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I don't really like doing mock drafts.  So this is in no way a mock draft.  These instead are my predictions for certain players in the NBA draft.  I kinda wish I would have thought of this during the NFL draft but, oh well.  Anyways these are just going to be my random thoughts about the draft and various players within the draft.  Let's get this started shall we...

Biggest Bust-  This is incredibly easy for me, it's O.J. Mayo.  I've seen Mayo play a few times at USC..whenever I could.  Anyways Mayo is much more hype than anything.  Mayo's NBA comsparison would be Allen Iverson.  The thing is Mayo's got as many questions as Iverson does answers.   This is a guy that's going to fall victim to his own hype...he's got a much bigger ego than his talent, that's just my opinion..feel free to disagree.  

Best Overall Professional Career-  This one was a much greater debate for me.  I'm gonna go with Derrick Rose.  Here's a guy with talent to spare.  For such a young guy he's already a great leader on the floor.  He's got all the tools...he's going to be a good one.

Best Rookie Year-  I'm also going to give this to Derrick Rose.  The kid is just such a talented player.  I gotta give this one to him.

Most Potential-  Gotta go with Roy Hibbert.  The guy has one thing that you can't teach, size.  It's going to be all about whether or not he can consistently dominate.  There were times where he really struggled with his size.  It's going to be important that he go to a situation where he can really learn and where there won't be necessarily any pressure on him to give big minutes.  

Most Interesting-  This is going to a player who I'm really starting to have some major questions about.  He's Michael Beasley.  I read somewhere that in a workout he only measured out at 6'8".  That really raises some questions for me about where he plays in the NBA.  At that size he was able to dominate in college..but in the NBA there's so much more size.  Do you play him at the 3 or the 4.  I wrote a blog a while back comparing Beasley to Marvin Williams..I think it's holding more and more true.

Biggest Project-  This to me goes to a player who I think can be something special...just has a lot of work to do.  It's different than Most Potential to me.  Anyways this goes to Anthony Randolph.  The guy is barely 200 pounds..if that.  He just needs to get in the weight room..and get stronger.  He's going to take a pounding in the NBA..he just needs to get stronger..he should be good.

Best Player That Won't Be Taken In The First Round-  I'll take Kyle Weaver.  He's come from a good defensive program in Washington State.  Plus he's pretty good offensively.  I think he'll end up being pretty good in the NBA.

Best International Player-  I'm going to jump out on a gigantic limb and say Alexis Ajinca.  Once again he's a guy whose got good size..which can't be taught.  I really like seeing European bigs in the NBA..they've generally got pretty good footwork...which I'm thinking is going to hold true for Ajinca.


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