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"My blog was taken off the old ESPN Sucks fan group" & have added it to the new ESPN Sucks group!

 Having recently read an article about ESPN tactic's towards a certain Denver journalist I feel inclined to speak my mind about the Boo-yah network.  Let me first state I enjoy Mike and Mike in the morning and also was an avid watcher of Around the Horn and PTI during college.  Sorry Rome stay in SoCal your not welcome in Chicago!   

Now on to my point.  First, the "Who's Now" segment has got to be the worst segment in ESPN history.  This segment is nothing more an a time filler during a slow part of the sports season.  Stop wasting my time with garbage.  Second, I don't want to constantly watch former athletes  giving their opinion.  At first a few former coaches and player were okay.  Now it has gotten completely out of hand, Dee Brown, Stink, Oral, Michael Ervin and many others.  It just too many talking heads giving me little information.  Especially when they literally need to repeat the question in their answer.  It shows their lack of intelligence and spontaneity, I expect more out of a TV show host (or whatever you would call them). 

Next point the lack of actual reporting that goes on, many times their "breaking news" isn't really breaking news or anything or the sort.  When Dwight Freeney signs a contract is that REALLY breaking news.  The combination of ABC and ESPN has only made things so much more unbearable, and each network uses the other to cross promote it's garbage programming. 

My final point ESPN's website, why not actually provide information instead of charging people as an "insider".  Their website is little more than a promotional tool and money maker.  They need a visa logo on the main page because that's how water down their content is. 

I lost all respect for the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network when they yanked "playmakers" a good show because of pressure from the NFL.  Now I'm stuck with Stu Scott's show Teammates (I know the show is gone but is a great example of the garbage they produce).

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July 6, 2013  05:32 PM ET

ABC chokes on **** while it sucks, ESPN is the reason, so they can **** themselves too, and NBC sucks it for loosing Wimbledon to these networks that Obviously don't give a **** about the tennis.

For decades I enjoyed the 2 week coverage of Wimbledon on NBC. I didn't have to have cable/satalite service to watch tennis on the 1st weekend of the biggest tournament that tennis has. I could watch coverage during the 2nd week, culminating with the women's breakfest at Wimbledon finals at 9am on Saturday, and breakfest again at Wimbledon, 9am Sunday's for the men's final.

Now with the **** you all, you **** pieces of ****!!!!!!!!!! ABC coverage, or I should say, almost no coverage of the biggest event in tennis....I've never seen anything this **** up, ever!!
What are we who don't elect to have cable stuck with....A re-run.

Todays women's final was the cherry on the top of **** coverage. Less than 15 minute into coverage, a special news bulletin come up about a serious plan crash in California. I figured the network would cover it for 10, 15 minutes, but no, they cover it for what had to be about an hour. This would have made since if any of the other networks where do the same, but I checked and none of the other networks were still covering it after 10 minutes. To make this worse, AB **** C had coverage from 3pm til 6pm. 3pm til 6pm to run what was already a re-run of the biggest yearly event in tennis. The match only went 2 sets. By the time the ceremony was over at about 5:15pm there was still 45 minutes left. So, does AB **** the audience C come back from the Special New Event where they left off, or even close? NO, They resume their pre-recorded re-run somewhere in the 2nd set. WHAT THE ****!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK YYYYYOOOOOUUUUUUUU ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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