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I know this is a late post - but I needed some time to recover from the fantastic failure of the Lakers in Game 6.  I predicted that the Celtics would win - but I didn't think they would destroy us.  The frustration of the Lakers' inability (or, lack of drive) got so bad ~ I didn't know how to react. 

 You have to hand it to Boston, THEY WANTED IT MORE.  Posey, House, Rondo, etc.  I can't remember the last time I witnessed a professional team in the modern era, seemingly put their bodies in harm's way to win.  Granted, they didn't need to do it for long in Game 6, as the Lakers quit sometime around the 2nd quarter.  

Side note::: Have you ever seen an uglier first quarter of basketball ever played?

As bad as that was though, it was soul wrenchingly, painful to have to sit through the 4th quarter, and see the Lakers get humiliated.  They were beaten - just plain beaten.  Seriously, the Celtics should be brought up on battery charges.  

 Oddly, after some serious reflection, I don't feel all that bad.  For one, Boston deserved it more.  They played like they actually wanted a championship - whereas the Lakers phoned it in.  Also, the Boston/Los Angeles rivalry has been re-established - and can only mean more showdowns to come in the future (Celtics-Lakers '09 NBA FINALS???).  Last, hopefully the last game pissed off the Lakers enough to "cowboy the F up!"

Here's what would ease my mind about the '09 season...

1.  Kobe needs to stop his cheap-**** talk... he was finally given a chance to prove his leadership, and failed.  Hopefully this humble-pie will be a chance for him to grow into the type of floor-leader all of us in Los Angeles have been patiently waiting for since the departure of Shaq.  

2.  Gasol, no one needs to "cowboy the F up!" more than this fellow.  I like his finese; but he's going to have to learn to be more physical.  I don't care how he does it ~ but flopping just ain't cutting it.

3.  Get rid of Radmanovic.  Seriously, he needs to go.  There's just no upside in keeping him.  No defense, no heart, NO CONTRACT!  

4.  Someone needs to talk to Odom.  Hire Pat Riley as a consultant or something.  He's the only guy who has ever gotten through to him.  Phil Jackson's zen-approach just isn't right for Odom.  

5.  Andrew Bynum!!!

6.  Lakers' bench needs to stop shooting early jumpers - run the plays, make the extra pass, get open!!!

7.  At the very least, show us you give a ****!!!  God, at least!!

Having vented - I think the Lakers have a shot next season.  Congrats on being Western Conference Champs, but it's NBA Champions or bust next season.   


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