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36 Sometimes, Dutch striker Alistair Overeem's "cardio" is called into question. He made it a non-issue when he landed a combo followed by a knee to drop Tae Hyun Lee in only (0:36) in a DREAM 4 non-tournament bout. The win was Overeem's second (0:36) second victory. Back on New Year's Eve 2003, he needed the same amount of time to TKO Tomohiko Hashimoto. Overeem's record is 27-11 and he has won by decision only one time, no wonder his nickname is "Demolition Man".


1 As mentioned in the DREAM 4 build up, there was (1) lightweight Grand Prix bout on the card, and it had a (1) of a kind ending. Shinya Aoki mounted Katsuhiko Nagata, landed a few shots, and then submitted him with a gogoplata from the mount position. Seriously, he worked his right foot up to Nagata's throat and pulled his head up. The questions then becomes, how many times in the history of MMA has a fighter finished with a gogo from the mount? My guess, (1).


2 Number of fights in the middleweight tournament (2) to go to decision. Gegard Mousasi narrowly escaped an armbar from **** Sik Yoon in round one, and then went on to a fairly easy decision. The second decision was a little tougher. Jason Miller and Ronaldo Souza went back and forth for an exciting fifteen minutes with Souza winning on all three cards.


29 Gelg Zalesic and Taiei Kin met for a second time, and it was reminiscent of the night when Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Theismann's leg. As previously mentioned, the first meeting ended prematurely when Zalesic cut Kin's right eye with a head kick only 0:36 seconds into the contest. This one lasted only (0:29) longer, when at 1:05 of round one when Kin tried to brace himself with his right arm as Zalesic threw him to the floor. His arm bent at the elbow, just the completely wrong way. The injury made me squeal like a little girl, but I don't feel too bad about it because Bas Rutten squealed too, just in a little deeper voice.


60 Speaking of Bas, he said at the start of the Melvin Manhoef vs. Kazushi Sakuraba bout, "The longer this fight is going to go, the more it is going to favor Sakuraba." They both seemed to be in for the long haul, as the first (60) seconds saw them circling each other. Then Manhoef delivered a kick to the head and a straight right, dropping Sakuraba, and it seemed the fight would not go on much longer. He followed it up by raining blows down on the Japanese legend, dragged him away from the ropes, and continued the assault. Only 30 seconds after the kick it was all over. Manhoef won impressively to advance with Mousasi, Souza, and Zalesic to the Middleweight Grand Prix semifinals.


To watch the Manhoef/Sakuraba fight, go to Sports by the Numbers MMA.


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