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The Golden State Warriors are rumored to have interest in Cavaliers forward/center Anderson Varejao. A trade rumor circulated by -- Varejao and the No. 19 pick to Golden State for second-year forward Brandan Wright -- doesn't appear to have much validity. The Warriors do have a $10 million trade exception, which would make a deal like that work. They also apparently want to hold onto the 6-foot-9, 205-pound Wright, picked No. 8 by the Charlotte Bobcats in 2007 and dealt to the Warriors in the Jason Richardson trade. Morning Journal

I believe this trade proposal would be decent for both squads. Sure, the Warriors are getting a player who rebounds well and has great energy. You might think giving up a prospect like Brandan Wright is just too much, considering he is set to be a starter in the league some day, but getting the No. 19 in return just might even this trade up. And if they Cavs want to become serious contenders in the East, Brandan Wright will be a good backup to a great power forward if they go out and get one. The Warriors, on the other hand, get Varejao and his expiring contract next season. The 6-10, 240-pound Anderson Varejao would provide toughness and defense around the basket. His role and minutes diminished in Cleveland after the aquisition of veteran big man Ben Wallace on Feb. 21.

If the Warriors ever made forward/center Al Harrington available, the Cavs might have an interest. Harrington, 28, averaged 13.6 points and 5.4 rebounds for the Warriors last season. The 6-9, 250-pounder will be entering his 11th season in the league. Morning Journal

This could be very interesting. If you think about it, you could just package Al Harrington and Brandan Wright to Cleveland for Anderson Varejao along with a couple of 1st rounders. Even though I came up with this trade and I think it could work, I don't believe Al Harrington and LeBron James can coexist and work together to their full potential on a team that is a half-court team like the Cavs. Al Harrington loves to run the floor as a power forward. This would definately improve this team in the present, but their may be questions in the future. As stated above, Al Harrington did average 13.6 points and 5.4 rebounds per game for the Warriors last season. I acctually like this trade for both teams, ecspecially Cleveland because they are receiving a veteran big man in Al Harrington.

Rumors say the Cavs would be open to moving up and taking Kansas shooting guard Brandon Rush in Thursday's draft. They currently hold the No. 19 pick. Morning Journal

This move could only happen if they found a way to move either Wally Szczerbiak or Sasha Pavlovic. Brandon Rush is a very underated talent in this draft. Rush is a good shooter and excellent one-on-one defender. He is very versatile, meaning he can play both the two and three positions. I have heard rumors that the TrailBlazers are will to dump their No. 13 pick for a point guard or a veteran, and that is exactly what the Cavaliers have. Some possible movers could be sign-and-trades for Daniel Gibson or Delonte West.

Seattle has four second-round picks in the draft (Nos. 32, 46, 50 and 56). The Cavs have reportedly talked to the SuperSonics about acquiring one of those selections. Morning Journal

Something tells me the Cavs will be busy this Thursday on draft day. Something tells me Sasha Pavlovic could be heading to Seattle, or possibly Oklahoma City. The Sonics also have 2 first rounders, and if I were them, I'd package them or trade just one to move up into the Top 2, or, just go out and get a legit starting center in the league, possibly Marcus Camby. Let's continue talking Cavs basketball, shall we?

Suns GM Steve Kerr said former Cavs coach Paul Silas is still in the mix as the lead assistant coach in Phoenix. However, Nets assistant Bill Cartwright interviewed for that position on Tuesday.

Good for Silas. He deserves another chance in this league, after his Cavs gig. But the question is, what will happen to Flip Saunders? It looks like all the coaching openings are closings now. How about Elston Turner, assistant for the Rockets? He sounds like a good candidate? Anyway, moving one.....

With Barbosa, the talks of most substance have been with Portland and New York. A Portland deal would have sent 21-year-old swingman Martell Webster, next week's No. 13 pick and another piece for Barbosa. Webster, who is 6 feet 7, averaged 10.7 points and hit 39 percent of his 3-pointers as a starter last season while improving his defense and rebounding. He missed the final seven games due to an irregular heartbeat. Arizona Republic

This would be horrible for Portland. It's just like the Jazz trading Deron Williams for David West and Tyson Chandler. Barbosa definately can't play PG, and if that's what Portland wants to do, than go ruin the future that you have. Martell Webster is an emerging star. Barbosa would be a better fit in Seattle, so they can convert Durant to SF, and Jeff Green to PF, making a projected starting lineup of Bayless, Barbosa, Durant, Green, and Chris Wilcox or Nick Coillison. On the other hand, this deal would greatly help the Suns, in the aspect of Webster replacing Grant Hill in the future, who is now 35 years of age. I think Steve Kerr is beginning to find that trading away your draft picks doesn't make you better, it makes you older.

New York, with its No. 6 draft slot, often comes up as a trade destination for Barbosa since Mike D'Antoni accepted the Knicks job last month. Barbosa's tutor, Dan D'Antoni, also will join the Knicks staff. Arizona Republic

There's always trade rumors with New York, but this one might be legit. You have Barbosa playing for his former coach Mike D'Antoni again, plus, as mentioned above, Barbosa's tutor, Dan D'Antoni, also will join the New York Knicks staff. This is a great move for New York, because Jamall Crawford and Leandro Barbosa could start at guards and be successful. The Suns' average age is 30. Ouch! Trading away a 25 year old Barbosa won't help either. And with the No. 6 selection, the Suns could acctually be going after Eric Gordon, Brook Lopez, or Danilo Gallinari. With their later selections, the Suns will look at future PGs to replace Steve Nash. Overall, Barbosa says he does not wish to be traded.

A Diaw trade possibility involved Toronto, where talk centered on Diaw leaving for point guard T.J. Ford and the Raptors' No. 17 pick in Thursday's draft. Talks cooled but might reignite with Porter aboard. In Porter's first season as Milwaukee's head coach, Ford helped the Bucks to a 41-41 playoff season. When Ford missed the next season after neck surgery, the Bucks went 30-52 and fired Porter. Arizona Republic

Toronto would acctually benefit after this trade. They can shift Jamario Moon to shooting guard because Carlos Delfino will become a free agent. Then, you start Jason Kapono at SF with Boris Diaw backing him up, even though they split Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani are at PF while Kris Humphries and Rasho Nesterovic split playing time at center. And with an emerging Jose Calderon and T.J. Ford as trade bait for a center, the Raptors just might be elite contenders in the East. This would also help the Suns because it makes them younger and more athletic. Now they don't have to go after a point guard in the draft.

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