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Hey guys, this is my first blog and first mock draft.  Please leave comments, because while I'm certainly not new to the site, I'm very new to blogging.  Thanks. 

Well the draft has been finalized as the final prospects have withdrawn.  We have a much clearer vision of how the draft will turn out, so here it is my prediction of the NBA draft.


1. Chicago Bulls- PG, Derrick Rose, Memphis

Chicago needs a leader and point guard for the future.  Rose is big and ultra athletic.  He has the ability to get to the rim and make sweet passes.  This gives them a lot of options when it comes time to decide what to do with Kirk Hinrich and corp.  Rare talent like Rose doesn't come very often, and as we saw with those two guys Chris Paul and Deron Williams, you can't pass up on it.


2. Miami Heat- PF, Michael Beasley, Kansas State

It is a no-brainer for the Heat to take Beasley here.  He will be a presence inside and give them the best inside-outside post player in the draft.  Under this circumstance they could put him at the 4 position and slide Shawn Marion (if they can hold on to him) to the 3.  A trio of D-Wade, Marion, and Beasley is a scary thought in a weak Eastern Conference.


3. Minnesota Timberwolves- SG, OJ Mayo, USC

OJ Mayo will be the best player left after Beasley and Rose are picked.  He will give the T'Wolves the perimeter shooter and scorer they need to compliment Al Jefferson.  He will open up the post for Al Jefferson who has already proven he can put up big numbers.


4. Seattle Supersonics- PG, Jerryd Bayless, Arizona

Seattle NEEDS a point guard.  Well, they need a lot of things, but they first must solidify the point guard position.  Bayless will give them a perimeter scorer and leader at the point.  He will be able to take the pressure off of Kevin Durant as scorer. 


5. Memphis Grizzlies- C, Brook Lopez, Stanford

In my opinion, Lopez is the best big man in the draft after Beasley.  He can block shots and make plays on the defensive end and also has good moves on the block.  He can immediately step in and make an impact in place of Pao Gasol.  He is the safest move right now, and the Grizzlies are all about that.


6. New York Knicks- PG, DJ Augustin, Texas

Unlike the usually Knicks, they aren't drafting a guy who is going to ask for a ton of money and add to the bad rep of the team.  I know this might be a little high for Augustin, but the Knicks are resurrecting their franchise and the first step is to draft a point guard who can be al eader.  Augustin proved he was an elite college point guard.


7. Los Angeles Clippers- SG, Eric Gordon, Indiana

Gordon gives the clippers a scorer that the Clippers really need.  If Brand can stay healthy and hold down the post, this could be a lethal inside-outside duo.  Gordon has all the tools to quickly become a top scorer in the NBA.


8. Milwaukee Bucks-SG, Russell Westbrook, UCLA

The Bucks have a decent point guard (Mo Williams) and proven scorer (Michael Redd).  Westbrook would give them a high energy defender that they really need.  He can play both guard spots and can bring a lot of defense and energy to this Bucks team.


9. Charlotte Bobcats- PF, Anthony Randolph, LSU

The Bobcats have solidified their backcourt with Richardson and Felton.  Now they need another big man who can play center to compliment Emeka Okafor.  Randolph has tremendous upside and can be a part of a bright future for the Bobcats with his play down low.


10. New Jersey Nets-C, Kosta Koufos, Ohio State

The Nets already have their backcourt covered with Harris, Carter, and Jefferson.  Koufos could be the player down low that they have been looking for.  He could fight for a spot to contribute immediately in a very young and weak frontcourt.  

That is my take on the first ten picks.  Now here are my picks for the rest of the draft.

  • 11. Indiana Pacers- SG, Brandon Rush, Kansas
  • 12. Sacramento Kings- C, Kevin Love, UCLA
  • 13. Portland Trailblazers-SF, Joe Alexander, West Virginia
  • 14. Golden State Warriors- SF, Danilo Gallinari, Italy
  • 15. Phoenix Suns- SF, Donte Greene, Syracuse
  • 16. Philadelphia 76ers-PF, Darrell Arthur, Kansas
  • 17. Toronto Raptors- C, Marreese Speights, Florida
  • 18. Washington Wizards-PF, JaVale McGee, Nevada
  • 19. Cleveland Caveliers- C, DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M
  • 20. Denver Nuggets- C, Alexis Ajinca, France
  • 21. New Jersey Nets- C, Roy Hibbert, Georgetown
  • 22. Orlando Magic-SG, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis
  • 23. Utah Jazz-C, Robin Lopez, Stanford
  • 24. Seattle Supersonics-PF, Serge Ibaka, Congo
  • 25. Houston Rockets-PG, Mario Chalmers, Kansas
  • 26. San Antonio Spurs-SG, Courtney Lee, Western Kentucky
  • 27. New Orleans Hornets- SF, Bill Walker, Kansas State
  • 28. Memphis Grizzlies-PF, JJ Hickson, NC State
  • 29. Detroit Pistons-PF, DJ White, Indiana
  • 30. Boston Celtics- PF, Jason Thompson, Rider



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