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Most people have heard the international tension between China and well, the rest of the world. The French, England, and the U.S. have been front runners when it comes to showing their disapproval of China as the hosts of the upcomming 2008 Summer Olympics. It started with human's rights regulations, then with Chian pretty much telling some past French citizens to get out within 3 years when they refused to renew Visas to some internationally born people. Next came the huge uproar from the international community, as if on cueue, questioning the social stability of the Chinese government. China doesn't want to budge so some countries say "lets boycott" and up until a few days ago their reasoning behind it was made up of one main thing, the fact China may be breaking Human Right's regulations (innocent until proven guilty in the world court aswell.)

Now the present, after about 2 months of all this controversey the state department finally found a reason to boycott the tradition of athletic competition that has gone way back to the Ancient Greek Empire. They figured out that China's air pollution was so high that it may even be strong enough to limit the outcome of an athlete's performance, in other words have them gagging on the floor and sneezing black ash before they finish. In fact, the U.S. athletic department which has links to the state department of course, thought it would be a good idea to look into any unusual phenomenons in sports around the Beijing area. They found out that in a pre-triathalon of the the 85 people that started the race only 18 finished which is very uncommon. They also found that boxers could not and would not jog (which is essential to every boxer's training) in the metropolitan area because they would either collapse, be sneezing black ash (pollen), or losing their breath.

China does have a plan to cut down their major emissions in fossil fuels (mainly). But what were they before? Well before they burned coal to produce energy which gave off a Sulfuric acid hense leaving the air all muggy and full of pollutants. The air was even worse than today. Actually the organization that tracks all this air pollution actually has a phrase, "blue sky days." Blue sky days are days when the air is actually clean enough for all normal human activity and when measured, the air contains below the reccommended level of pollution in the air. Before China took steps to preserve their air, and keep it clean, they had 100 blue sky days a year, but now they have around 266. Of course U.S. studies greatly contradict this report, and some studies in the U.S. have actually found that the information in China has been manipulated, and the actual number of true blue sky days is way less.

I dont know about you but 256 is not good enough for me. If we have that big a chance (109 days a year) of not having a blue sky day I would be more than just raising my hand, after all even though most people in the U.S. do not see the Olympics as a big deal, if we finished last their would be some major questioning. Also, we need to finish 1st in some catagories to keep the reknown in the corresponding national leauge of that sport strong, and enticing, enticing enough to lure international players to the U.S. and when that happens, they spend money on U.S. made products and OH LOOK the economy right there lol jk, but you get the idea. Plus, were expected to finish 1st in basketball because when we lost the international tournament a couple eyars ago, everyone in the international community looked at us with skeptic eyes.

I wrote this blog mainly to get this point across (yeah now I tell you lol) I wrote this blog with feeling that drifted to either side, weather to go or to boycott, and really I rather we compete. Be the champions we claim to be, with the players' health in the forefront of course. The U.S. has claimed they have air masks that have been regulated by the Olympics that are supposabley very effective. plus it is for the athletes that dont get  alot of attention too. I mean it is unfortunate that we don't pay more attnetion to all the little sports in the Olympics on a nromal basis, and atleast at the Olympics, all the sports are weighed the same. These athletes may get only 1 try at this aswell, so good for them go and win us a gold, or finish honorably, you worked hard for years and years of your life now finish the calling, finish it.


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