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So Monday night had a three hour episode of "Raw" as the now-annual draft took place, where superstars from "Raw," "Smackdown," and "ECW" could all switch brands.

This year they had matches containing wrestlers from different shows, where the winner would give his/her show a draft pick.

Here are the people who are moving on to new shows....

"Raw" picks up:

Rey Mysterio from Smackdown

Batista from Smackdown

Kane from ECW

C.M. Punk from ECW

Michael Cole (announcer) from Smackdown

"Smackdown" picks up:

Jim Ross (announcer) from Raw

Triple H from Raw

Mr. Kennedy from Raw

Umaga from Raw

Jeff Hardy from Raw

"ECW" picks up:

Matt Hardy from Smackdown


And now with all this mess settled in, let me take a look at these results and offer a personal opinion on the moves.

Rey Mysterio to Raw: With Mysterio being injured, I really thought they'd keep him on Smackdown so a big named face could return with a push. And the Latin audience draws good numbers for Smackdown. So I'm not sure why this move was made, as there are also plenty of big names already on the Raw roster.

Batista to Raw: Once again, another big named face moves from Smackdown to Raw. I can see WWE giving this guy a title run in a few months, especially for the biggest belt on the biggest show.  WWE certainly loves giving the large, strong wrestlers title reigns. We'll see what happens.

Kane to Raw: Why did this move happen? Kane is currently the ECW champion, and I felt that it was a perfect fit for him. In my opinion he isn't a big enough name for the WWE title or World Heavyweight title, but the ECW championship was perfect. Does this mean he'll lose to the Big Show at Night of Champions? Will he just float around on Raw with no direction in the next few months? I feel bad for Kane here.

C.M. Punk to Raw: I always thought Punk was a great fit for ECW. He could be the top face for that company and big a main eventer. I'm not sure this can happen as he heads to Raw. We'll see.

Michael Cole to Raw: Are they trying to give this guy a push? I guess he has improved immensely as the lead commentator on Smackdown over the last 10 years. I guess they want to give this guy a chance on the biggest stage.

Jim Ross to Smackdown: Good 'ole JR is no longer teamed with Jerry "The King" Lawler on Raw, a team that worked perfectly together. Maybe they feel that Ross is getting older and needs a little change in his life. At least working with Mick Foley can't be a bad thing.

Triple H to Smackdown: Hmm.....what does this mean? The guy with the WWE Championship is going to Smackdown. The #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship is coming to Raw. Will Batista beat Edge for the title and will Triple H retain against Cena, thus moving the World Heavyweight Championship to Raw and have the WWE Championship on Smackdown? Is this what this means? We'll have to wait a week to find out I guess. Either way, Triple H is a main eventer on any of the three brands.

Mr. Kennedy to Smackdown: I really don't get this one. Last year Kennedy was drafted to Raw from Smackdown. This year he's moved to Smackdown from Raw. They want this guy to be a main eventer on some show, but maybe they feel he just isn't quite ready yet. But he was getting a good push on Raw lately. A good feud with a top notch Smackdown superstar (someone like MVP) right away would be a good move for Kennedy.

Umaga to Smackdown: Perfect move for the Samoan Bulldozer. He ran through everything on Raw, and even got a WWE Championship title match against Cena a little while ago. He needs new competition, and will probably start off beating the holy hell out of the likes of Funaki, Deuce, Domino, etc. Then he will probably get a nice feud with someone like Khali or Big Show.

Jeff Hardy to Smackdown: I'm guessing he was moved because of his second failed drug test a couple months back. It's really a shame too because he was starting to main event the Raw scene. But I think in short time Jeff will have some sort of title around his waist on Smackdown.

Matt Hardy to ECW: Hardy, the United States Champion, may be bringing a second title to ECW, assuming Big Show takes Kanes ECW Championship at Night of Champions. If this is the case, this is a perfect fit for Hardy. A second title on ECW will give performers like Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, and eventually Evan Bourne something to compete for. I believe this could potentially be a great draft pick for ECW.


Overall, this years draft made some very logical moves as well as a few sketchy ones, like most years. We'll see how everything pans out in the next few months.

What kind of opinions do you people have about the 2008 WWE Draft?

And I always like to end a wrestling blog post by stating that I know professional wrestling is entertainment and the storylines are scripted. I know this. So please don't complain in the comments. But the WWE is quite entertaining and the superstars are quite athletic. I enjoy watching the show, and I know many other people who do too. Thanks for reading this people.


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