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Hello Fannation.

Hopefully you've all seen the recently-released Fannation Rankings compiled by NMI.  If not, they're located here:

As a group, NMI wants to make FN as much fun and as fair as possible for everybody.  But many users may not know much about who we are. That's why we're introducing Meet the NMI Members.  These interviews will introduce you to some great people who are very good at what they do on FN.  I'm happy to be your guest blogger for the first edition.

It's only appropriate we begin with the group's founder.  And so I give you...rstowe

What made you want to create NMI?

I saw that there were a lot of tourneys etc being done that had a lot of people in them that made bad arguments, forfeited turns etc and I wanted a group that could have tourneys where everyone who was involved made great arguments so if you won it was because you made great arguments or if you lost it was to great arguments.

I also wanted it to be a group of people that could help improve Fannation (whether it be helping people in TDs, trying to correct idiotic voting - not voting for the arguments or voting for bad arguments etc).

What do you like best about FN?

The interaction between sports fans all over the world whether it's in a TD, a blog or just comments in a thread.

What do you like least about FN?

The idiots - the people who make stupid TDs (or the same Brady v Manning TDs over and over) and people who vote not for who made the best arguments but for other reasons. These people are the reasons TD records are meaningless - there's no such thing as a legitimate TD win or loss due to idiotic TD voting.

Any members of Fannation help get you where you are today?

Not directly, but I saw how people like Goodell and Ram TDed and I tried to emulate them and it made me a better TDer.  If you don't believe me check out my first few TDs....those were ugly TDs.

What drew you to join FanNation?

I wanted to make a comment in the 10 spot blog and that is when I noticed the TDs etc.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a system administrator for the Air Force. I work in IT basically.

What are your goals in life?

I don't have a life, I spend over 50 hours a week on my goal would be to either spend more time on here or less...can't decide.

When did you first become a sports fan and what drew you in?

My mom was a Yankee fan and I can remember watching games with her when I was 4 years old. Thurman Munson was here favorite player and I still remember her crying the day he died.

What was the first live sporting event you attended?

A game in 1986 at Yankee Stadium...It was Oakland and the Yankees. I still remember how green the grass was and how blue the sky was that day. We got there early enough to walk through monument park - that was fantastic. 


What is your fondest sports memory?

My first visit to Yankee Stadium.

What do you do in your free time away from FanNation?

I don't have much time away from FN but when I do I spend time with my wife and our 2 dogs.

What are your favorite teams and why?

Yankees, Giants and all UCONN teams. Yankees because of my mom, Giants because of my dad and UCONN because I grew up in CT.

What are your favorite aspects of/ acitivites on FN?

TDs and comments....TDs because I like debating (just ask my wife) and comments because you can carry on many different conversations with everyone.

What would you like people to know about NMI?

We don't run Fannation (no matter what Frank believes). We truly are here to help improve Fannation whether it be through the quality of arguments made in TDs, always voting for the best argument (not your own opinion)...things like that.

What is your favorite movie, band, and food?

Movie - Empire Strikes Back
Band - Chris Ledoux
Favorite food - no favorite I'll eat anything except seafood

What is your biggest regret?

Not finding Fannation until last August....

If you could have done one thing differently in your time on FanNation, what would it be?

Become a better blogger....that is the one thing I don't do very well in my opinion.

What advice would you give to a new FN user?

Don't TD right away...check out the TDs by people like a throwdowner named NC, Ram, Goodell, Porkins or Bigalke for example and see how they do it. Also, ask for help or advice in how to better do something. If you're not good at TDing ask someone how to improve.


Many thanks to rstowe.  All of us who enjoy NMI owe him one for putting it all together.

Until the next MtNM...


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