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Meet the Mets. The Kings of Cowardice.

I am not in my happy place this morning. I wasn't in my happy place when I woke up. And this was supposed to be a good day. But the NY Mets go and blow it, with one of the more cowardly front-office moves in the history of the franchise that I, being 25 years old, can remember.

We all expected Willie to get canned one of these days. That is neither here nor there. We all know that had Wagner not tanked 3 saves and the bullpen held onto just 1 or 2 leads, the Mets would have been 13-5 over their last 18 and talks of a 'resurgence' would splash the back pages. But still, perhaps a firing was imminent.

But not this way. Not on the West Coast. Not at 3:30 am Pacific time, or whatever the hell it was. Not in the middle of the night after a solid win over a first base ball club. This was a calculated move to avoid the media firestorm (at least in the papers) that would ensue for the morning rush. Omar Minaya can insinuate that rather than put Willie through an embarrassing situation like that, he can rest in piece and take some time. No press conference. But Omar is no good. Omar screwed up. The Mets screwed up. The Wilpons...screwed up.

This is Omar Minaya's team. He put this pack of miscreants together, and together they managed to can their own manager. And now what? Manuel manages the team? He does it with a hack staff from our Triple A affiliate? Howard Johnson keeps his hitting coach job? For what? Nostalgia? This team couldn't hit if it wanted to.

Carlos Delgado couldn't get cut first? Trot Nixon & Ryan Church couldn't be given more time to see if they were the remedy in the outfield? Mike Pelfrey - pitching like the quasi-phenom he was supposed to be all along - couldn't be given a few more starts to show that Willie's loyalty was worthwhile? I'm truly sick. And disgusted.

Sure, if the Mets somehow go on to win 90 games, everyone will pack Shea for the playoff run. Hell, if they somehow go far in the playoffs (I'm speaking hypothetically, haters), will everyone forget Willie quickly? Of course. But this was a poor move. It was a disgusting move. And yea - I'll say it. If the manager was Ozzie Guillen or Manny Acta - would Omar have pulled the trigger on them? Nope. Yea, I said it.

But I digress. This morning I turn over a new leaf. I'm boycotting my team for the rest of 2008. And to be fair, I'm putting every MLB team's name in a hat and pulling a random one out. I will go out, buy a hat/shirt for the team, and be their biggest cheerleader for 2008. I dont care if they are in last place. The only names to be removed from the mix are the Red Sox, Phillies, and Yankees - as I would rather burn eternally then root for them this season. Hell, I'll even blog regularly on my 2008 adopted franchise. Update to come later today. I can't wait.

Update: My co-worker helped me pick the Los Angeles Dodgers as my team for 2008. And away we go...I HEART JOE TORRE.


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