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The Ocho Anchor Booth...


A Host named NCshvDavid: Welcome back to the predictions show on Fannation the Ocho! I look WAY too much like Steven A Smith and My Partner looks way to much like Woody Paige at 2AM

PLEASE, Keep in mind this all in good fun and have NO bearing on who wins or moves on- so if you can’t take a joke- then change the channel- I’m sure there is some Truth and Rumors about Ken Griffey wanting to try MMA or something.

Now onto the SHOW!

#1 v. #32 - DetroitFan v. Bucmaster

Bigalke: With the opening-round play-in throwdowns complete, top seed DetroitFan will square off against Bucmaster in the first round proper of the Elite Tournament. DetroitFan, a stalwart at the top of the FanNation throwdown leaderboard, is coming into the tournament sporting a gaudy 128-8-5 record and a sterling 92.6% win percentage. The odds-on favorite to win the entire contest, DetroitFan nonetheless is coming into the tournament a large unknown in regards to his form. He’s only contested three throwdowns in the past two months, and he went 2-1-0 in those contests without a win against the Elite field.

AHNN: True- but D-fan has come off a long layover before and preformed will- I would think that no matter how long he sits- he is still going to bring the wood!

Bigalke: Undoubtedly, David. Bucmaster, on the other hand, has been more prolific if less successful. But he will enter this match against the prohibitive favorite with a win under his belt already in the tournament and will be looking to make a name for himself as the giant-killer of the first round. This will most likely steer toward an NFL throwdown, a favorite of both these competitors.

Bucmaster will be coming into the contest confident and on a roll after scratching his way into the contest... and with rust accumulating on DetroitFan’s throwdown status, this could become a monumental upset should the right topic be picked. In the end, though, DetroitFan should have enough savvy to sneak past the less-heralded challenger, who will nonetheless make a name for himself with a strong showing against a top-shelf opponent.

AHNN: To be quite honest- there are only a handful of people that can match D-Fan, and I don’t see anyone doing it this early- but watch for Buc- he might be the lowest seed- but if the right topic comes up – he might shock the world! And its not like D-Fan is undefeated here either. I’ll take the money on D-Fan but if the spread goes over 10- I’ll put some cash on Buc...

Bigalke: I think we’d ALL like in on THAT line...

AHNN: Now as for out special Guest- I would like to Intro.. Ghost Hunter- the only way the powers that be will allow him to be on our show is for 15 seconds at a time- SO borrowing Max Kellermans Mute button- we have him here! So with his pick –Ghost!

Ghost: DetroitFan - The only true expert in the art of whining. This guy sucks off votes the way a craping, crying and puking baby does to get his diapers clean

BucMaster - Great and experienced emo plagerizer. Beware his copy and paste abilities.

Bigalke: DetroitFan
Ghost: Buc

#16 v #17 - nickb23 v. NCshvDavid

Bigalke: nickb23 is 11-13-2 against the Elite field for his career... and 0-1-1 against his first-round opponent. That this opponent is the man who has amassed more throwdown victories in FanNation history is of importance. NCshvDavid, aptly given the moniker “A throwdowner named”, enters the tournament (as of Father’s Day) with a 582-193-36 record and no signs of slowing down any time soon. nickb23 comes into the tournament as the final win-percentage seed, with a 94-30-11 record and a 73.7% win percentage. But it can be no solace to nickb23 that NCshvDavid has actually surpassed his winning percentage over the past month.

AHNN: I Stink!

Bigalke: Keep telling yourself that, Throwdowner... because nickb23 comes into the tournament still well-prepared to do battle. A recent 8-2-0 streak over the last month has him entering the tournament with momentum. You, on the other hand, once again lead the overall wins column over the past thirty days. 57 victories have helped this guy in the luxurious purple suit compile a 75.0% win percentage in May and into June...

AHNN: Had I not lost a bunch of my Page 2 TDs I might be a little better.

Bigalke: I will be amazed if I don’t see you two grapple using an NBA or NFL topic; both of you are more than capable of defeating the other in these disciplines.

AHNN: Me too- HEY!

Bigalke: Ultimately the greater activity prior to the tournament will likely have my colleague here in the booth on better form and ready to take another victory from nickb23. Since the topics will play to each of these warriors’ strengths, the man who has earned more victories than any other throwdowner will walk into the second round with another notch in the win column.

AHNN: I think Nick should just forfeit, He’s got no chance

Ghost: nickb23 - Nick who? This guy is a natural born Mr. Forgettable. Is the "b" for "boring"? I don't know. I forgot.

Pimp- Living proof that quantity does not equal quality. The plastic pimp cane and flashy his outfit, of a sadistic pedophile clown who wanders FN with that creepy smile of his, are feeble efforts to keep you all from falling asleep.

Bigalke: NCshvDavid
Ghost: TD Pimp!

Bigalke: Wow... if this plays out the way we both see it happening, David, you do realize you will have to face DetroitFan in the second round, eh? We’ll have to see next week if this becomes your fate...

AHNN: Let me see those brackets – Uh Comeon Buc!!!

Well, that would make one hell of a matchup for second-round action, but we will have to wait and see. For now, let’s move on to the next two brackets in the top half of the field...

#9 v #24 - Duquesne Cap v. Bigalke

AHNN: Ok this one is SO going to have over 7000 characters on it. – Cap is the other person in this field I personally am going to do my BEST to avoid- and my partner here is a MAJOR debater on the right topics- and can fake his way through the wrong topics

Bigalke: I’ll take that as the ultimate compliment you can make to another throwdowner, David... oh, wait, you made that about Duquesne... D’oh! This will certainly be a tough one, though the records indicate that I have never faced Duquesne before. We are essentially unknown foes. Duquesne has been on a tear lately, going 6-0-0 over the past month (as compared to my 9-5-2)...

And his winning percentage looks better than mine, 86.3% to my even 70%... he’s got 24 wins more than I, and I don’t know what to do...

AHNN: Sure you do- hit him with so many big words that he times out his arguments looking them up and then-

Bigalke: However, I don’t think I’m any slouch. The record over the past month did include a draw in the SoccerNation championship and two wins out of three in the SIFS championship... and I’d argue all day that I’ve taken on much stronger competition over the past month. Duquesne may be perfect, but I have five wins over the Elite field in the past month to his ZERO...

AHNN: Calm down Big Z – Geez – You have got a great chance here – tell you the truth this has the potential to be a dark horse finals matchup- now don’t make me taze you again.

Bigalke: But that’s enough emotion for me for now... this most certainly will be a great contest, and I can’t wait to get it started...

Ghost: Duquesne - Do we say too much and risk a lawsuit? This guy's TDs practically beg us to stand up and object.

Bigalke - Biggest poser of all. We all know he gets by with 4 dictionaries by his side and random statements he picks up from wikiquote. When you talk that much, some truth is bound to slip out by accident.

AHNN: Sorry Big Fella- But I’m going Cappy here
Bigalke: Finally, some disagreement between us! I just gotta like my odds in this one...
Ghost: Duq

#8 vs #25 – Foosball v. G.O.A.T.

AHNN: This one is going to be interesting-  There are two people in this field whom are going to be VERY dangerous- if they stay in their wheelhouse- “J” in baseball and GOAT in NBA- I don’t count the Coach/Stowe into consideration as both are VERY good at anything- but both J and GOAT lose a bit when they wander into other sports- no offense. Problem here is unlike J – GOAT is the LOWER seed here- meaning Foos picks the topics- So this should be good regardless. GOAT could do some MAJOR damage past foos and could go on a Cavs type run here.

Bigalke: It looks as though these two have already started their challenge... and these two have chosen an NFL topic, “Were the Browns for Real in 2007?” Foosball was wise in staying away from basketball...

I think Foosball might simply have more recent experience, having gone 12-3-0 over the past month compared to GOAT’s largely-absent 1-1-0 record. Foosball is no slouch, and it looks to me as though this should be a close one...

Ghost: Foosball- Sure he's from Canada, but what are his other excuses?

GOAT- Loves basketball. If his own balls were half the size, he'd TD on somehting else.

AHNN: Only because I think Foos is smart enough to stay away from NBA- Foos.
Bigalke: Foosball is coming in more ready, and I’m leaning in that direction as well...
Ghost: GOAT

So you would have Foosball facing Duquesne in the second round, while I like my chances to get the eight-seed... I sure hope you are wrong here, David. Next week we should know for certain. The first quarter of the bracket is finished -- let’s move on to the other section of the top half of the bracket...

 #12 v #21 - [The] Coach v. rstowe

AHNN: This is the one I am waiting on! I have the UTMOST respect for both these men- and they have already picked a topic: Get a full lineup of people who played for the Yankees between 1900 and 1931, Were Catholic, Libra's, Lived in a townhouse with a even number in it, Had a Mother whos name started with a vowel and had at least two kids that had tattoos. Rstowe named 17 off the top of his head- Coach is having issues deciding on his backup catcher.

Bigalke: Seriously, folks, this should be a major contest between two grizzled veterans here at FanNation. Coach went undefeated last month, winning all eleven of his contested throwdowns and fueling a meteoric rise up the FN Leaderboard for win percentage. rstowe, meanwhile, has gone 8-3-3 over the past month and has over twice the victories of Coach. This is a doozy...

AHNN: Coach is a fellow alumni of my High School- So I have to give him some love here- Laney and Hoggard Jokes aside. Fun tie-in here in the first group TD that was setup- Coach was my top pick along with Ram and Cap- and that was a LONG time ago- Now Coach is blowing up the board and making me look like a Genius!

Bigalke: These two have faced each other twice, with the two of them drawing on April 28 and rstowe winning their first matchup back in mid-December 2007. Both are formidable opponents, and I agree with David that this might end up being the Contest of the Round. All indications -- except that crucial head-to-head record -- point to Coach taking this one... but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the Dark Lord of the NMI might just have enough up his sleeve to take this contest...

Ghost: [MOH] Coach - Long, boring arguments done by an old man, our own Andy Rooney. If he's that long-winded on the diamond, 9 innings must seem like 9 years...

rstowe - This guy remembers when sports were invented. Of course, at this point he can't remember any of it, can't hear your questions, and can't even see this zinger. So what's the point? Just stay off his lawn.

AHNN: CAROLINA LOVE- (insert homer pick) Coach!
Bigalke: For just the second time so far we are in disagreement... I’ve got to take Stowe here...
Ghost: Stowe

#5 vs # 28 – PhillyEagles36 v. gonets

AHNN: PhillyEagles its kind of interesting- pre-tourney I never really looked at any of Philly’s TDs – But looking at some of these to size him up before I knock himout of the tourney- He’s might be the tougher cousin in the tourney. But GONets hasn’t been on here very long but he seems more than willing to take on all-comers- including yours truly.

Bigalke: Both of these two competitors have been on a tear this month. Philly has gone 15-1-1; gonets is right behind with a 12-1-1 record in the past thirty days. In those contests, though, belies a bigger story. I tend to agree with David, looking at each of these guys’ opponents, that gonets has taken on the fiercer competition in the recent past.

AHNN: GoNets is improving by the DAY- and in the next one this fall could be a FORCE- but I’ll take the vet here.

Bigalke: Again, this one should be close... I think that, despite Philly’s victory in the only previous matchup between these two back in late March (which was a dismal 2-1 decision on an NBA topic), gonets has been preparing himself much better for this tournament recently. Over the past few months he has faced considerably fewer creampuffs than in his past... and is WINNING.

Ghost: PhillyEagles36 - The more interesting cousin. But that's not saying much. Lives in Dallas but roots for the Eagles? That makes about as much sense as his typical argument.

gonets - Convo killing, nutless fiancee that rides the short bus. The short bus that's taking the long way to TD success.

AHNN: Philly
Bigalke: Gotta “gonets” here...
Ghost: Philly

Bigalke: Well, this quarter of the bracket would work out completely different should one of us be exact on our predictions. In the second round you seem to like Coach squaring off against Philly, which would be a stellar matchup. I’d argue, though, that a stowe-gonets tilt would be equally compelling... and Ghost's Philly-Stowe matchup would look just as good!

Let’s move on to the final two contests in the top half of the bracket...

#13 vs #20 – Steveo v. Dyhard

AHNN: This one I’m going to keep one eye on- had all 16 players on the Fannation leaderboard not been HUGE GIANT COWARDS- I would have faced Steveo – instead he slides up to the 13 seed from the 16 and gets dyhard- I don’t have a very good record vs Steveo so I know he;s a tough out- Dyhard isn’t going to be easy either so this should be a good one.

Bigalke: These two bring a combined 334 victories into this contest. It should be a tough matchup for each. Both steveo and dyhard have won over fifteen contests this month. Each has been preparing well for this showdown, though these two in all their throwdowning history have yet to face on another. It should truly be a fascinating one to watch.

AHNN: Gotta Love Dyhard though- he is willing to take on anyone- and is a LOT younger than he appears- considering how little sports were on when I was 13- a very impressive young man- I was 13 in 1986 by the way- and ESPN wasn;t even available to me- But my NBA Finals matchup of Lakers Celtics would PWN this years teams!

Bigalke: In the end, that 80.3% win percentage versus a 56.6% winning percentage has me leaning toward the higher seed in this contest. Steveo simply has shown greater dominance against his opponents, and neither is averse to taking on quality foes...

Ghost: Steveo - Chicago fan. After reading those arguments, it feels like we're the ones with the curse.

dyhard - If he spent as much time following sports as he does trying to impress the ladies, we might want to read what he has to say. Don't hate the playa, hate the playa's "arguments".

AHNN: Steveo
Bigalke: Steveo
Ghost: Dyhard

#4 vs #29 GhostHunter vs The Savage

Bigalke: This final contest of the top half of the bracket pits a relative newcomer to the discipline against a more wily veteran near the top of the FanNation leaderboard. On paper, this one comes out a major mismatch... but this supposed greenhorn has gone on a David-like tear over the past month, with only four fewer wins over the last thirty days than my esteemed colleague here in the booth...

AHNN: This one Might be more fun behind the scenes- Savage send me 50 Mails a day asking Questions and Advice and Ghost sends me 50 Mails a day asking me how to respond to mails he is getting from Savage! It gets to the point I have to send them both pictures of Linsey Lohan and Linda Hogan to keep my E-Mail under 20 pages.

Bigalke: Sadly, this isn’t too far from the truth. Savage, despite having been on the site for less than a month, is already proving an active (hyperactive?) user here at FanNation. Ghost, on the other hand, is an old stalwart here. Both enjoy the banter and there should be no shortage of action here...

AHNN: On a serious note-This could be a turning point for Savage- He wins a few rounds and he grows up quick and makes a rep. Loses a few and he becomes another Peachtree. Ghost hunter on the other hand HAS the rep to go with his mouth- but I wonder if Savage can give Ghost as good as he gets in the comment department- Don’t forget that GH has a HaterNation and that might give Savage a little boost.

Bigalke: The Savage may be coming on strong in the past month... after losing his first ten contests, he is on a 53-24-16 tear. However, Ghost is no slouch, amassing a 20-2-2 record over the past month. I envision this being a tighter contest than the immediate stats and leaderboards indicate, though I think experience will in the end trump the bright and swift trajectory of the challenger.

Ghost: Ghost - Can you even roast the insane? What could we say that's funnier than a wacked-out nudist in a Miami cubicle hounding Pimp for more soft-core porn?

The Savage - Best debater on the site. Seriously, just ask him and he'll tell you all about it. Hope you like his topic, his rules, and his location.

AHNN: Ghost Hunter by Hari Kari
Bigalke: Ghosthunter
Ghost: Ghost

Bigalke: Well, it looks like we agree on the last quarter just as we did on the first. If everything plays out here as we have predicted, we should see GhostHunter facing off against Steveo in a rematch of their recent June 11 MLB throwdown ending in a Steveo victory. Just like that contest, these two would sure offer a fun debate...

But that’s all for now, folks. Any final comments before we sign off until tomorrow, David?

AHNN: Bucha Homer Picks - But oh well- Keep in mind that this is double elimination- and most was written before ANY Td was started.

Bigalke: Thanks for that disclaimer, David... it sure needed to be reiterated. On that note, this is Bigalke here from the Elite Throwdown Tournament studio signing off... and be sure to tune back in tomorrow when we break down the bottom half of the bracket! 


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