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TUF 7 came and went and a few have complained about the entertainment value. Maybe some of the main card fights were a little ho hum; then again, it probably depends on your tastes. One thing is for sure, below are a few numbers that are least that's what my mom tells me...


1 The card was actually (1) fight short of its original form due to the sad saga of Tim Credeur, who was scheduled to fight Cale Yarbrough. Tim did as he was supposed to do and informed the Nevada State Athletic Commission that he took the Adderall, a prescription medication. Due to the drugs effects, possible increased blood pressure and cardiac episodes, the NSAC would not let Credeur fight. To NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer's knowledge, both men were still paid for the cancelled bout.


103 Now through (103) fights Jeremy Horn has been submitted only eight times. Unfortunately for "Gumby" three of them have come in his last three fights, and at TUF 7 it was Dean Lister who submitted Jeremy with a guillotine at (3:52) of round one.


946 Of the entire under card, the longest fight of the night was the spectacular welterweight fight between Josh Burkman and Dustin Hazelett. It ended when Hazelett caught Burkman with a crazy armbar, one that he later said he ad libbed, after (9:46) of action. The UFC deserves kudos for recognizing the fans desires to watch this bout; you can see it for free at, and trust me, you really want to see the finish.


20 Both Burkman and Hazelett earned ($20,000) for their efforts with the fight of the night. Hazelett tacked on another $20,000 for submission of the night. Knockout of the night didn't take long and went to...


68 Drew McFedries needed only (68) seconds to stop veteran Marvin Eastman. The end came with Eastman holding on to a single leg and McFedries dropping bombs. The barrage earned Drew KO of the night and a cool $20,000.


153 Estimated number of times (153) Luigi Fioravanti had to pull up his shorts during his fight with Diego Sanchez, one that ended at 4:07 of round three when Sanchez finished with strikes. It was a great bout and Fioravanti showed a lot. As previously mentioned the former Marine who shot at tanks, is hard to rattle and surprised many by giving Sanchez all he could handle. Despite the constant battle with his shorts.


900 Three fights went the full (900) seconds, and all three of them were on the main card, dragging out the night for some fans. However, those three fights were pretty entertaining, with Spencer Fisher decisioning a game Jeremy Stephens, Matt Riddle taking Dante Rivera, and Kendall Grove beating Evan Tanner...


65 Estimated height (6'5") of Kendall Grove's right knee when he delivered a beautiful jumping knee to Evan Tanner as Tanner worked for a single leg. Grove leapt in the air and in a move right out of Kung Fu Panda blasted Tanner. In the end Grove dominated on two judges score cards, 30-26, and surprisingly lost on the others, 29-28.


2 Number of times (2) Amir Sadollah has now submitted CB Dollaway with an armbar. The second one came at 3:02 of round one and gave Sadollah the UFC "six figure" contract.


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