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Tracy00214-Is back!

Welcome everyone to another edition of The Living Dead groups weekly horror debate and discussion!  Returning this week we have the newest FanNation Hall Of Famer and everyones favorite Dark Lord, Rstowe. We also have Ghosthunter, Harry Callahan, and myself.  We had a late start this week, so let's get right to it. First question!


Whats better..the old John Carpenter "Halloween" or the new Rob Zombie version?



Ghost: John Carpenter is considered a master..the rest are all wanna be's.

Stowe: Never saw the Rob Zombie version so I have to say the original. I do have to say that Hollywood can't seem to come up with any new ideas anymore. What's next..a remake of Gone With The Wind starring Ben Stiller as Rhett Butler and Scarlett Johansen as Scarlett?

Harry: I like the new one better..more special effects..the guy was huge in the new one..more imposing..surprisingly Rob Zombie cranks out some good flicks, "Devils Rejects" was a blast.

Tracy: Jamie Lee Curtis kicked **** in the original Halloween. And how about that spooky music? No!


What's better the 1930's King Kong, or the new Peter Jackson one?



Ghost: I enjoyed the new version alot, but nothing beats the original. For movie lovers it will always be a classic. 

Rstowe: Never saw the new King Kong, the original was great though. See my comment for the first question on my feelings about remakes.

Harry: *looks up at crappy picture* Yeah, uh.. For special effects the new one, but the first one was better..used to scare the crap out me as a kid.

Tracy: Special effects were amazing in the new one, but oh my god the movie was so long! I was making up to do lists in my head by the end of it. The original please..


Okay, we have done horror movies with snakes, sharks, spiders, apes and dogs. What animal that hasn't been used yet would make a good horror movie?



Ghost: They've done it with bees, alligators, even ants..but one animal I would like to see in a scary movie is the Koala Bear. Whoever pulls that one off  gets major credit. 

Rstowe: Chuck Norris could do it.. Anyway, Giraffes! The tag line could be, "Death from Above."

Harry: I am going to go with a kitten.  A giant killer kitten on a rampage in downtown Los Angeles ripping people to shreds and tinkling on them with a blast worthy of a firehose..

Tracy: Squirrels. Uh huh, that's right.and the tag line for my squirrel movie would be, "Squirrels gone Wild, baby!!"


Favorite Halloween prop in your house?


Ghost: My Grandma. Enough said. 

Rstowe: At a haunted house we put on every year at my best friends house, we have a motion activated zombie that pulls his head off. He's surrounded by bricks so it looks like he's coming out of a hell hole, with fog and red lights added for special effect.

Harry: Sweet. We dont have much Halloween stuff, so I always drag out a big waving Santa Claus..just to mess with everyone. 

Tracy: My dog. *blushes* I enjoy dressing him up every year and everyone in the neighborhood stops by to see what he's wearing. He's been a princess, a cat, a devil, Tom Brady, and last year he was a mummy. I was running out of ideas so I just wrapped an ace bandage around him and called it a day.


Scariest single scene ever?



Ghost: Uh..The Shining had lots of really intense scenes, but the ultimate winner goes to The Exorcist..right when the priest is entering the room. 

Rstowe: The opening scene from the first Hellraiser where that guy gets ripped apart by the meathooks. Scared the crap out of me.  We can say crap, right?

Ghost: crap, crap crap!!

Harry: I believe Ghost answered that pretty well.. I like the scene where Captain Quint is being eaten by Jaws. 

Tracy: I like all of those scenes guys, but my favorite would have to be any scene from The Exorcist. Pick a scene, any scene, because your scared throughout the whole movie.


Would you rather be eaten alive by a zombie, or an alien?



Ghost: A zombie, I hate aliens so much! They told me they loved me but after the probing they left forever!!  *sobs uncontrollably*

Rstowe:  *Looks at Ghost with pity*  Zombie. At least you stand the chance of being turned into one and then you can take your friends with you..

Harry: Gee thats so nice of you Stowe, thanks. I say Zombie too, because at least you would be alive for for a little while..having dinner with your friends.

Tracy: I'll take my chances with an alien, thanks. It worked for Harry, he's still alive and kickin (even if he doesn't remember a thing.) 


What actor or actress is more natural at being scary?



Ghost: Johnny Depp. This guy is seriously under-rated and every role he plays whether horror or not seems natural.  Glenn Close for the woman..a different kind of scary, but you definetely dont want her as your boss.

Rstowe: Actor-Robert Englund..Dont think anyone else could have pulled off Freddy. Actress-Kathy Bates..She rocked in Misery.

Harry: For a guy Robert Deniro. I just watched "The Fan" the other day, he was a total freak in that..and who could forget his turn in "Cape Fear?" For a woman Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." She single-handedly caused the freeze frame button to be worn out on millions of VCR remotes.

Tracy: Jack Nicholson. He already looks crazy. "HERREEEEEES JOHNNY!!" And Linda Blair. I defy anyone to imagine her as anything but possessed by a demon.


If your all alone and you hear a fart (not from you) how do you react?



Ghost: I run away screaming while crapping my pants. Crap crap crap!!!

Rstowe: I look at the dogs, one of them had to do it.

Harry: "Oh man, who opened the man-hole cover?"

Tracy:  Ghost I know your there, and thats just nasty!

Ghost: Sorry.


What is the most evil team in the NBA/NFL/MLB?



Ghost: Knicks because they're from New York. Yankees and Mets because they're from NY. Jets and Giants because they're from NY.

Rstowe: Ghost-sorry but the Jets and Giants are from Jersey, try again.

Ghost: Close enough.

Rstowe: NBA- Phoenix, they keep giving their fans hope and then yanking it away. NFL-Cowboys/Bengals..just look at all those convicted/accused/indicted felons on those teams. MLB-Cubs-same reason as Phoenix, they give their fans hope then just blow it.

Harry: NBA : The Lakers..they are so full of themselves it isn't funny.  NFL- The Patriots baby, gotta love em or hate choose. MLB- The Yankees, they just expect to win every year, hate em.

Ghost:  Kind of like how the Patriots expect to win every year, huh?

(Harry and Tracy in unison)  Hater!!

Tracy: I'm going with the Spurs in the NBA, I hear they play dirty..Yankees in baseball, but I admire their evilness, and the Pats in the NFL..they truly ARE evil.Hail to the hoody!! 

Harry:  Hail hail!!


What player from the NBA/NFL/MLB is the biggest villian?


Ghost: NBA-Shaq. Dude can kiss my **** fat cross-eyed *** mofo who speaks like a giant doofus on weed.  MLB- Besides the obvious Bonds and Clemons, I'd go with Steinbrenner who is the Darth Vader of the evil empire. NFL-Belicheat, because he wins so much.

Rstowe: NBA-Shaq, for convincing Phoenix he could actually help the team more than Marion. MLB- Elijah Dukes. He threatened to kill his girlfriend/ex-wife and the kids. NFL-Vick, a cold blooded killer. Even if it was just "dogs", he still killed just for the hell of it.

Harry: Kobe-Always has something to say, you can never shut him up. He's been pretty quiet lately though..ha!  MLB- Derek Jeter. I just could never stand this guy, even when I see him on a commercial..hate him.  NFL-T.O..Loud mouth who always stirs controversy for his team..a complete idiot.

Tracy: NBA-Fellow Shaq hater here..MLB I'm going with Bonds. Denies using steroids while looking like an over-inflated Care Bear, and in the NFL I'm going with the one and only dog murdering Michael Vick. I hope he's brushin up on his football skillz in the prison yard..the competition is brutal in the CFL. 


And that wraps it up for this weeks edition of the Living Deads weekly horror debate. We thank you all for reading and until next time FanNation..Stay spooky!!


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