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Last month, a chat room group on FanNation, aptly named Chat Room Group (a.k.a. Atroo), came out with a set of rankings. These rankings raised much chaos on this site for not only the limited amount of voters but also its reason for making such a list. However, that did not deter us from doing the 2nd Atrooian Rankings a month later. Nine members voted this month and 53 people received at least one vote.

The voting is the same as last time. A first place vote gets you ten points, a second place vote gets you nine, and so on and so forth. As always, we have tried out very best to remain impartial and unbiased while casting our ballots as we are the veterans of FanNation and are looking to set an example for newbies. Here is what one of our members has to say about these rankings:

"First, these rankings were created when the collective groups of Atroo felt that their should be another ranking from the Veterans point of view. We know that the Atroo does not have as many, well, umm, members with little credentials. We felt that the voting process that Top 25 ran was too wide open with an excessive amount of biased. In no way are we trying to destroy the Top 25 or anything. This is just a different spin on things." -Wallace, Fellow Atrooian

1. DetroitFan- 69 points
2. Bigalke- 63 points
3. Porkins- 52 points
4. thehemogoblin- 46 points
5. NCshvDavid- 43 points
6. LIFER- 37 points
7. Ghosthunter- 33 points
T8. Coletrain- 22 points
T8. Nomarfan- 22 points
10. The Ram- 21 points

As you can see, it was a pretty close race between Bigalke, recent winner of the SIFS Tourney, and DetroitFan, the #1 seed of the ELITE TD'RS tournament. On the "Just Missed" list are Ox NFL/NBA Champion, RStowe, and [The] Coach.

1. Mac- 57 points
2. Josh- 50 points
3. Bigalke- 40 points
4. BSchwartz07- 35 points
5. RUGator- 31 points
6. G.O.A.T.- 26 points
7. thehemogoblin- 25 points
8. KPKahder- 22 points
9. Coletrain- 19 points
T10. Dan TM- 17 points
T10. DJ is Dr. Cool- 17 points

Another close race was had between Mac, intense music/sports blogger, and Josh, longtime comedian blogger before retirement. The "Just Missed" list includes CJBOSOX, Agganis Lives, and Oso.

Group Leaders
1. hiya- 69 points
2. Big Ben68- 52 points
3. RStowe- 48 points
4. NCshvDavid- 41 points
5. DetroitFan- 29 points
T6. Oso- 25 points
T6. G.O.A.T.- 25 points
8. Mac- 20 points
9. Coletrain- 18 points
10. CJBOSOX- 13 points

This one wasn't so close as the others with Hiya running away from the rest as he is the leader of the S.I.F.S. A lot of people received votes in this category because of all the very good groups on this site. "Just Missed" are Cardsox, chrono, Dudeman, and Real Sports.

All-Around Best- This is a new category for the highest combined point totals of those who received at least one vote in each of the three categories.
1. NCshvDavid- 88 points
2. Mac- 81 points
3. thehemogoblin- 79 points
4. Coletrain- 59 points
5. G.O.A.T.- 57 points

This is interesting because it shows those members of FanNation who are pretty good at throwdowning, blogging, and running groups. The "Just Missed" list features BSchwartz07.

1. Bigalke- 103 points
2. DetroitFan- 98 points
3. NCshvDavid- 88 points
4. Mac- 81 points
5. thehemogoblin- 79 points
6. hiya- 69 points
7. RStowe- 66 points
8. Coletrain- 59 points
9. G.O.A.T.- 57 points
T10. Porkins- 52 points
T10. Big Ben68- 52 points
12. Josh- 50 points
13. BSchwartz07- 46 points
T14- LIFER- 37 points
T14. RUGator- 37 points
T14. Oso- 37 points
17. Ghosthunter- 34 points
18. Ox NFL/NBA Champion- 30 points
19. CJBOSOX- 29 points
20. The Ram- 23 points
T21. KPKahder- 21 points
T21. Nomarfan- 21 points
23. DJ is Dr. Cool- 18 points
24. Dan TM- 17 points
25. chrono- 16 points

"Just Missed"
Agganis Lives- 14 points
[The] Coach- 13 points
Cardsox- 12 points
J. HOVA- 11 points

Others that received at least one vote (in no order): nickb23, Jeevs, Esco, RandomCaribou, Duquesne, efbasketball, Denis24, Dyhard,  Dudeman, Cassidy's House, Goodell, Eagle Hater, D.J. Dunson, DC Sports Nut, IrishR#1, Cheezhead, Basketball Jesus, i B4 e, Keeper, Ravensfan, Zippy the Elf, PhillyEagles, Real Sports, AMAZING GRACE.

June 24, 2011  11:30 PM ET

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