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Lakers#1: Roll Tide

I've decided by using's trade machine, to make some trades that will help out teams. I will explain my reasoning for each one. Here we go:

The Bulls trade Tyrus Thomas, Aaron Gray, Joakim Noah, and Kirk Hinrich to the Nuggets for Kenyon Martin, and Linas Kleiza.

In this deal the Bulls get a dependable big man in Kenyon Martin. He is also a terrific defensive player as well. They also get a guy in Linas Kleiza who can provide good minutes off the bench. They also are able to unload Kirk Hinrich, which frees them up to draft Derrick Rose.

The Nuggets get a PG in Hinrich that will allow Iverson to move to the SG position. Hinrich can be a dependable scorer and can pass. They also get a young athletic Tyrus Thomas, who can come in and give them good minutes off the bench, and can make the future look brighter in Denver. They also get two young post players in Gray and Noah. They can be developed into good post players for the future.

On to the next deal:

The Pistons trade Rasheed Wallace to the 76ers for Samuel Dalembert, Thaddeus Young, and Rodney Carney.

The Pistons in this deal recieve a good young Center in Dalembert who averages a double double. They also get a young athletic Thaddeus Young who had a good series against Detroit in the playoffs. Then Rodney Carney is another young player that will help the Pistons, and can develop into a really good player in this leauge

The 76ers get a dependable post prescense on both the offensive and defensive end of the floor with Rasheed Wallace. With this team Rasheed would go back to being a lot more aggresive on the offensive end. Him and Inguodala would provide a nice one two punch.


The Kings trade Brad Miller to the Warriors for Al Harrington and Marco Bellinelli.

The Kings get a 13 point 5 rebound a night guy in Al Harrington. He can come in and start, or come off the bench and be the sixth man. Bellinelli provides a young player that can help in the future for Sacramento.

The Warriors bring in a veteran center in Brad Miller. He can get 13 points and 9 rebounds a night for Golden State. He would provide some veteran leadership, and a much needed big man to be able to match up with other teams big men.


The Lakers trade Lamar Odom, Vladimer Radmonovic, and Luke Walton to the Bucks for Mo Williams, Bobby Simmons, and Dan Gadzuric.

This deal happens if the Lakers can go out and sign a good SF. The Lakers in this trade get a young PG in Mo Williams, which means they can move the aging Derek Fisher to the bench as the sixth man. Mo Williams is a 17 and 6 guy. I think he would be a good fit for LA. The Lakers also get Bobby Simmons, who can provide good play off the bench. He is also a pretty decent defender. Dan Gadzuric provides a defensive prescense off the bench for the Lakers.

The Bucks get a very versitale player in Lamar Odom. He can play the 3 or 4 spot and averages a double double. They also get a good shooter in Radmanovic. Radmanovic can be a threat coming off the bench for the Bucks. And finnaly they get Luke Walton. He could come in and compete for the starting SF job. If not he can be a very good bench player for Milwaukee.


The Nets trade Richard Jefferson to the Raptors for Joey Graham, Jason Kapano, and Rasho Nesterovic.

The Nets get a young SF who can help the build towards the future for the Nets in Joey Graham. Graham can come off the bench and be molded into a starter for the Nets in the future. They also get a lights-out shooter in Jason Kapano. He is a very deadly shooter from the outside and that could help when Vince Carter takes it to the basket and can kick to Kapano for an open 3. They also get a decent big man in Nesterovic. He can shoot the mid range jump shot, and can give them somebody they can go too off the bench.

The Raptors get Richard Jefferson who can take some of the scoring load off of Chris Bosh. That also makes a deadly 1-2 punch with him and Bosh. This deal would really help the Raptors. With Jefferson and Bosh together, they can be one of the better teams in the East.

Okay that ends the trades. Tell me what you think


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