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I've decided to write part two of True Big Ten Stories...for part two I decided to delve into the story of Ohio State University.  Should be much more interesting than last times Northwestern fiasco(just kidding Northwestern). Anyways let's get to the learning.

First of all Ohio State has a proud athletic and I'm jumping out on a limb in saying academic history(just kidding about jumping out on a limb..Ohio State is a good school so calm down Buckeye fans I'm just messing with you).  As a matter of fact Ohio State is one of the three univerisities to win National Titles in football, baseball and basketball.  That honor is shared with Michigan and Cal.  

Anyways the schools colors are scarlet and gray.  Those colors were chosen by a committee of three students, the three students being Curtis Howard, Harwood Pool and Alice Townshend.  The committee was formed before Ohio States first graduation in 1878.  Now. there's a story that says the committee first proposed orange and black.  After the students discovered that Princeton used those very colors they went with scarlet and gray.   However, that story can't be confirmed as the students never filed the report with the orange and black recommendation.  

That leads us to the schools mascot, Brutus the Buckeye.  The buckeye is the state tree of Ohio, for those who didn't know.  It produces the buckeye nut.  Which is what Brutus is, a nut.  In 1965 a pair of OSU students decided that the school needed a mascot.  The first idea was a deer...luckily for all current OSU fans that idea was rejected.  Instead they went with the buckeye nut.  The first Brutus costume was made of made it's first appearance during OSU's 1965 homecoming game against Minnesota.  The paper-mache obviously, didn't last very long and was soon replaced by a fiberglass costume.  In November of 1965 the university voted to name their Buckeye Brutus.  The name Brutus was submitted by a student who is a pastor at a church in Ohio.  Over the years Brutus has been updated to his modern version.

This actually leads me to an idea that I've had for a while now.  I don't know why I came up with this but, I did.  Please note that this idea is completely from was made out of my boredom..much like the True Big Ten Stories idea.  But, unlike True Big Ten Stories..there will be absolutely no truth to this.  

I'm going to share with you my idea about the creation of Brutus could be turned into a a matter of fact I've even come up with the cast and everything.  So here it goes.  My story starts off with average Ohio State student played by Keanu Reeves.  He's lured into the lab of crazy Ohio State science professor played by none other than Christopher Walken.  Anyways Walken's character has a crazy eperiment idea where he wants to combine nut DNA with human DNA.  So Walken conducts the experiment with Reeves and the average Buckeye student is turned into a giant nut.  Now the giant nut is set loose on campus.  And it's the job the schools Dean..played by Denzel Washington(to add some legitamacy to the movie) stop the gigantic nut.  Soon the giant nut is captured and it becomes the schools mascot.  End of story.

Please completely ignore the last two paragraphs of this blog.  Once again I was incredibly bored.  There is actual information in this blog..just not my made up movie idea.  Thanks. 


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