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Everyone couldn't believe who it was. It was...............................Gary Coleman!!!!!! And flaming darts were flying out of his mouth, hitting people while they tried to escape. And he had wings of a bat. Now you reading this must be saying to yourself,"What the hell does Gary Coleman have to do with everything?" He has everything to do with everything. He was supposed to be dead. FLASHBACK-2 years, 16 days, and 22 hours before this, Gary Coleman was the most popular guy on the earth. He had another hit TV show with was called Same Strokes and he won the lottery. He also got divorced because his ex-wife tried to stab him with a pitchfork multiple times. He was the biggest bachelor in the world. While this was happening, Bob Saget had a feeling that his wife was cheating on him. The reason why he thought so was because everytime she(lets call her Emily Fishpockethazard) went to leave, she said was going to see another guy. So as you can see Bob became very suspicious. Bob found out then he murdered Gary with a rubber chicken and 10 yards of string. Don't ask me how because it is very disturbing. FLASHBACK OVER-"Wait....",Bob said. "I killed you.......I mean.......I thought you died in the............. car accident with the bad stuff..........and the thing that happened...........yeah..........." "NO!!!!!!" screamed Gary. "YOU LEFT ME FOR DEAD IN THAT STATIONARY STORE WITH ONLY GLUE AND SOME COSMO MAGAZINES!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob then got very worried then he started to run. Gary flew after him.Then things really got interesting. All of the sudden everyone heard a scream. It was A-Rod. He was screaming like a little girl. The scream was sooo bad everyones ear drums exploded. Then Shaun Phillips crashed through the wall riding a monster truck with 20 wheels and it was covered in ice cream. Ervin Santana then appeared out of thin air and started violating everyone. AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Jimmie Johnson appeared as a ghost and as he flew by everyone, their heads came clean off. After that, Cecil and Prince Fielder formed a tag team. They kept **** and everytime they did, more people would fly into the wall. While this was happening, A-Rod kept screaming. While all this continued, David Stern got up from under the zamboni and he started to shoot everyone again. He shot about 20 people before his body went inside-out on itself for no reason. So he is dead. Gary Coleman was still trying to catch Bob Saget. Then everything stopped. Everyone was looking around, wondering, "why is all this crazy stuff happening?" Then a loud voice came over the whole stadium. Everyone was dead except Gary Coleman, Bob Saget, Ervin Santana, Grady Sizemore, Christina Ricci, and Chris Hansen. Then the ground started to shake and a hole opened up in the middle of the stadium. Someone started to come up from the ground. Everyone was speechless. This was the most horrible person you can think of. He was the definition of evil. It was................................

To Be Continued...  


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