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Lakers#1: Roll Tide


JJ Hickson PF NC State- This guy is a very focused player, and listens to what he is taught. He has terrific length and athleticism. He also has shown that he can develop a good mid range game. He's shown he can shoot from mid-range pretty well. He needs to work on his shooting mechanics a little though.

What I think- I think if he works on his shooting mechanics, he can develop into a good player in the NBA. He is a very hard worker, and could end up being a double double player in the pros. Comparrison- Brandon Bass

Marreese Speights- PF/C Florida- He is a very skilled player and has a flawless shooting touch, and has a very good mid-range jump shot. He is about as skilled of a big man that you can find in this draft. He also has a very good hook shot. Rebounding is another one of his strengths.

What I think- He can develop into a very good player in the NBA. He could end up being the biggest steal in this draft. He can provide a very physical prescense for any team. Don't be suprised if he is starting on a team before the season ends. Comparrison-Al Jefferson

Richard Hendrix PF Alabama- He has a very chizzled frame, and is a very physical player. He is a very strong rebounder and can dominate the offensive glass. He needs to work on his jump shooting though. In workouts that was shown as his biggest weakness.

What I think- I think he can turn out to be a really good player in the NBA. His rebounding will be a great help for many pro teams. He can play very well in the post and could overpower some smaller PFs. Comparrison- Carlos Boozer

Bill Walker SF Kansas State- He is working very hard on his perimeter shot, and is improving that. He is very good at getting to the basket, and just needs to improve changing directions with the ball. He can shoot well off the dribble and can create his own shot. He is a very gifted athlete

What I think- I think Walker can come and be a starter in the NBA. It will mostly depend on how hard he works. If he works hard he can become a very good player in this leauge for years to come. Comparrison- Jerry Stackhouse

Pat Calathes SF Saint Joseph's- It is tough to find a guy at 6'10 that plays just like a SF. He has a great shooting touch, and is an exeptional slasher to the basket. He has shown that he can shoot just as well from the NBA 3 point line.

What I think- Calathes can turn into a starting SF in this leauge. There are a lot of teams, that would love to have his rare size and shooting ability. He has really improved his driving skills to the basket. Comparrison- Tayshawn Prince

Possible Busts

Kevin Love PF UCLA- He does not have the NBA size, and is going to find it tough going up against the top PFs in the NBA. He is also not going to be able to take it to the basket with ease like he did in college. I think he is going to find NBA life very tough.

Comparrison- Sean May

Brook Lopez C Stanford- His foot work is not very good, and will meet a lot better defenders in the pro game then in College. He has a decent jump shot and that will help. I see him being a lot less than people expect, and maybe being a starting center, but at the bottom half of the list of starters.

Comparrison- Brendan Haywood

Roy Hibbert C Georgetown- He has the NBA size, but is not a great offensive player. He is a very talented defensive player though. What I can't stand about him though, is how a 7'2 guy averages a little over 6 rebounds a game in college? He has to rebound better if he expects to be a decent player in the pros

Comparrison-Desanga Diop

Those are my 5 sleepers and 3 possible busts tell me what you think



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