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Arizona recruit Brandon Jennings has a big decision on his hands.  What is that decision you ask?  Well, he's in the process of deciding whether or not he should forgoe college and start playing professionally in Europe.  I read this story on and Jennings wants to go to Arizona.  But, he does face some hurtles with his college entrance exams...this will be his third time taking them..and he won't find out his results for a little while.  So, he and his mom have hired an attorney and are going to explore the options of playing in Europe.  The University of Arizona coaches are aware of his idea..and Jennings is expected to start summer school at Arizona soon.

Which leads us to the NBA's age rule.  It's clear that the rule doesn't fit.  The age rule is unecessary for the game of basketball.  At first when the age rule was instituted by the NBA I thought that this was a decent idea..maybe it would get some kids to stay in school for 3-4 years but, that just isn't the case.  I've seen the light sort of speak on this subject.  There are certain players who are just NBA ready and, making them go to school for a year is a waste of their time and the universities.  

Most of the time these "one and done" kids are the kids that would be questionable to get into college in the first place, I'm not saying that this always the case.  College is something that people choose to go to.  It shouldn't ever be something that you're forced to do.  Generally the one and done kids are usually the students who don't care about an education..I'm not saying that it's always the case..they're are some very smart students who are there for just one year.  But, most of the time those kids don't care about their education.  If the kid feels like he's ready why is the NBA making them go through something that they for the most part just don't care about.  

I see why college football has that rule.  Most football players aren't ready coming straight from out of high school.  I think the NBA needs to look at what the MLB does.  If you're a high school baseball and you want to start playing pro baseball right away go for it...and then if you choose to go to college go do that.  The NBA needs to start letting high school players back in the's just wasting the kids time as I said before.  It's usually the guys who are in school for a year and gone who get suspended for cheating in class or who get suspended for just not going to class....why make them.  They don't want to be there..they'd much rather be in the NBA so let them.  How much can a guy mature in a year going from high school and into a year in college...these are usually the times where you make a lot of not a whole lot.   The NBA needs to wake up and get rid of this horrible rule.

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