triple on Saturday, and now he reaches on a dropped third strike? Prince ain't exactly slow, but he sure as hell isn't a fast guy, considering he is 5'11" 270...But why the Twins...why is it ALWAYS the Twins...?

#3-He Steals, He Drives, He Dunks!


Hmmm...what do ya know...the Lakers pulled it out...(*cough*rigged*cough*) Kobe scored 25, had a steal and dunk in the closing seconds that put the proverbial icing on the proverbial cake (or the proverbial nail in the proverbial coffin...whichever you prefer) and led the Lakers back to Boston for Game 6...Bryant was not what won this game for the Lakers, however...The thing that won the game for L.A. was that the Lakers were able to get Pierce, Garnett, AND Allen all into foul trouble early and often, causing matchup problems in the Lakers favor, and Gasol and Odom some leverage in the post...The Lakers may have won Game 5, but they sure as hell have a lot of work to do to win both Game 6 and Game 7...

#4-0 for 4!?!?!?!


Whoa...he's ONLY HITTING .402 NOW?!?!?! Wow...that's amazing...GET OVER IT...Good hitters have bad nights...Ted Williams had bad nights when he hit .400, George Brett had bad nights when he hit .388, Tony Gwynn had bad nights when he won those batting titles and flirted with .400...Don't count Chipper out due to one bad game or even one bad stretch...averages fluctuate throughout the entire season...Not to mention Joe Saunders only gave up six hits the entire night...

#5-76 is a very large number....


Not a big NASCAR guy, but I still think that it's got to be touched on that Dale Earnhardt Jr. actuall won a race after a 76 race dry spell...For a guy like Junior who has so so so soooooooo much pressure on his back to win and compete at a high level every time due to his affiliations, this is a great step for him to get back on the track that he was on just a few years back...

#6- 8 Is Oh So Great!


Not Dempsey...okay...well he's okay, but the United States notched a 8-0 victory over Barbados today in the first leg of a two part, home and home series with the Caribbean nation for World Cup Qualifying, getting off a comfortable lead in the total goals format...Dempsey had two goals, including one in the FIRST MINUTE OF PLAY!!! Brian Ching had two goals as well, and the coach's son scored a goal...And hey, Freddy Adu got some action as well...subbing for Pablo Mastroeni in the 26th minute of play...

#7-So, How Does It Feel To Win In Your Own Country?

Even if it was to Portugal's bench, it still has to feel validating for a Swiss side that has gone through a large number of close losses in international play, with a 0-1 loss to the Czechs to open Euro 2008 and a stunning 1-2 loss to the Turks in a rainy Basel in the second match...Nice to see Hakin Yakin providing a scoring punch with Alexander Frei on the shelf with a bum knee, showing the Swiss fans and the world that the Swiss side has the potential to surprise a few teams come World Cup 2010.

#8-So, How Does It Feel To Advance To The Quarters?

The Turks did something today by beating the Czechs with 3 goals in 20 minutes that they've not done since 2000...advancing to the round of 8 at the European Championships...Blame Petr Cech all you want...the Turks took advantage of mistakes and showed that they have the stuff to compete at the world level now...Plus...They DID score 3 goals in 20 minutes....


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